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Terrainer – Diaries

A woman looks for her place at the end of the world.

  Dear Bryce, I've come to realize, three things that should never be withheld from being said are, "Please," "Thank you," and, "I'm sorry." Please, don't take this letter the wrong way.  This isn't an attempt to reestablish contact with you or rekindle o...

The Book of Love: Or, How The Battle Of The Sexes Ended

He wrote the book on women. And so he ended the world.

Don’t talk to me about love. I wrote the book on it. Literally.And for that sin, I alone am escaped to tell you the tale of the Battle of the Sexes and the End of Man.Okay, that’s not quite accurate. The book wasn’t really about love. But it was about dat...

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How The Universe Wants To Kill You: Happy Earth Day!

Some say in fire, some say in ice. But scientists say probably in screaming (albeit brief) agony...

For most of recorded history, Earth has looked like a nice, comfy place to raise a human race. Not too cold (mostly), not too hot (mostly), it was just what Goldilocks ordered. And barring the wrath of angry gods*, it didn’t look like anything could ever...

A Legendary Tale Chapter Four

As the world ends, a small town man copes with survivial and loss

FourA few hours later, after Sadie had come home from work and Joel tried to whip up a light supper for them both, they settled in for the evening. Since it was Friday night, they had the rest of the weekend to enjoy together, except Sadie did have to wor...

A Legendary Tale, Chapter Three

As a pandemic ends the world, a small town man copes with survival and loss.

ThreeCovered in sweat from head to toe and grass clippings from the knees down, he pushed the mower to it's usual spot underneath the old house's overhang in the back. He turned, thought about it, and quickly turned back the mower unscrewing the gas cap....

A Legendary Tale Chapters 0ne and Two

As a pandemic ends the world, a small town man copes with survival and loss.

Author Note: This story is written for the world that is created in the 2007 movie I am Legend. The elements of the film, including the creatures, are involved in this work but are creations of the authors and innovators of the film. Although this is an i...

The Memory of Water: Life After The End

Like the homeopaths said, water remembers. In fact, it never forgets. And it's pissed off.

I greet thee in the name of the Great Waters, the all-powerful creator and sustainer, provider and destroyer, which surrounds us and flows through us and sustains us, from whose bosom we all spring and into whose comforting embrace we shall all one day re...

We Will Be Gods

A detailed description of man's reduced state after a non traditional apocalypse.

It was a strange creature, the size of a cat, with an extremely stocky build. Its face was so flat that it was nearly concave. Its eyes looked in all different directions, marbles spinning in sockets too big, and its thick wavy black fur stuck out in rand...