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It was only a shadow's whispertouching lips with a silent kiss soft as the winds gathering memories beneath the valance of the moonlight and the webs through a looking glass   of a poetic scholar in braille, alluring  enticed by the lyrical...      

The winds of lariat catching me a rainbowsleeping in the warmth of the noon-day sunlistening to the rain whisper your namelonging for love in the shadows of your breathas my kiss settles on a prayerI am thus the winds of a lariat The tether breathes...

Like a touch of intimacy in our pagoda.with a cup of Daiginjo, sweet sake.from the inkwell, a poet's dreams from my mind's chrysalis,beholding your body, my aphrodisiac. With your lip, as soft as lily pads,in a pond of golden koi, echoing lov...

alxb19 6 months ago

Don't Ask

She asked why, he answered "don't ask!"

Gail's first day at this new department in the Foreign Office was an uneventful day that did not come as any surprise to her. She had seen a lot of ministerial and government departments before. She had been seconded, from the Home Office where she h...

amyjayne 1 year ago

Cara's Theme

Surprise over dinner.

Suddenly it all made sense. The new dress, the hair-do and the manicure. At a secluded table for two my life changed forever. Of course, there's so much left to plan. The guest list, my dress and who will sit with who at the reception.But for now let...

Anonymous 2 years ago

My Lover Desires Me

A love story whose origin is the Marshes of Glynn

Of sweet tea and southern charm,With honeysuckle and red clay,As peaches ripen in the Georgia sun,My lover desires me. As catfish nibble an empty hook,In a hole 'neath a rusting bridge,As young men ripen in the Georgia sun,My lover desires me. As her...

Akizuki 6 years ago

A Vampire's Lullaby

It starts out with a straight couple, but then evolves to a gay couple.

Note: To those who are not interested in gay relationships,please, turn back now.A Vampire's LullabyMy parents raised me as a normal boy, despite being ridiculously rich. My parents always told me whether rich or poor, I was to treat everyone equally...

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wendy_grace 7 years ago

Save Me: Book One of the Gatekeepers, Chapter One

One concert, 5 Men, Nothing will ever be the same.

1 "Lucy! They're coming to town, it's the last stop on their tour! We have to go, we just have to!" Mia exclaimed, excitedly showing me her computer screen. "Tickets are seventy five bucks, Mia. Can we afford that?" I asked, squinting at the tiny te...

wendy_grace 7 years ago

Save Me: Book One of The Gatekeepers, Preface

Enter the world of The Gatekeepers: their star is on the rise, so hop on board for the ride.

Preface Lucy "Ms. Combs, I realize the school year is coming to an end, but that does not give you an excuse to not pay attention," Mr. Peters said, snapping me out of my daze and bringing me back down to earth. "Sorry," I replied quietly, wishing...

christena 9 years ago

Quench my thirst

Filling your desires

You whisper sweet words I feel your lust Driven by sexual thoughts You pluck my chord Play me like a violin String by string Seductively driving me insane Setting my whole body in motion I long to be entangled in You like a web Kissing your lips And...