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Dream Journal

"A Journal of my dreams about Aliens, UFOS, black helicopters, Satan, and futuristic things."

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I used to have these two repeating dreams as a young girl .

Dream 1

The dream would start at my grandma's home. I would be outside on the third top deck and there was a huge enormous dark helicopter arriving in the sky from afar . It was huge and dark. As it would come nearer it would get louder and louder. I understood that the helicopter was after me. I saw that the helicopter had tinted windows, so I couldn't see who was flying the helicopter, or who was after me. As it would fly nearer to the house I got on the edge of the deck and bounce off and begin running up the hill . At that point I would wake up from my dream in a sweat. Right up 'til today, all things considered, I can hear a helicopter coming a mile away.

Dream 2

I had a dream that I would locate a concealed swimming pool in a building some place and where the swimming pool was in, it would dependably be in an exceptionally dull room and once I would get in the swimming pool there would be this uproarious washing or murmuring clamor and the water would begin moving around like a whirlpool and it would attempt to suck me under I would then fast escape the swimming pool and wake up from my dream .

Dream 3

I had a dream a while ago, likely about two years back. I had a dream that I was in a film theater, yet there weren't any seats in the motion picture theater and everyone was perched on the floor including me. Everyone in my dream were outsiders and there was a man on the motion picture screen wearing a silver cape with a silver veil on, so I couldn't see his face, yet while he was conversing with everybody around me appeared as though they were in a stupor, his voice was extremely frightening while he was talking then there were two people pouring some sort fluid on the peoples' heads. I got off the floor and began crying and saying No I have faith in God! I then came up short on the film theater and woke up from my dream .

Dream 4

I had a dream that I was later on and the building I was in was extremely cutting edge looking and there was a swimming pool in the building. Once again, I was encompassed by outsiders. For reasons unknown individuals needed to kick the bucket once they achieved a specific age and when they got into the swimming pool these metal silver balls with little cutting edges on them would drift over their heads and swoop down and execute the general population in the swimming pool, when the ball was in my court to get into the swimming pool and bite the dust I got out and came up short on the building.

Dream 5

I had this dream in November 2015. I had a dream that I was in my old high school with my daughter Zoe. We were in the swimming pool range and the water was exceptionally filthy. The pool had a first floor pool and it likewise had a second floor with another pool on the second floor. My little girl chose to go swimming in the filthy pool water. I advised her to escape the water since it was extremely grimy. There was a cutting edge lift amidst the two pools on the top and base floor. There was likewise an exciting roller coaster going around the swimming pool in the school in my dream . I concluded that I needed to go on the crazy ride, so I got in the line to get on. There was a man with white hair remaining before me smoking a cigarette. He appeared as though he was a man in his 50's. He pivoted and simply featured at me. When I took a gander at his eyes I saw that his eyes didn't look typical. The pupils of his eyes weren't round they were slit openings. His pupils reminded me of a reptile or the devil . I then woke up from my dream . After I had that dream a few days later I really became truly ill, all things considered, with a 103 fever for 9 days and I wound up in the hospital twice for lack of hydration and wound up getting a non-irritated rash everywhere on my body. They put me on steroids for the rash. The doctors said I had a very bad virus.

Dream 6

I had this dream the week of July 11th , 2016.
I had a dream that I was in a building that resembled a distribution center and there were individuals on a conveyor belt including me. Furthermore, as the general population went around on the transport line the aliens would do horrible things and experiments on their bodies. When it came up to the aliens and the ball was in my court I really begun kicking them in the head and I even lifted one of the aliens up and tossed it. After I woke up from that dream I was really breathing overwhelming and sweating.

Dream 7

I don't recall the date to this dream , yet I know I had it not long after my dad conferred suicide in 2009. I had a fantasy that I was in a n elevator in an office assembling some place and the elevator ceased on the following floor and a normal looking man got on the elevator . He took a gander at me and said "Nichole you know who I am and I need you to accompany me." I obviously knew who he was despite the fact that he was a normal looking man. I know he was camouflaging himself as a normal man, however he was Satan. I took a gander at him and beginning shouting "No!" I then woke up from my dream .

Dream 8

August 1, 2016

I had a dream that I was with a bunch of strangers in a big open field and as we were looking up to the sky we noticed a bunch of oval shaped UFOs coming through the clouds in the sky. The UFOs appeared to be coming for all of us, so everybody started running in the big open field. I was trying to run as fast as I could, but my shoe laces came opened. I tried to stop to tie them, but everybody told me to keep on running. I got into a car with two strangers along with my daughter Zoe. We got onto a highway and tried to drive away from the UFOs. I was sitting in the backseat with my daughter Zoe looking out the back window at the huge UFOs coming for us. We were speeding on the highway pretty fast, but they were catching up to us. Once again I woke up in a sweat.

Dream 9

September 7
th , 2016
I had a dream that I was in this building and there was a tram station framework that glimpsed cutting edge inside the building. It was dull inside. The tram was being worked by a Chinese man. I was with my family and we chose to go to a bar which was inside this dull square molded building. It was so dull you could just truly hear the metro coming towards you, however what I could see the building looked modern So the tram would stop at an entryway and it dropped us off at the bar. I went inside and there was this wooden box on the floor with a considerable measure of stuff in the wooden box. I discovered things from Russia inside the wooden box. My family wound up abandoning me at the bar while I was glimpsed inside the case, so I attempted to get back on the metro, however it continued passing me and I couldn't get back on it, yet it would pass me since I could hear it pass me. I in the end woke up from the fantasy since I couldn't appear to get back on the tram.

Stay tuned for more dreams later on, I don't have abnormal dreams all the time however I will write in my dream journal each time I have another dream .

Written by Meemee28
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