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Surviving the 2012 Doomsday Part 2

An approach to the end of the world.

The first expedition…

Hank called for a general meeting on the third month to organize an expedition to the north, where M7G8 had told them there was a pile of steel left from the storm. He started by saying: ‘Listen, everybody. We need to expand and conquer the earth the right way this time. I need some volunteers to come with me to take a look at the mountain of debris the storm left where the north used to be. At least ten people.’

Martha raised her hand, followed by ten other people, most of them teenagers, eager for adventure. M7G8 spoke afterwards: ‘I can offer transportation for those interested.’ Martha raised her hand. None of the teenagers wanted to travel with him. They all wanted to live the adventure of traveling through the land, driving the vehicles available, to feel the breeze and the freedom of not having to worry about cops giving speed tickets, red lights, or having stop signs all over.

Hank and Kori jumped in a 1942 Willys jeep, the kids took motorcycles, campers, even a Humbee. Martha traveled with M7G8 and was there in 2 seconds. The pile of steel was taller than the Everest Mountain and six or seven kilometers across. It was unbelievably huge. There were cars, trucks, trains, bridges, everything you can imagine made of steel, piled up in no order whatsoever. The biggest junk yard in the planet was in front of their eyes. Martha was speechless. Rust was gaining the battle as it had already covered about the whole mountain, and some parts were already crumbling. Three hours later the vehicles arrived. They all stood there in awe. The size of the mountain would have given a Japanese steel manufacturer a heart attack.

Hank was the first to get off the car. He saw Martha and M7G8 about 300 meters away from them, sitting on a big rock that was about 200 meters away from the pile. Kori got off the car still speechless. The kids were screaming all kinds of teen expressions about the huge junk yard they were looking at. ‘We got plenty of materials here to make a whole city for each and every one of us,’ Kori suggested.

‘That’s right Kori, we don’t have to worry about steel for at least 200 years,’ stated Hank. A minute later, M7G8 and Martha had joined them and curiously enough they were holding hands. Hank had suspected they were having an affair a couple of days before, when he saw them heading to the crops that had given the last lot of fruits in the magnetic shelter. M7G8 was keen on the fruits grown in the shelter, as they were all exotic to him. Martha and M7G8 spent hours together, and Hank was happy for her, as he couldn’t be with her as much as he did before the storm.

The aliens…

Other aliens had started to arrive to earth, not to stay as M7G8, but for research reasons, and were not as friendly and talkative as him, because they didn’t like the sunlight much. Nevertheless, they were by no means hostile to the earthlings, and enjoyed taking the kids once in a while for long trips to the dark side of the earth to collect fruits that grew on that side of the planet and were scarce on the side they were living in. They loved the dark side as it had no sunlight to bother their eyes.

M7G8 had built a squad of androids that had already changed the geography of the surroundings of the shelter. They made a very convenient seashore, and opened a gulf half the size of the Mexican gulf, to have access to seawater. A squad of humans was building all sorts of vehicles for water as well as for air and land. The mandatory fuel was that suggested by M7G8, and the emissions were reduced to zero. The androids were glad to report to the humans that all the sea creatures had survived the storm too. Soon, everybody had boats, airplanes, cars and most of the kids and adults were couples either with an alien, or with a human. Islands were made for each couple, separated 2 km away for privacy reasons. They all lived in islands now.

The first hybrid…

Martha and M7G8 called for a general meeting to announce that they were going to have a baby girl, the first hybrid person on the planet. Everybody was excited about the news. The kids were jumping and running all over the place, as they were going to see the first baby born after the storm. The clinic was still at the same place it had been on the shelter. Martha and M7G8 moved to the shelter for the last three months of her pregnancy, and all the necessary measures were taken to avoid any unexpected situation. The last days of the pregnancy, everybody moved back to the shelter to hear the news first hand.

Martha 78 was born in perfect condition, and her eyes were to everybody’s relief, those of a human. Nobody knew what an alien kid’s behavior or growing process were, so they all gathered in the living room and waited for M7G8 to arrive there for the news. ‘Relax everyone; a kid in my planet grows in only two months. We are lucky that Martha 78 was born with human eyes, but the rest of her genetic features are those of my race. She will have the powers we have to travel and the rest of the things we do, and she will be able to get married and have children in about six months,’ he stated.

As he spoke, Martha78 walked in the living room naked, and about the size of a one year old child. ‘Hi everybody,’ she said. Everyone waved hello to her and answered back. From that day on, aliens and humans began to have children, all of them with human eyes and alien genetics. Hybrid boys and girls began populating the planet.

The expansion…

The gulf was now full of islands and had to be expanded greatly after 2 years. Some of the hybrid children traveled to the alien planet to learn more about their ancestor’s history and costumes, and came back eager to share them with the earthlings. Vehicles and vessels were taken to the alien planet for further studies, and some aliens began to build their own vehicles for entertainment purposes, with new features like no need to refuel, as they had endless sources of energy, and the engines became all electric.

The airplanes now had an antigravity device, which would go on in case anything went wrong with the engines; Hank refused to let the aliens modify the engines, as he loved the sound of star motors. By now, the earth was full of well organized crops. Some inhabitants began to live in different areas and small cities flourished across the land. Those who learned about the seeds that were gathered by Hank, asked him if there were any seeds that needed a hotter climate to grow, and set entire cities of medium and hot climate under gigantic domes to grow a wider variety of vegetables, and moved the desert creatures to a desert that the androids built under a huge dome, that had a lake and enough space for elephants, camels, lions and all the creatures that had survived the storm.

The aliens were the most common visitors to this desert, as they didn’t have any creatures in their planet besides humans, something similar to cows, dogs and fish. They admired the hunting abilities of the lions and hyenas, and learned some interesting tricks about their way of life. After almost two years from the union of the aliens to the earthlings, they still couldn’t believe birds could fly, and were amazed at how bold eagles could see their prey from those heights and still fly down and catch them with such precision.

Other aliens loved the variety of fruits and vegetables available in this planet, and began to melt Mars’ poles and take water from Titan to turn mars into a more habitable planet, which they achieved in one year. Plants began to grow quicker, and after running some toxic tests, they declared that Mars was a perfectly feasible planet for human and alien conquering. Thousands of humans, aliens and hybrids moved there, and to their surprise, after six months of normal atmosphere movements and rains, there were exotic Martian plants with juicy fruits that both races enjoyed very much.

A third race yet was to be known, as the inhabitants of Mars after a few months living there began to born, having a different skin color, hybrid-human eyes and new powers unknown to the other two races, namely the ability to mentally communicate and perform all sorts of things from absurd distances, such as from Mars to the Earth. The pregnancy period for the new race was reduced to half of that in humans and aliens, and the adulthood was reached unfortunately in three years, unlike the hybrids.

The Big reunion…

Upon the aliens’ leader and Hank’s request, a big reunion of the now three races was requested in the aliens’ planet. The population of Humans, Aliens, Hybrids and Martians was up to 2 million people, and the leaders were worrying about over populating the planets, considering that the death rate had been zero, and life expectancy was limitless, as there wasn’t any aging process going on in any of the races, and all the diseases had been completely eradicated from the three planets. They needed to control the population, at least until there was another habitable planet available.

The Alien Leader and Hank proposed to name a leader for Mars, and the first Martian born baby who by then was two and a half years old was named for that duty. His name was Gary01M. Everybody was happy to have the first Martian born as their leader in Mars. M7G8 proposed to conquer another planet only for animals and for recreation purposes. He reported to have found a planet quite similar to earth, which had methane as the only liquid, but had worked on a formula together with Brad and his wife, to change the methane into water by adding enough oxygen for a short period of six months, and then igniting it with the help from a Martian who would remotely set fire to the mixture. The water generated after the explosion would cause rains to create lakes and seas, covering half the surface of the planet, together with life forms, if the right seeds and bacteria were introduced at the right time before the rains started.

The proposal was a complete success, and three teams were assigned to provide oxygen from Titan by decomposing the water there by means of electrolysis and transporting the oxygen to the planet by Aliens’ means of transportation which would reduce the six months to only three weeks. After a complete consensus of all the races, the population was limited to 3 million until further notice. The new number would be given after the first settlers of the new planet had children, to see if there was a new race or not.

The new planet…

The methane burn on the new planet was a complete success. Just as with any calculations he made, M7G8 was absolutely right about life forms. Two more weeks of oxygen from Titan were necessary to raise the oxygen levels to those acceptable for the three races, and new life forms were born in only six weeks. The last reports from the androids gave a surprising 5000 new species, none of them similar to the ones in the previous planets. The temperature on the planet stabilized even more as soon as the new plants started to grow widely over the whole planet. Species of weird looking plants somehow similar to the water plants on earth turned the planet green, and the atmosphere became very close to that of Earth before the storm, with blue sky and clouds. The first animals to travel there were rabbits, whose life cycle were really short, and reproduced abundantly. After the first new born were examined, the planet was declared safe for the races. Animals of all species were taken there and to everybody’s surprise, the new born animals were always twins in all species. The first settlers also had twins, and after a thorough examination they were declared Martian-Humans.

The new planet was called M7Brad after the ones who made life possible in it. Elegant hotels were made for the visitors, and there was no need for any air conditioning or heating systems, because the temperature was as the old earth, at 20ºC. The zones for desert areas were isolated under the now traditional domes, covering large areas, where all the three races enjoyed the excessive heat, as it was exotic to them, and the beverages available in the new planet overcame those found on the other planets, because the fruits had a particular new flavor, probably the cause of the twin’s phenomenon.

The first experiments to try the 5000 new species as food were only 20% successful. The birds were the most favorable, especially for the flavor of the meat, and their size similar to those of the South American condors, having a color somewhat pinkish but with an exquisite tenderness. The native pigs ranked second with an absolute lean meat, and hair that was strong and very long, which was used to make all sorts of carrying gear that was nearly indestructible. The third and last species that was the rarest one of them all was a sort of lobster, which only reproduced once every year, but with a very abundant number of babies. Its flavor was a mixture between lobster and meat, and the texture was tender and with such an exact touch of salt, that it was every woman’s favorite when it was time for a quick dinner, because all they had to do was cook them in boiling water, and serve. The eggs from the birds were so nutritious, that one egg will be enough to feed 4 people.

A happy accident…

Hank’s children who were by now adults, and had children, took a trip to M7Brad to spend a vacation, and took their German Shepherds with them. They had taken their own house with them in case the dogs had an issue when adapting to the new planet. The dogs had no problem adapting to the new place, and were soon exploring the planet happily. The female dog was in heat a week after they arrived there, and soon was mating with her partner. After only one month, to everybody’s surprise, 10 puppies were born. Three months later, the puppies were mentally communicating with everybody. A new race of dogs had been born. Having mental superpowers, the new dogs were soon everybody’s favorites, as they were able to do everything a Martian was able to do, plus they had the ability to reproduce in larger numbers than normal Shepherds. Now, having a German Shepherd was almost mandatory, as they could alert their owners about any danger without making any noise at all, which was very convenient.

The end of the peace period…

The three races had been prospering and multiplying peacefully. There had been a period of over 20 years where nothing had altered the way the four races were living in community. They shared knowledge, food, technology, everything, there hadn’t even been a slight discussion over absolutely anything whatsoever in those 20 years. But good things don’t last forever…

A couple of teens in charge of the reproduction of the German Shepherds, had left 4 couples of dogs in M7Brad for mating purposes, and after six days were surprised to see the oldest couple back home, together with two aliens, who had brought them there. The dogs claimed to have seen a group of weird looking animals in the northern part of the planet, building some kind of underground shelter hidden under a group of big rocks.

The teens, the aliens and the dogs immediately went to see Hank, and an hour later they were all meeting M7G8, and were traveling to the Alien’s planet. The news hit the Alien’s leader like a rock on the head. ‘This is unbelievable. We can’t let that happen in our planets,’ he shouted. He gathered 4 squads of 200 androids each, which had the ability to be invisible, and sent them to four different locations surrounding the area the dogs had indicated.

Hank asked for transportation to the magnetic shelter to prepare some weapons and asked M7G8 to implant warfare knowledge to a battalion composed of Aliens, Humans, Martians and Martian-Humans, and asked the craftspeople to build the gear and equipment necessary for war in the machinery level of the magnetic shelter. The mandatory outfit was of course made of M7Brad pig’s hair, which was indestructible, and all the weapons were ready in less than six hours, as the craftspeople were very efficient.

The vessels were constructed in a matter of three days, and were all equipped with electric engines, and of course the anti gravity feature, to avoid casualties in case the vessels were hit by the enemy. The spy androids had planted cameras all over the M7Brad areas surrounding the suspicious site, and after they connected them, all the planets were getting the images of the site in real time. The creatures looked very much like Humans, only shorter and with eyes similar to those in cats, rather stretched to the sides like Asian people and with the pupils in a vertical manner.

They had some kind of shields attached to their bodies, and for what they could see from the distance, they had problems breathing the oxygen in the atmosphere, and needed some kind of mask. There were roughly 3000 creatures in the site, and an underground sweep with gamma rays showed they had some kind of portal that was transporting them by hundreds. Hank ordered two more battalions fully equipped to be ready on Earth. The Alien leader ordered 600 androids to travel there fully armed, to avoid any casualties, as the androids were artificial, and completely recyclable.

The first approach…

The androids gathered by the Aliens leader approached the site, surrounding it while invisible. A small squad entered the shelter, and discovered that they were preparing some kind of gigantic weapon. They took images to the Alien’s planet for further analysis, and the result was that the weapon was one similar to that Brad and M7G8 had constructed to convert the planet to oxygen, only this one did exactly the opposite, by converting the planet back to its original methane state.

All the squads got ready and at an order from the four leaders, they approached the shelter and peacefully tried to speak to the creatures outside. ‘Greetings strangers, we are here to request that you leave this planet, as it is ours, as we developed the technology to convert the atmosphere to oxygen 20 years ago,’ the General commander android said.

One of the creatures hurried inside and later came out escorting what seemed to be their commander. ‘What gives you the right to request that we leave this planet? The universe is vast, and we have chosen this planet to be our new land,’ said the creature in a selfish tone.

‘I’m afraid that is not possible. We conquered this planet over 20 years ago, and therefore it is ours, so as I said, I request that you leave our planet immediately. This will be your second warning,’ the android said.

‘I take no orders from anyone much less from an android. Get out of my way,’ said the creature, and he shouted an order to get the weapon ready. The androids backed up and at an order from the 4 leaders, attacked the creatures outside, by taking their masks away. The leader of the creatures died in seconds. And was followed by 30 more that when they were taken the mask away would just drop dead.

When the creatures inside the shelter saw that their people were being killed in the outside, they began to take the portal back to their planet, and the shelter was empty in a matter of 20 minutes. The androids then proceeded to disassemble the weapon and when they were almost finished, the portal began to produce hundreds of new creatures, now armed and with a different kind of mask that was built in a sort of helmet. They all backed up to the outside and prepared for battle. The warriors tried to attack the androids with their weapons, but were surprised to see that the armor didn’t even get a scratch. They changed to another weapon, that emitted some kind of rays, but again the androids avoided the rays by getting invisible.

A well trained android that was positioned at the left side of the entrance and about 300 meters away, had reported to be able take them down very easily. The creatures were amazed at how their enemies didn’t talk among themselves. The android at the left of the shelter shot his sniper rifle and cracked the leader’s helmet open, which immediately killed him. The others followed him and were soon shooting at the helmets and killing creatures by hundreds. The last remain of the creatures went back to the portal, and the shelter was again full of dead bodies but empty of any creatures. ‘Retreat’ the four leaders said at the same time, as they suspected the creatures were going to send a stronger group of warriors, and they were right.

Half an hour later, a group of warriors the size of a gorilla were coming out of the portal this time wearing no masks. The androids have taken advantage of the 20 minutes and had completely surrounded the entrance to the shelter and were hidden in advantageous positions. The first one to shoot was the sniper, killing three of the enemies of a shot on the head. The other warriors emitted a strange scream that revived the dead gorillas, and made them somehow bigger and stronger. A couple of dogs that were observing the battle decided to try and read their minds, and discovered they could read them, reporting that they were going to use their ultimate weapon, a vibration ray.

All the androids turned invisible and the gorillas screamed once more, drawing their weapons and firing to the air, aiming to where they guessed the androids would be. The first thing that the rays hit was a tree, which started to shake vigorously, and finally exploded turning into dust. Hank had an idea, and he spoke to the Aliens leader. ‘Send me some androids to pick up mirrors, and we’ll send them mirrors so they kill themselves,’ he said.

A minute later, the androids were at the shelter picking up mirrors to take to the battlefield. Ten minutes later, the androids were all equipped with big mirrors that they enlarged to cover their whole bodies. The gorillas kept firing and the androids began to fall by hundreds after the rays hit them after they reflected on the mirrors. The gorillas started to back up to the portal and an android reached for a gun from one of the dead gorillas and fired at the weapon which a minute later exploded in a million pieces, firing then to the portal which vibrated for 30 minutes, until it blew up killing the rest of the warriors and ending the battle.

One of the first creatures that had ran to the bottom of the shelter came off from his hiding place, and begged for mercy. Two more warriors of the second wave did the same, and a last gorilla that was just injured surrendered as well. They were all taken to the Aliens planet for questioning.

The truth about the creatures…

The prisoners were taken to a facility especially constructed to avoid the appearance of new portals, with extra magnetic fields, and on the third day of imprisonment were questioned by the four leaders. ‘Why did you come here to this planet?’ asked Hank.

‘Our leaders wanted to expand, and this planet is almost ready to be populated by our race. All that needed to be done was to change the atmosphere to methane and we could be here in less than a month,’ answered the prisoner with the highest rank. ‘Our leader thought you didn’t have any weapons and decided to conquer it, taking advantage of that,’ he resumed.

‘Well, your leaders were wrong. We do have weapons but we never use them, because we are people of peace. We made this planet habitable without harming any creature. In fact we created life in this planet. Besides, we didn’t even use a third of our weapons, so if we manage to send you back to your planet, let your leaders know that in spite of the fact that we don’t like to be at war, we are well equipped against any attack, and will not hesitate to defend ourselves from you or any other race,’ shouted Hank.

‘That is absolutely clear to us Sir. There is no need for further explanations. Your race seems to be quite powerful. You didn’t even have one casualty, but we would like to request something from you,’ said the creature.

‘What is it?’ the leaders said in unison.

‘That you don’t send us back to our planet. We rather stay here as prisoners than come back there. Our leaders are bad people who force us to do things we don’t really like to do. Let me explain myself,’ he paused.

‘Our leaders are from the race he is,’ he said pointing at the gorilla. ‘This warrior belongs to the royalty, but since they are such bad people, most of them end up in prison and become warriors that our leaders use to conquer new planets. The females of their race are very violent, and therefore overpower the males, thus having the power. The males, being submissive to them, do as they order to keep them happy, which has led to more violence yet. The last three planets we conquered were taken very violently, and many lives were taken, even from our side, but the leaders don’t care. They just want more territories. In fact, if you helped us eradicate the leaders, we could all live in peace in our planet, and never again need to conquer any other planets,’ he begged.

‘But you say they are very violent how can we help you eradicate them?’ asked M7G8.

‘Yes they are, but their number is very reduced. You see, that race has a particularity: they give birth to more males than females. That is why the leaders are no more than 1000 females, over 1 million males. The need to mate with such a little amount of females makes them very exclusive, so the males do whatever they ask for in order to mate with them,’ he stated.

‘The only thing that worries me if we do help you eradicate the females is what’s going to happen with all the males. Their race will disappear if they don’t have females,’ Martha78 inquired puzzled.

‘Not really, Ma’am. As soon as the females disappear, there will be a period of adjustment, and after a few months, their nature will make some of them hermaphrodites, and soon they will be reproducing again, with the advantage that the hermaphrodites will not get violent. So we beg of you, to please help us end that bloodshed in our planet. We are all tired of that tyranny,’ he said in a begging tone. The other three prisoners nodded at the same time.

‘Let us think about that. You understand it is not an easy decision to make. Give us a couple of days,’ Kory said, and the others agreed.

Time to make decisions…

Kori, Hank, M7G8, Martha78, Brad, Gary, Lane, Roger, and the Aliens leader held a big meeting the next day. They were concerned about killing 1000 creatures. They were also worried that if they didn’t kill them, the bloodshed will continue and eventually a rebellion will shed more blood if they finally got to a point where they couldn’t stand it anymore. The highest rank prisoner was taken to the meeting for further questioning, and a dog was present to read his mind and determine if he was telling the truth. The creature was actually telling the truth, but he was afraid they would not help them. The dog told them he was being honest. ‘Is there any other way we can eradicate the females without killing them?’ asked Martha78.

‘Actually there is another way Ma’am. If you just take them away from the males for a short period of three months, they will become sterile, and will not produce the enzyme that makes them so violent. The problem is, where will you take them?’ he answered with a frown.

‘That’s easy. We can take them to Titan. We can build a shelter there, and keep them for six months if necessary,’ answered M7G8.

‘That’s the best solution. That way there won’t be any violence, and we will eradicate the problems in your planet,’ Martha78 said with a big smile.

‘Let’s do it!’ they all said at the same time.

The group organized a second meeting to learn where the planet was and the exact place where the female leaders were located. After that, they armed a battalion of androids and planned the strategy to start the operation. The vessels to be taken there were the last model developed by the craftsmen, having new features like invisibility, and the new feature of being capable of expanding to up to twice its size, in order to fit the prisoners.

The operation…

The vessel traveled to the planet three weeks after the last meeting, and arrived to the planet a day later. The directions given by the prisoners were precise, and when they arrived to the location of the females, they were all asleep, and there were no guards, as there was no need to worry about any riots after they had killed 600 warriors that afternoon. The bodies were all over the place, and there were strange animals feeding from them, and leaving but their armor on the floor.

The androids entered the facility which was quite big, and according to the directions in the map, the females were exactly below ground level, after the main entrance going down through a long and wide stairway. They arrived there, and were amazed at the size of the females. They were almost twice as big as the gorillas they had killed in battle. The females were then sedated, and once they were asleep were taken to the vessel that was already expanded to its maximum size. They fit perfectly there. They left the planet and arrived in Titan two hours later, released the prisoners in the large facility, and gave them the antidote for the sedative. 200 of them stayed as guards, end the rest went back to the creatures’ planet.

The next day when the reinforcements arrived invisibly, they went out fully protected, and called for a general meeting. Nobody tried to fight them; they already knew they were in disadvantage against them. The commander of the androids spoke: ‘The leaders have been taken to a safe place where they will become sterile in a few months. I suggest you organize some kind of new leadership as soon as possible, and that from now on live in peace. The leaders will come back peaceful as soon as they become sterile. By then, you should have organized the duties for everybody, and forget about colonization for a long time until you are fully in peace.’

The crowd acclaimed them and they were all celebrating that the leaders had been taken care of, as they were killing more and more warriors every day. The prisoners were taken back to their planet, and a group of androids stayed there to insure that peace was held at all cost.

Six months later, the females had become peaceful, and were taken back to their planet, where they behaved like normal citizens. The people had organized three social classes and they were all working synchronized to get housing, food and supplies, and the economy was flourishing now that the leaders were not in power. The planet had decided to name the creature that had made peace possible in their planet, their leader for life.

A happy ending…

The creatures soon joined the Aliens, the Humans, and the Martians. There were three more races after the fusion of all the races. The bond between all the new races became very strong, and they conquered several more planets and moons. By the year 2050, “The Union of Races”, as they called themselves, had conquered three solar systems, and had to exhaust Titan’s resources to achieve most of their conquests. They never found any more hostile creatures since then.

The end.

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