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One in a Million

"She realizes dreams can come true …"
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She is a big beautiful woman about five foot six with shoulder length rusty red hair and hazel eyes. In her opinion, she was nothing special (although others told her often she was). She made the effort to help anyone she met without expecting anything but their respect in return.

She often felt like a failure in love because all her past relationships had either been abusive or never lasted long. However, even though she was guarded she still had an open heart and the desires and needs of other women her age.

She stumbled upon an erotic website and started reading stories. After a while, she created a profile and started using the site's chatrooms. That is where she first saw him, he was arguing with someone which is was made him stand out. She felt nervous and a little intimidated but that was until she read his profile and then he just sounded handsome.

His profile said he was athletic and stood just over six foot with dark brown hair, green eyes, facial hair and a slightly muscular build. They had some similar interests which made her think they would get along if only he didn’t have such a cocky attitude. But maybe that was just something he portrayed online.

One day they were in a chatroom and a mutual online friend introduced them. She was a little and acted shy so didn’t say much. However, each time she saw him she said hi and her confidence grew and soon they were talking every day, searching each other out. Not only on the original website but also on different apps and even on Skype and nothing within their control stopped them from talking to one another.

Soon during their conversations especially on skype, they would discuss how their first meeting would go. Although neither was sure how or when that meeting would take place since they lived so far apart.

At least that is what she thought.

One day after they had been talking for a little over six months he stopped messaging her back and she had no idea what she did or why he stopped so this made her start to worry. She leaves him messages every place but all go left unread. So just in case it bad weather stopping him from replying she googles her favorite weather app. But no it's not weather because the app says it's fine.

This keeps up for a few days with totally no communication and she starts to worry both for his safety, due to not knowing if he's alright. But also because of some deep seeded insecurities that maybe she isn’t good enough to be loved and he decided to move on. But she tries to push these aside.

At about four pm on the fourth day with no contact and she needs to get out of the house to clear her head. So she goes for a walk around her local block making sure to take her phone with her. This walk is something she does often when they talk so she doesn’t get disturbed by her housemate if their home.

She takes a break from her walk and sits on the steps that lead up to the old score board that no longer works, and flicks through her pictures of him she has on her phone and re-reads their old messages. Tears start running down her face as she wonders where he is, and what happened to him.

Sitting there she thinks about their last conversation wondering if it was something she said or did. But that doesn’t reveal anything because all it says is “tight hugs Sweetie, I love you!” and gives her a kiss.

She hears footsteps coming toward her but doesn’t take much notice, as there are always people here exercising in the late afternoon. But something about the pace they were walking made her take a second glance.

Continuing to watch the person she slowly gets to her feet… wondering if she was dreaming because she doesn’t believe her eyes… soon she starts running towards the figure as fast as she can.

She runs to him not understanding how this is possible… he lives so far away… but she is over the moon and excited he’s here… Crashing into him, wrapping her arms around his neck crying and kissing his lips. She feels his arms sliding around her waist pulling her tight against him.

After what seems like a very, very long time but really only minutes, she loosens her grasp and takes a small step back and ask him a question, “Are you really here?”

He smacks her gently on the ass and she yelps and surprises and he replies, “Yes Sweetie, I am!” She starts kissing him once more. Her hands caressing his sides as he picks her up and spins her around and around.

All of a sudden she remembers she's been crying and she stops kissing him and covers her face. He laughs and moves her hands from her face and kisses them gently as he whispers, “Oh Sweetie, you are more beautiful than I ever imagined.”

She blushes and curls up in his arms her head against his chest all her fears laid to rest for the time being.

They hear a train off in the distance and the chill of the winters night starts to set in as the sun dips behind the horizon as they start to head for her home. She looks up at him and she has many unanswered questions but for right now she is happy being in his arms with the knowledge he is safe and they are together.

Not knowing how long they have…. but right now she believes anything is possible, and dreams can come true…



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