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When Teardrops Fall

When Teardrops Fall

How many paths have been tried by us and then failed? For there has been no one there to point a finger and no one to blame, and we are standing here in the dark light of the sun together out here at these distant crossroads as we have done in the past. Looking down those roads and wondering which direction to go, as you know that I will accompany you which direction you might choose after having asked each other where has all the faith, and hope seem to have gone? Having never given up even though I can't win my heart won't let me give in.

Now hearing out in the distance the clear tolling of church bells, coming from the church tower that's back there in the distance, as I stop and catch myself wondering for whom or for what they are ringing? Sounding as if they are being rung by an iron hand so they can be heard clearly across all the valleys and the fields.

Having wished you nothing but blue skies with no black clouds, and having felt those soft winds that blow in from where tear drops fall. Always you have known the song that I have had for you in my heart that has carried through those shadows in the twilight and the moonlight, and when the nights have stretched out like a blade and daylight seems far off as time seems to be crawling by slowly when feeling those soft winds blowing. Now both are able to hear under the sound of those ringing bells, the sound of a drum being banged slowly and a fife being played lowly like a dirge. Now looking down at that suitcase you packed for that trip to that place none has seen, and taking with you all the unconditional love I have given you and the memories we have and knowing that you'll no longer be in pain or tired again for you will be with your faith(s), then.

Having stood beside and walked with you through all that has happened and knowing that I will mourn your passing and though there will be others in the future, none will ever compare to you and this way I have felt from the beginning, and you know that you could have flown away and gone your own way. As I was given "marching orders," and refused them being something I couldn't do, for having sworn to never abandon you or to leave you to be in the cold and all alone. For the word is what we live and die by and what binds us all to either Heaven or Hell, and a promise is what I gave you, and those who know me know my word is like oak for no force could make me be released from what I swore to you till my dying day.

Still you hold my heart in your hands that I freely gave to you, and if God would send his angels I know we could both use them tight now as I have continued to ask for his help to watch over, protect, and to guide you always through this Vale of tears that we call life and knowing that we have both walked in the rain. We both have had stones cut our faces as we both walked through here trying to get through it all somehow.

I have always offered to you a warm embrace and all I have too and would do anything for you after having sworn those three words to you; I will be there! I Will Be There!!, I WILL BE THERE!!!, to dry your tears and to fight to the end. Carrying you always in my heart from the end of your life until the end of mine, for now, and forever more.

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