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Dream Journal

A Journal of my dreams about Aliens, UFOS, black helicopters, Satan, and futuristic things.

I used to have these two repeating dreams as a young girl . Dream 1 The dream would start at my grandma's home. I would be outside on the third top deck and there was a huge enormous dark helicopter arriving in the sky from afar . It was huge and dark. As...

Will You, Please?

I wish I no longer care.

If I were not hard to please or too aloof to say the least If I were to care less with judgements to be at ease If I were too insensible to notice or deaf and blind to see If I were strong enough but no, my heart crumbles to hear thee And now I am wishing...

On-line is so much different than real life People put on a mask and be who they like Spatting their words can hurt you like a knife You never know when the nastiness will strike Some people are quite egotistical And love to hear themselves preach They lo...


Written in the break room waiting for the day to start.

Another day, more work.Tiredness looms around the corner,yet I do my duty. People buzz around,coming and going. Everyone has their own agenda,their own mission. Mine? To write poems. Data entry just fills a dull hole,but stories and poemsfill my soul. I w...

Musing on a Bus

I had nothing else to do, so I opened up a text editor and typed away.

I fucking hate my poetry. I love it, too. It's so bloody banal. It has been said that poetry reveals what is in your heart... Or was ir your soul? Whatever. My heart must be filled with weird, comic, lovely, shite. It has also been said that poetry is so...

Honest Deception

The lies that people weave

Lies that we weave through our fingers The words that are spoken through our lipsWe find out one day what we thought was true isn'tThe ones we loved so muchThe ones we called familyWho cares when they don't Why should I careI do though I cared very muchI'...

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There it was, a viscous blob of limber elasticity capable only of thought and some kind of irregular nebulous form of motion, perceiving the world yet barely influencing it. It spent its time floundering around the park, observing the quotidian routines o...

Life After Retirement

Much to my surprise, he was wearing only cowboy boots.

Life After Retirement You wake up one morning, the sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day. What could possibly go wrong, your children are grown and your husband is retiring from the United States Army after 33 years. You're actually looking for...

People come and go. And after they go, after they've imprinted themselves into your heart... And finally leave... What happens next?You just move on, meet another person along the way... Have fun with them, make experiences.. Memorable ones. And then they...

Shame on Us

When the shooting happened everyone tried to use it to promote their own agenda.

We use clever pictures, witty words,And celebrity quotes to say the things We are unable. Tragic moments bringOut the worst side of us. There is noHeart in what we say, only the convictionOf what we believe to be true. Are weRight? Does it matter in times...


my new year gift to myself.

Dear Friends, The silence was drowning me into my innermost thoughts that seemed to sprout from ‘second week’ at my new assignment. The cream and maroon cubicle with an entire glass wall on one side and an endless stretch of green reminded me of the museu...