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I am just a simple country I love to read, nature, and to daydream.
I have many pets; 2 Wottweilers, 3 goats, 1 barn cat...I live on a farm.
Am married,we have a 10 quarters of land (1500 acres), crops; mainly-wheat, Canola
I have a Science degree; in biology.
I have written some short stories... I like to use humor with my writing.
We have done some traveling, NZ,Aust.,Tasmania, northern Spain, & around Canada
oh...and I love to go wild mushroom picking...and eating them ..yummmm!

i have many interests; Reading: ancient history, romance, science fiction, archeology, fantasy.
you name it I will read it...except; murder mysteries...geezz!
create stained glass artwork, design my own projects of crewel work, bead jewelry, also am a tagger(animated images), most things artsy.
Right now am trying to learn to speak Spanish
I like to learn new things...then move on...always have to move on.
And OMG...I just love Fractals!

Favorite Books
Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
Dune, The Egyptian, The Etruscan
Clan of the Cave Bear
Green Darkness, Desiree
The Bull from the Sea
The Neanderthal Parallax
Gone with the Wind
and many many more!

Favorite Authors
JRR Tolkien, Mary Stewart, Mika Waltari
Jean M Auel, Mary Renault
Ken Follett, Robert J. Sawyer
To name a few...there are so many.

Favorite Movies
Star Wars, Stargate, What Dreams May Come
The Abyss, The Gods Must Be Crazy
Gone With The Wind, Love Always

Favorite TV Shows
Third Rock from the Sun. The Big Bang, Firefly,
Star Trek(most of them), McLeod's Daughters,
Doc Martin, All Creatures Great and Small

Favorite Music
Latin music
Electronic latin
some rock
Enya and Celtic music
Arabian music
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Adventures Across the Starways - Chapter 23

Her imagination flared as she saw herself embraced by Murdock, their bodies sliding together.

Sive watched as Fido and his co mutineers were lead off the bridge.She was hoping she could slip away and take a shower. The past few hours had left her feeling dirty and slightly sick to her stomach! She was hot sweaty and could still taste Fido in her m...

Taken by a Highlander- chapter 7

He heard her hit the ground with a thud and cry out in pain.

Rówann had been surprised when Ella had introduced herself as Lass, but it had confirmed his suspicions. She had been magicked somehow and who knew how long it would be until it wore off. Still, it seemed some good had come of it as they now understood ea...

Taken by a Highlander- chapter 6

"Sir If you could you get these chains off of me I would really appreciate it."

Rówann was not having a very enjoyable morning. Whatever it was that he was tracking, he knew it was not human. Nothing human could move through a place like this and leave barely any signs of passing. He was having to go at such a slow pace so as not to...