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Adventure Across The Starways - 11

Adventure Across The Starways - 11

Ignoring whatever their passenger might be doing or thinking, Jason used the emergency override.

Chapter 11 By Kari and Rascal

(Note; Rascal has now taken Jason's role)

Jason's grin faded when he got to his empty cabin. Sive had changed her mind, that was clear. The situation was snarled good. He'd made a fool of himself, no doubt. He'd have to suck it up and keep the brightest light he could about it. She was young, and might have cold feet about an old guy like himself. He went to the common room for coffee, then back to his cabin. After a couple of hours he headed back to the bridge. Donny's grin faded a bit when Jason asked if he'd seen Sive. At Donny's negative, Jason left the bridge. Almost running he went to her quarters. Hearing her plaintive cries Jason first knocked, then, receiving no answer, beat on the door, crying, "Sive, SIVE! Are you alright? SIVE!" Not knowing what to think he was almost panicked and realized just how much Sive meant to him.

Moaning again, Sive turned her head toward the door when she heard Jason call out her name. Jason.... she sighed, just hearing his voice made her body start to heat up again, sweat glistened on her forehead, she felt a ache deep inside. She moaned, “Jason help me!”

Then she called louder, “JASON... HELP ME!”

In her feverish mind Sive thought, (What is happening to me?) She thrashed back and forth on the bed, her head writhing from side to side moaning, “Ohhhhhh...Jason.”

A long low groan was wrenched out of her throat. She started to tear her cloths off, which felt too tight on her hot sensitive skin, leaving her only in her skimpy undies. She felt like she was going to die if she didn't get some relief soon. Half undressed Sive looked towards the door as the knocking continued, breathing heavily, arms grasping the sheets, legs moving back and forth.....whispering his name over and over again.

Ignoring whatever their passenger might be doing or thinking, Jason used the emergency override on the door. Once the lock disengaged he popped the hatch open and charged in and came to a dead stop at the sight of her feverishly working her body against the sheets in her panties and nothing else. His breathing stopped as he stared at her lovely body. He shook himself and slid the door closed, heading to her bed.

"Sive? Sive, baby, can you hear me? Are you sick? You're the doctor, Sive, tell me what I need to do to help you."

He put the back of his hand against her cheek, feeling how warm she was. He wondered what they had for fever-reducers in the medkit. Time to check once he made sure she was responsive.

As soon as Sive heard the hatch open, she turned her head, her hand reached out as she whispered, “For the love of the gods help me Jason....please,”

Seconds later as she felt his hand on her cheek she grabbed at him pulling him beside her. She pulled his head down frantically seeking his lips, The heat from her enveloped him totally. Jason gasped in bewilderment when she pulled at him. Completely off-balance he fell beside her. As he backed away a bit in surprise she continued writhing on the bed, soaking it with her sweat now. It was like she was in great pain, her body needed relief from the torment she was in. She started whimpering again, thrashing back and forth.

Jason watched her, very concerned. He knew she needed medical attention, but thought she'd be very resistant to going right now. He gathered her in his arms and whispered to her, “I'm here, Sive. Don't worry, I will do anything I can to help you.”

The contact between them soothed her and she stopped her writhing as his lips met hers. The nanites in her body and her growing affection for Jason had created a deep yearning for him after her prolonged celibacy, but his continued caresses hadn't completely quelled her desires. They soon succumbed to a prolonged period of intense lovemaking.

The nanites, somehow sensing that Jason's genes were very compatible, migrated from Sive's body to his during their extended intimate contact. The significance of this will take some time to become apparent, but will certainly be .......interesting.

They laid there in post coital lassitude, their bodies drenched in sweat. Opening her eyes, Sive was able to finally think clearly, then she saw Jason looking down at her, worry written all over his face.

She made an effort to smile trying not be embarrassed by what had just taken place. She closed her eyes again whispering, “Jason, it was not supposed to be like this, I am so sorry, this has never happened to me before, I don't know what to say.”

The tears started to form in the corners of her eyes but she shook her head telling herself, (It's over, buck up girl. I'll have to figure out what all this means later on. Right now I feel fine and that is really all that matters.)

Sive slowly calmed down, sighing she looked back up at Jason, “It's over, if you hadn't done...what you did for me, I don't know if I would have survived. Thank you Jason...I really needed that.” Trying to make light of it all.

She tried covering herself with the sweat soaked sheet. One thing she did note, was that she was recovering extremely rapidly from whatever had occurred these past few hours. The only word to explain it was, extraordinary...she now felt like her usual self.

Her attempted apology got a smile, if only because it was that or scream in frustration. When she started shivering, though, he forgot about himself for a moment. He drew up the covers on her bed, covering them both. When she then tried to get a sheet between them he mentally sighed...and moved so she could cover herself.

He laid down again, only the sheet separating their bodies. When she started crying he simply wrapped his arms around her and held her as long as it took for her to recover. And then she thanked him, of all things.

"Well, it was that or try dragging you to the diagnostic machine in the med closet. I didn't think that would go over very well. I'm just glad it worked. Um...yeah, this isn't quite what I had in mind either. It was....strangely arousing. Disturbing in that I thought you were going to burn up with fever. But, as I'm sure you can tell, one part of me thoroughly enjoyed what happened. Would be up for an encore, actually. I...ah...can take no for an answer. You'd better say that now though. Laying here with just the sheet between us isn't helping me get control."

Sive, secretly was glad Jason was making light of what had just happened to her, and very glad he wasn't running for the hills now. Blinking the last of the tears away, her eyes looked deeply in Jason's, her heart started fluttering, as she softly laughed, “Yes, I have to say yes to that, this time it will be normal. Considering what I have been through in the last few hours I feel remarkably rested, ready and willing. But first, lets change these sopping wet sheets and start over again, fresh as the saying goes.”

Throwing the sheet off, she jumped out of bed, looked at Jason, and with a grin, yanked it from him, wrapping it around herself. She let her eyes look him over from top to bottom, then turned toward the wee linen closet, mumbling, “Nice....”

Grabbing some fresh sheets and pillow cases Sive, ordered Jason off the bed and pulled the rest of the wet linens off.

When she was done making up the bed she dropped the sheet that was wrapped around her body laughingly crying out, “Last one in the shower is a lazy toad.”

Having said that she bolted for the door and down the hallway.

Jason hurriedly pulled his pants on, then reached for his shirt. “Ahh, the hell with it,” he wailed as he threw the tangled shirt to the floor and rushed down the hall after Sive. He thought, “What the hell is our passenger going to think if he pokes his nose out of his cabin, one nude and one half dressed maniac pelting down the hall.” “Oh lord, the crew will never let me live this down,” he groaned as he looked up into the surveillance camera peering at him from the overhead. “I'm sure the whole bridge crew is pinned to the viewer and laughing their heads off.”

Once inside the shower Sive laughed to herself, (it's lucky no one was about, what a sight running down the hall in my birthday suit.) Once she got the water temp. just right she stood under it, letting the water wash all the salty sweat off her body. Sighing she made sure her hair was thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Sive started humming as she continued to wash the rest of her body. She stopped, wondering why Jason was taking so long.

He almost caught up to the mischievous wench as she slid through the door of the tiny shower and was just able to see the door slide shut and automatically lock. Trying to look unconcerned and nonchalant he strolled back to his cabin. The fact that he was blushing all the way down to his belt line was not lost by the bridge crew.

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