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A Vampire's Lullaby

"It starts out with a straight couple, but then evolves to a gay couple."
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Note: To those who are not interested in gay relationships,please, turn back now.

A Vampire's Lullaby

My parents raised me as a normal boy, despite being ridiculously rich. My parents always told me whether rich or poor, I was to treat everyone equally. I didn't understand at first, until I helped a homeless person who kids from my boarding school harassed. I got banged up, but I felt happy that I did something useful. I thought I would be able to keep protecting defenseless people. But life never went the way you wanted it to. Instead of helping other humans, I became a danger to them. A monster.

Chapter 1: The Night, Unknown

I arrived at the outdoor restaurant that my girlfriend and I frequented. We'd been going steady for five years. Today was a special day for me. "I hope it all works out." I waited for no longer than five minutes, when I heard what I wanted most.

"Alex!" My girlfriend, Monica, was dashing up the sidewalk.


She looks so cute. Short jean shorts and a jean vest with a white shirt covering her slender body.

"Sorry. I didn't keep you waiting, did I?"

I slowly shook my head. "No. Anyway, how did today go?"

Monica works as a full time model. She works hard just getting her name out into the world.

"Oh! You just reminded me! I'll be starring in a movie soon!"

"Really? I'm so happy for you! Do your best, Monica." I love when she's excited, because that's when she's truly happy. We walked underneath the many rows of lanterns, which were shining brighter than the stars against the abyssal black sky.

"Monica," I slowly took her hand in mine. "I love you." I walked Monica back to her home. After saying goodnight, I returned to my home near the sea.

"You obviously still haven't told him, Monica."

"I know. Why are you here, Dylan?"

"To talk. I'm gonna make you mine, babe."

"Whoa! First of all, don't call me that. Secondly, I'll never be yours. My entire being belongs to Alex. Get out!"

"Don't be like that. Do what you're told and I won't kill him."

"You wouldn't! Dylan?"

"Ha. We shall see won't we?"

A week passed, Monica and I scheduled another date. This time, I was going to surprise her. Each passing day, it came closer and closer to winter. Technically, I never understood why Monica wore such short clothing in fall.

"Alex! Over here!" Monica was already waiting at a table of the outdoor restaurant.

I joined her on the raised platform. "Sorry. I was fixing a bike. And tending to the kid's scratched leg."

She snickered. She was so cute. "Alex, I need to talk to you."

I took her hand. "So do I. Monica, I..." My other hand reached in my pocket, and grabbed the small box. I brought the box into her view.

"Oh! Alex"

I took a deep breath. "Monica, I really, truly love you. Will you marry me?" I could feel everyone staring at us. Some seem to have known who Monica was.

"Alex I love you, too. So," she paused. (Oh, god. Monica, please!) Tears formed in her golden eyes. "Yes. Alex yes!"

She set the ring aside and jumped into my arms. I embraced her gently and lovingly. We left the restaurant, and walked hand in hand. Nothing could ruin this perfect moment. At least, that's what I thought.

I watched over him, as he proposed to the women. His existence was truly necessary. But, something was wrong. A dangerous smell surrounded him. Would his happiness be short lived?

Alex and Monica walked down the road heading to his home overlooking the beach. Alex noticed a man coming towards them, who smiled evilly at them.

Monica then noticed as well. "Monica. You're still hanging with this fuck up? Babe, you best be getting over here with me."

"Dylan! Don't do this!"

Dylan grabbed Monica by the arm.


Alex quickly defended her. "Knock it off! You're hurting my fiancé!"

Dylan laughed. "Whatever. I'm guessing you still haven't told him, have you?"

Alex glanced at Monica, befuddled. "Monica, you know him?"

Dylan laughed again. "Yeah, she does. Isn't that right?"

Monica took a step back. "Um"

Alex stepped in between. "Hey, back off! She obviously doesn't want you coming near her!"

Dylan's smirk left his face. "Ya know, I knew. I knew, I was gonna get to kill you!" Dylan charged at Alex, and dragged him to the ground.

"Aah!" Monica stood by, watching in horror. "Dylan, stop!"

Several people saw the fight ensue. Dylan was the only one laying punches. Alex kept getting closer and closer to the road. Two men from the gathered crowd ran forward and held Dylan back. Despite that, Dylan managed to kick Alex, who stumbled onto the road, right in front of a car. Several screams sounded from the crowd, one being Monica's. Alex lay in the street, blood pouring from his mouth, and his cheek ripped open.


Everything became utter chaos. Dylan managed to get away. Monica collected a tiny portion of herself and called the police. No one kept an eye on Alex. Nor had they noticed the figure that loomed in wait within the shadows. The figure jumped from the balcony of the clock tower. While everyone was distracted, the figure appeared beside Alex. He gently retrieved the near dead red head, and flew off.

"Please! My boyfriend's ...!" Monica turned around, but couldn't see anything but a puddle of blood.

"Miss? Miss, are you there?"

Alex's body had disappeared. More screams and yells erupted. (I only turned away for three minutes! Alex his body!) Monica fell to her knees. (Why is this )

Chapter 2: The Present, Changed

I flew past the city, and over the trees of the woods. The man in my arms minutes away from death. His wounds were severe. (He would die soon. I must hurry.) Putting my remaining determination into my powers, I arrived at my home in record time. I slowly landed on the roof. His life was about forfeit.

"Hold on. I will heal you now. Bear with the excruciating pain." I lifted his upper body, brought my mouth down on the nape of his neck. "Ah, Aah, Uugh!" (With this, he would live longer.) I could only pray that some good would come with this rash idea of mine.

Please, my body is on fire. Why am I burning? It hurts. Someone, "help me."

Is anyone even around me? Or am I completely alone? The burning only intensified the more I thought of it.

"Hurts. It burns."

I moved my body in ways I never thought I could. My hands wrapped themselves in something soft.

"Please please." My voice grew hoarse with every scream. I finally clawed at my chest, with the desire to crush my own heart. I was suffocating.

"Ah Ha Agh" I felt my skin ripping open, and my blood gushing out.

"Alex, stop this!" An accented voice? A man at that.

I opened my eyes, watching a blonde haired man restrain my hands.

"Kill me"

His eyes reflected the pain I felt. "I know it hurts. I truly apologize. But I cannot let you die!"

The little strength I managed to get, was gone.

The burning continued until I saw the first ray of the sun. As beautiful as it was, it hurt my eyes. My body was still in pain from being hit by the car. I wanted to see.

"Oh my fucking god. Monica Monica."

The blond man stayed with me. I grabbed him.

"Where am I?"


"Tell me where I am!"

The man looked away. He wasn't going to tell me anything. I released him, then slowly got to my feet, grunting due to pain.

"Alex, wait." I shook off his hand.

"So as soon as I try to leave, you'll talk? That's really fucked up. Leave me alone."

I staggered out of the room.

"Alex! You cannot leave." (Great. Now he's following me.)

Barely making it down the stairs, I entered the living room. I think.

"I said you cannot leave! Please, listen!"

My hand reached for the door, but was then pulled away, and I was thrown across the room.


"Alex! Heaven, there was no need for such violence. He is still healing."

This guy had blonde hair as well.

"I knew it. You can't handle him. What were you thinking in blooding him?"

This was getting boring fast. "I don't have time for this. I need to see Mo-my girlfriend."

Again, I was stopped. "That would be ill-advised."

I couldn't shake my hand free this time. "Let go of me. She needs to know I'm okay."

His face looked to be filled with pain again. "If you go to her now, you will kill her. Do you really want to be her murderer? "

My heart skipped a beat. Following it, an incredibly long, tension filled silence. "Get out of my way. I'm going to-."

Before I could lay my hands on the door, the second blonde hit my stomach.

"Guh!" I collapsed on the floor. The last thing I saw was the man who was by my side, when I woke up. I just wanted her to know I was alive. All I wanted was to marry her. "Mon I ca."

Monica stood in front of Alex's house. (It was over twenty-four hours since his body disappeared. Why didn't the police believe me or any of the others?) She entered the house Alex entered her mind.


Tears fell from her eyes, but they were no longer happy.

"Such a shame. Seems like he can't marry you now."

Monica turned around swiftly, startled. "Dylan."

He just stood, smiling.

"You bastard! Why did you do that? Alex never did anything to you." Monica started hitting Dylan, who wasn't even fazed.

"So what? He was going to take you away from me. Now, you're completely mine."

Monica knew she wouldn't be able to defend herself against Dylan. (I'll just have to somewhat play along.) "I will stay with you. But, I will never love you."

When I woke up again, I saw him again. This time though, I took a different approach, even though I still kept escaping and Monica in my mind. He sat on the edge of the bed, stared at the moon.

"Again, where am I?" He didn't turn his head, or even answer me. "Hey! Come on. It's a simple fucking question." After a while, he finally turned around and sat cross-legged on the bed. He stared straight at me.

"I am so sorry. Sometimes, I become ensnared by the full moon."

There it was. Such unbelievably sad eyes. (But, I'm not going to forgive you.)

"Alex. You are in my home."

And where is that? "Um how exactly am I alive?"

He somewhat jerked at this question. "I may as well explain now." He pointed to the mirror. I looked over, and I saw me. Only, my skin was whiter than snow, my features, prettier, and my teeth sharper.

"What the fuck happened to me? My skin. It's pure white!"

"I happened to you. You are no longer human."

My heart had officially stopped. (I'm not) I could no longer understand what happened to me, or why my appearance changed so drastically. Why me?

He was hurting. I knew it all too well. (He still has not grasped the content of what he had become.) I did not want to treat him this way. But it was the only way he would ever understand.

"You said you happened to me. What did you do to me?"

He just stared at the floor. "Exactly as I said." His head rose, and there was no longer any sadness in his red eyes. "I will show you what you have become." His gaze, it no longer held the gentleness from before. I could barely see it, but he came at me, with incredible speed. I fell back on the bed, and rolled over on my stomach.

"Stop! What're you?"

His face came down next to mine. "Feel me Alex." His lips rested on my neck, as something sharp dug its way into my neck. "Ah Nn uu!" He mercilessly kept me under his body, and I finally realized what he meant, red eyes, white skin, sharp teeth. "You are no longer human." His words echoed in my mind. He's no both of us, and that other guy we're vampires. I...

It had been so long since I felt like this. It was just like that night. All those years ago. I carefully laid Alex down on the bed. He stared up at me, with tear-filled eyes. Ah, how his current appearance hurt my non-beating heart. "Alex forgive me please?"

Again. My vision wavered. Why was he sitting like that? Did his emotions switch from hot to cold? Why couldn't I sleep? Was it the pain from his bite? (Oh. Something's dripping from his face. Tears?) I took a closer look, but instead of clear streams of water, it was a thick, dark liquid. It smelled really good? Why did it smell so sweet and tempting? It looked like I would have to wait until I was alone in order to escape. (Just wait a little longer Monica.)

To Be Continued...

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