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Tragic Stories


The Crash

From my non-fiction novel, 'Born on Purpose by Mistake,' comes the first chapter of a disturbing tra

EARLY SUMMER, 2013 This was simply too awesome to really comprehend. I just couldn't believe that it was finally me instead of someone else as it usually was. It had always been stories of good fortune happening to everyone else. The kind you see on TV, v...

A Vampire's Lullaby Chapter 5

This is the worst part of the story for now.

A Vampire's Lullaby Ch.5: Regret I sat in the living room of the mansion, watching the news. I was surprised we even had a T.V. 'Mass murders have been spreading across the states, first in California, moving through Utah all the way to Ohio.' "What the h...

A Vampire's Lullaby

It starts out with a straight couple, but then evolves to a gay couple.

Note: To those who are not interested in gay relationships,please, turn back now.A Vampire's LullabyMy parents raised me as a normal boy, despite being ridiculously rich. My parents always told me whether rich or poor, I was to treat everyone equally. I d...

Dedicated Love

Iris Marie Rose, foster kid, is surprised when she catches the eye of the attractive Harry Styles.

|| Iris ||I sat at an orange picnic table, waiting for my interview. I ran my hand through my chopped hair, letting the winter sun warm my scalp. The families weren't supposed to be shopping, it was supposed to be a 'getting to know you' visit, but it was...

China Doll

Love and how we can hurt those we don't mean to.

There once was a little girl. There was also a china doll. The china doll had such a bright shiny face with eyes that seemed to follow you as she smiled such a big smile. She had a pretty print dress with little flowers and hair in a braid. The little gir...

Crossing the Shadows (Chapter One)

A horrible tragedy has just happened and it is Charlie's first day back to school.

I looked at the wide double doors of Pittsford Area High School. The black paint over the metal seemed to mock me in a way I couldn't understand. I knew kids would stare at me, whisper to each other and snicker at me. It all had happened so fast that I wa...