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Adventure Across The Starways - 10

Adventure Across The Starways - 10

There is a very real risk you could become a changeling like me.

Chapter 10

By Kari and Khadaj

When Jason asked about cancer risks, Sive's heart beat a little faster, she finally got the courage to look him straight in the eyes. To her vast relief there was no abhorrence or disgust on his face, just curiosity. She had feared that there was a real possibility that he would kick her off the 'Angel' and never want to lay eyes on her again. She smiled slightly before beginning,

“Of course, first let's talk about the risks, well in the last five years, I have never been ill or had any side affects whatsoever. About six months ago I had a checkup and was found to be 150 % healthy, the word that the doctor used was remarkable.”

Thinking further she continued.

“The only equipment I have to track what the genes are doing to me is back in my lab, I doubt I will be going back there... ever. You know I don't have any proof but I really think that I have not aged since I injected myself with the nanites. Regardless I'm still learning how to control my body and the changes I can make it do now. One thing I do know, strong emotions can make me start to change, but so far I have been able to control it. Also, I can only change into people with the same size and mass... I haven't tried other species, but intend to look into it one day, I'm sure it will be very fascinating... indeed.”

She walked over to the console and sat down turning to face him.

“Does anything I've told you so far reduce some of your fears? I am after all the only one to my knowledge that has ever undergone this procedure. So it is all new territory.”

Sive watched Jason as he took all this in, and smiled slightly before continuing.

“You know the only regret I have about all this is having to run for the last five years. My research has now come to a complete top, except for what I can observe on myself. Can you imagine what would happen if the wrong people were to get their hands on this technology? It would be a major catastrophe, I now realize I'll have to hide for the rest of my life.”

She sighed looking into his eyes. 

“Jason... you know I have feelings for you, up until now I have avoided any kind of relationship, I didn't think anyone would be able to understand what has been happening to me. And to be honest I didn't know who to trust, but with you it's different, I couldn't tell you why. I just felt like you wouldn't sell me to the highest bidder, even though you did have a chance when we first met.”

She looked down on her lap and looked up at him again.

“OK... that is about it in a nutshell.... what are you going to do with me? Now that you know everything? If you tossed me out I would understand, I wouldn't like it but I would certainly understand.”

Jason continued looking at her for a long moment. Thoughts whirled and clashed in his head. He finally smiled gently.

"Well, we're not going to do anything to you, that's one thing. As for what I will do with you... I'm making you the ship's doctor. Officially we'll make you crewman 3rd class/steward's assistant. We'll get out of here as quickly as we can find a cargo that will pay our bills. Take on passengers if they're willing to go where our cargo is.”

"As for hiding... nothing better than hiding in plain sight. Being on a ship gives you a reason to be moving around, and if needed you can change your appearance on a given planet, right? So that should help avoid anyone that might recognize you from before. So once we're clear of Lacuna you should be able to go planetside with the rest of the crew.”

"That just leaves... whatever it is we have between us. Look at me, Sive."

When she met his eyes he went on.

"I don't know if this is anything more than physical attraction. Given how long it's been for you my body's probably been picking up the 'do me now' hormones your body must be pumping out. I do know that I would like-"

He blushed.

“I would like to spend some time with you. What would you like? Exactly. If I could wave a wand and not worry about consequences? I'd have you in my bed right now. I'd have you naked and sweaty a couple of minutes after that, and I'd be inside you right after that. Just so you know. Given that... what do you want? What are you willing to accept. What won't you accept?"

As Sive listened to Jason's words, her lips grew into one huge smile, she then jumped up and ran over to where he still stood against the hatch. Putting her arms up around his neck, she looked deeply into his eyes.

“Jason I don't know if I would have put it the way you just did, but your right, I just ache for you to touch me. I've got to admit I've never felt like this before.”

She then whispered.

“I do know that I want you badly, and would accept anything you want to give me.”

She went on her tip toes to press her lips to his. Then stopped just as their lips touched softly, looking at him.

“Are you sure you want this to go further, really sure? There is a very real risk you could become a changeling like me.”

Shivering, her breasts pressed against his chest... as she waited for his answer.

Jason's arms went around her waist almost against his will. As she pressed against him his body responded. He knew she felt the bulge of him between them just as he felt her breasts against his chest. He looked down at her, smiling.

"I think we should wait until we're off this planet. And I'd like to find out what Zlanta and Donny think. This will cause changes, and I want to make sure everyone's on the same page. Join me in my cabin an hour after liftoff?"

He bent down and kissed her firmly, then disentangled himself to find Zlanta. There was cargo to find and buy, and maybe a passenger or two to pick up.

Zlanta had found mechanical parts and food supplies heading for Meridian. One of the passengers didn't care to go that far out of their way, but the other was heading for Meridian proper. Jason got him squared away in the cabin farthest from Sive's, then introduced him to Zlanta and Sive. His name was Harry McGuinney, mechanic. He was going to the same mine the parts were as it turned out. He was happy enough to load his duffel aboard the Angel  and prepare for lift-off. Jason made sure the cargo was loaded in the hold and tied down, then headed for the bridge. Once he'd gotten clearance he brought the ship up and out of Lacuna's atmosphere, eager to be en-route once again. He deliberately found tasks to do to keep him occupied for the next hour away from his cabin. He didn't know if Sive would be there or not, and he wanted to be surprised.

Finally, 63 minutes after launch he called Donny to the bridge. The latter appeared with a broad grin on his face.

"Have a good night, Captain. You need it."

Jason grinned back, and headed for his cabin.

Sive watched as Jason left the bridge, suddenly a wave of heat washed over her body, she fell to her knees, causing her to breath heavily with the intensity of it. When it finally subsided, she was able to think, (this must be some kind of side affect of the changes in my body, but why it is happening now?) Feeling weak she was able to get up and stagger to the nearest chair. After long minutes of deep breathing and trying to relax, Sive got somewhat control of herself. Frantically thinking, (This is entirely new territory, I believe I'm having an intense hormonal serge, and I don't know how to control it. It has to be a reaction to Jason, I shouldn't go to his room in this state, I don't know what will happen!)

As she slowly got to her feet, Sive felt a little stronger, turning to the hatchway, she headed to her cabin. Walking carefully with her hand on the wall it felt like it was taking forever, but thankfully she didn't bump into any of the crew. She stopped at her door, putting both hands on the handle, easing it open. Once inside, she locked it and moved over to the bed, carefully laid down and promptly fell into a deep sleep, not even waking when the ship left Lacuna's atmosphere.

Hours later, Sive started to come around, moaning softly to herself, suddenly sitting up she remembered she had a date to meet Jason in his cabin. Glancing at the time, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed, and tried to stand up, but fell back, too dizzy do anything but hang onto the bed sheets. Just that moment of thinking about Jason was enough to bring on that heat she had felt on the bridge back again. Her skin felt super sensitive, hot... she moaned out loud, (What is happening to me?)

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