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Solarites Ch 6

I was met by a stunned silence. Fei smiled in excitement and hope just itching for us to start. All we were waiting for was Raven’s answer and that has proven to be difficult.

We were in the room Fei and I share, after several days of trying to convince Raven to even entertain the idea of escape. She frowned, chewing the inside of her cheek, contemplating the plan. She looked me in the eyes with a hint of doubt and turned to Fei.

I don’t care how hardcore or heartless Raven may be, but no one can look at that face and say no. She looked into Raven’s eyes with all the pleading cute, adorableness of a lost puppy. Raven turned back to me after a moment. She made up her mind.

“It’s a stupid plan,” she told us bluntly. Fei let out a disappointed breath, I could just see the waterworks starting. I, on the other hand, knew it was a 50-50 chance with Raven and began to head for the door.

Raven held her arm out to stop me, she wasn’t finished. “You’re a stupid and ridiculous human just like the lot of them. What you lack in brains and logic, you make up for in bravery and determination. Now tell me why I should help you.” She waited, expecting an answer and fast.

I gave Fei a smile, we had a glimmer of hope. Raven began to tap her foot impatiently, our chance was drying up.
“What other person besides you, could do it?” Fei exclaimed, selling the idea. “Raven, you’re the bravest person I know. You stood up to the leader and talked to him as an equal and nothing less! If anyone, who would be up for a little rebellion, it would be you.” She flopped down onto the bed and crossed her legs. I looked at my bubbly little friend impressed.

“You been here the longest out of us three. You know the way this place works,” I added quietly. Raven eyed me suspiciously and thought it over.

“Okay, follow me,” she whispered and walked out the door.

Hesitantly, Fei and I glanced at each other and pursued her. We kept our distance as her tail lashed side to side behind her. We reached the door and Raven grabbed us and pulled us forward.

We walked out side by side, inconspicuous that we’re up to something. We assumed all innocence and held up the masquerade of three friends hanging out before tomorrow starts. Raven lead us to the back of the buildings and just barely into the forest.

“I know how this place works and you say any of this out loud in the town or during the job, Solarites will be sniping at your heels in the matter of moments.” She looked at me and put her hand on my shoulder in understanding. "Now, I know you only got here and Fei... You’re sweet, but I have to admit you’re not very bright.”

Fei gave her a queer look, not understanding the remark. I snicker a little and She gave me a pleading look for an explanation. We ignored her for a moment, getting back on the matters at hand.

“Is there anyone else that is in on this plan?” Raven asked serious. We shook our heads no. Raven thought for a moment and took in a shaky breath. “Okay, I’m in.”

We felt a surge of excitement and went to tell her our gratitude. She put up a firm hand to stop us. We stopped and waited for her to finish, our hearts pounding against our chests.

“But, we won’t do anything without my say so. Don’t let anyone in unless I approve of them, Don’t you dare say a word of this to a soul, and I will decide when to commence with the plan, whatever it is. Is that fair?” she asked calmly. We nod and smiles came to our faces. Fei tackled her into a hug.

Raven wrestled under her grip to escape while I laughed. I clamped my mouth shut when she gave me her signature death glare. Awkwardly, I turned away. She shoved the overly affectionate Fei aside and brushed herself off.

“Now, shall we have some dinner? I’m starving,” she suggested, walking away. We quickly came up and linked arms, Raven blushed embarrassed.

Together, we rounded the corner of the buildings and entered the mesh hall. We sat down at our table where grave awaited our arrival. Raven sat down and cuddled up right next to him.

“What took you so long?” he asked jokingly. “My job doesn’t remotely take that long.”

Raven kissed him on the cheek sweetly. “Does it matter?” And she walked off to get her food. I surveyed my surroundings and saw Ace staring directly at me. I blushed and turned away... Wait, why am I blushing?

The rest of the night passed in a blur and I flopped into bed, Fei crawled up next to me.

“Can you teach me to read?” she asked sweetly. I wasn’t sure on how to answer her, I still don’t fully know for certain on how I knew myself. My mind fumbled with the words as I tried to explain without hitting her feelings. She was fast asleep before I could even speak. I inched out of the bed, trying hard not to wake her up. I tiptoed over to her bed and fell asleep.

I opened my eyes to the soft sunlight that filtered into the room. I was back in my house again, surprising me that I still remotely remember the details. I slip out of my bed, but something was off slightly. I discredited the feeling as nothing and ran down to my kitchen. I skid to a halt right before the stairs and stroked my cat a few times before continuing. Her soft fur was familiar to my rough cracked hands and I was reluctant to stop.

At last, I was in my kitchen. The cream colored walls and faded blue tile was a welcoming site for sore eyes. I started preparing my favorite meal, eggo waffles with strawberry syrup, a small bowl of fruit loops, and a large mug of hot coffee. Even if this was only a dream, I don't care. I think I deserve to indulge myself in a fantasy for awhile.

"So what's the escape plan from here on out?" Fei's voice sliced through me like a sharp knife through butter at room temperature. How did she get here in my house on my planet. She assessed the look on my face. "You're dreaming remember?"

"I knew that," I mumbled under my breath. Raven swept into the room skewered me for a moment with her eyes and sat down on a stool by the island.

"I highly doubt she even came up with a plan yet." I glared at her as she looked at me. She smiled at my attempt at being menacing. "Darling, I'm apart of your subconscious. I know you don't have a plan yet."

"That's why we're here to help!" Fei chipped in happily. Her boundless cheery attitude never ceased to waver even if the was only a figment of my imagination. "Now let's see... First we need to study the enemy and start recruiting." She suggested thoughtfully.

"Raven told me that I have to have her say so in everything," I told them poking at my meal. I no longer felt like eating and passed it to Fei. She squealed with joy and bit into the waffles. I sighed knowing that eventually I will wake up and the day of back breaking work will start once again.

"You know, you should have told Raven of your... Gift." Ace stated manifesting behind me. A shiver ran down my spine as Fei and Raven glared at him.

"Hey, girl's dream only. Get out," Fei shouted stuffing more of my meal into her mouth. Raven grunted in agreement. I looked at them and gave a WTF expression. "Your dream you can kick him out if you want to," she informed me.

"But, she won't because she wants to recruit me in your rebellion."

"Say what?" We all replied at the same time, including me. He shrugged and pointed at me. I knew that meant it was actually my fault. Raven and Fei waited for an explanation. I assume that it was deep within my subconscious that I might secretly wish that but, there's no way I would tell them. I looked at them and for a moment took in the whole scene.

Seeing all of them here in my kitchen seemed right for some reason. I was always a loner and socially awkward. My house is constantly empty except my poor cat that may be missing me dearly right now. Only during the holidays do other living creatures cross the threshold into my home and then they leave after a few hours. Its mainly for the reason that I'm family or a neighbor that they visit. I wonder if anyone misses me and has came to check and see if I was okay. The surprise they would find that I had disappeared like smoke and found my distressed cat all alone. An aching feeling crept up I side my chest. I wondered if anyone cared.

I awoke and rubbed the fatigue out of my eyes. Fei was still sound asleep and I hopped out of the bed. The announcements will be on soon and I wanted to wake up on my own terms this morning. I changed into fresh clothes and went for a walk. Right outside my door however was Ace. His eyes gazing at me solemnly.

"Good morning," I murmured keeping my head low.

He brushed me off and glanced around quickly. "We need talk."

My heart skipped a beat.

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