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Another Place, Another Time

By day they are part of a whole, by night they return home

Another Time, AnotherPlace

“Your human is a brat.”

My love’s voice coiled towards me slowly, the words stretched out in the silly way that slow motion videos sound. His energy signature was humming angrily, the wavelength around 460. He would be sapphire blue if I were seeing him with my human’s eyes, a color of outrage. With a sigh I increased the length of my own energy waves so that we were moving along at the same pace.

“You’re burning through time,” I reminded him, carefully censoring the angry words that this state suggested to me. “We have so little, can you join me at a lower frequency?”

His form was very nearly an exact echo of his human’s; his consciousness must still be focused on that plane, tying him closely to Earthly concerns. I watched as his wavelength shortened and found a slower rhythm, sliding into a deep burnt umber of about 635 nm. His energy dissipated, gliding out to become more cloudlike as he moved his attention more firmly to our world.

I took a moment to check back on my own human, happy to note that our times were moving at a much more similar pace now, and that it was only midnight. I didn’t know why we could only move back to our beautiful world of light while our humans slept, their reality dark. It had always been that way. Satisfied that I had quite some time before my human would need my attention, I relaxed, letting my energy drift into a formless cloud.

“She is.”

My love doggedly pursued the topic of our humans, albeit with considerably more calm. I sighed again, the cloud of energy that was mine expanding and contracting without changing frequency. He was a niazi, this was only his third incarnation, I reminded myself. He hadn’t learned not to take sides yet. It wouldn’t help our situation to try and show him my human’s side, his emotions were closed on this matter. I squelched my little flare of annoyance quite firmly as my own emotions slipped from my control for amoment. My human was not the problem in this particular Earthly situation.

“Our humans live in different time zones,” I reminded him, keeping pace as he drifted towards a brighter yellow, and back again to a calm, reddish orange. “If we indulge in our emotions we’ll burn through our time together quite quickly.”

“You should do something,” he insisted, managing to stay a lovely shade, reminiscent of a sunset through the statement.

My energy hummed, the waves oscillating along two perpendicular planes as I held on to calm while still experiencing the warm wash of love. I adored his passion. I carried it in equal measure, although mine was tempered by more lifetimes of wisdom. Most of the elders lost that quality- that intensity- some choosing to rejoin oneness and drifting apart entirely.

“They don’t like each other Ajiandra,” I told my love gently.

“My human likes yours just fine,” he replied, his energy drawing together into a more human silhouette, but moving slowly and steadily at 635 nm.

“That’s because he is the one doing the badgering. He didn’t like her so much when it was the other way around.” He’d drawn me into the argument, I realized with a start. I smiled, humming again.

“You should take more control,” he suggested, sliding towards me.

The drifting edges of our selves overlapped and I gasped, humming loudly. This wasn’t the soft susurrus found in riding the waves of oneness. It was something entirely different, more pleasurable, more exciting. Our energy drifted through yellow and into green, darkening to a rich turquoise. I realized that I was contemplating influencing my human and moved quickly away. His purpose and mine had begun to merge, and I didn’t like the results this time.

“We never take control,” I told him sternly, slowing myself back to red and forcing him to follow suit, or else endure perceiving every word I said at the pitch and speed of an angry chipmunk. “We only influence when they chose to step aside.”

“They belong together,” he told me, drifting closer. I tightened the edge of my self, causing his field to buzz as he tried to merge with me. He pulled back, spiking for a moment to the green of alarm before settling back to my speed.

“That is a lovely dream, Ajiandra, but nothing more. They will never be together. But that doesn’t mean we have to be apart. We have our dark times together,” I reassured him.

The glowing field of my love began to constrict, drifting inwards to form a man in his early thirties. I sighed for the third time that night. The sun was coming up on his time zone, and his human was waking up. I waited as he dimmed, until he winked out completely, before casting the net of my senses wide in search of others in our world.

Most of them were indulging in oneness, regenerating and soaking in the pure energy of our world. There would be no meetings tonight. It was just as well, my love’s inexperienced opinions still buzzed along the edge of my consciousness. I joined with my surroundings, a blissful lassitude engulfing me completely. There I drifted until the sun came up, sundering the darkness of my human’s world and calling me away from my home. 

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