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Apocalypse Stories


Carol of the Damned

... just a mythic retelling... a dark holiday story...

The air was sweet, heavy with the scent of ripe, cloying fruit. The sound of buzzing near the pomegranates that swayed and hung low in the heat was distracting me enough that the woman’s pulse thudded against mine, the salt of her blood splashed its way d...

Deep Fake

Not everything is as it seems.

“There’s something off about her,” Daniel said. Daniel was sitting at the bar surrounded by a disarray of empty glasses and a half-eaten bowl of popcorn. The long narrow barroom was illuminated by the gray gloom of a rainy afternoon seeping past the neon...


Terrainer – Diaries

A woman looks for her place at the end of the world.

  Dear Bryce, I've come to realize, three things that should never be withheld from being said are, "Please," "Thank you," and, "I'm sorry." Please, don't take this letter the wrong way.  This isn't an attempt to reestablish contact with you or rekindle o...

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How The Universe Wants To Kill You: Happy Earth Day!

Some say in fire, some say in ice. But scientists say probably in screaming (albeit brief) agony...

For most of recorded history, Earth has looked like a nice, comfy place to raise a human race. Not too cold (mostly), not too hot (mostly), it was just what Goldilocks ordered. And barring the wrath of angry gods*, it didn’t look like anything could ever...

A Legendary Tale Chapter Four

As the world ends, a small town man copes with survivial and loss

FourA few hours later, after Sadie had come home from work and Joel tried to whip up a light supper for them both, they settled in for the evening. Since it was Friday night, they had the rest of the weekend to enjoy together, except Sadie did have to wor...

A Legendary Tale, Chapter Three

As a pandemic ends the world, a small town man copes with survival and loss.

ThreeCovered in sweat from head to toe and grass clippings from the knees down, he pushed the mower to it's usual spot underneath the old house's overhang in the back. He turned, thought about it, and quickly turned back the mower unscrewing the gas cap....