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The Alien Concept - Chapter One

"Walking among you, out of sight and in the open..."

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“Are you sure of the transmissions’ origin?”

Andreat and I paused when Elder Kael’s voice drifted out from the control room, the concerned, troubled catch causing us to glance at each other.

“Yes, Hyash-Ran*, the co-ordinates are very clear. It came from Carzan.”

Carzan. The Cyrian’s home galaxy. Andreat’s mind, always open to me, shared her shock and fear with my own.

“Then they are on their way here, if not here already.”

“That was my conclusion also, eru*. It appears that they have stopped their in-fighting and are once again reaching out where they are not wanted.”

Andreat and I situated ourselves in an empty observation room near the control room, keeping our link focused on the conversation at hand.

“If they had wanted to simply wipe out life on the planet again, they would only need to stay in space and fire their main weapon at the planet’s surface. They cannot know about our survival, our shielding is too strong. So, why are they coming all the way here?”

“That I can’t answer.”

“Elder Kael!” The new voice took us by surprise, then we relaxed when we realised who it was.

“What is it, Captain?”

“The search you had me run for Cyrien bio-signature came up with several hits. They are already here, on Earth.”

There was a heavy silence, but we could hear the whirling and somewhat disturbed thoughts of all three men in the room.

Anahkra, Andreat.” When Elder Kael addressed us directly, we exchanged a guilty smile. Caught.

“I know you are listening in on this conversation. It is impossible to believe that you would not be, due to your ‘gifts’. Please come to the control room.”

We entered the room, giving Elder Kael and the two others guilty, contrite smiles.

Thramina*, Anahkra, Andreat” said Captain Tahlk Gaol, responding to our smiles with an amused one of his own.

Eck thramina nad ache yd*, Captain Gaol” we replied.

“I trust that you will keep what you have heard, and what you will hear to yourselves?” Elder Kael stared each of us down until we both lowered our heads.

Ina, eru*.”

“Good. There is no need to cause panic in the general population yet. We know that they have not come for us, but what we don’t know is why they have not simply exterminated the humans from space.”

“What could they possibly be waiting for?” Andreat asked.

The technician looked from face to blank face, until finally he spoke up.

“If I may, Hyash-Ran, I have a theory about that.” Elder Kael cast his eyes towards the suddenly nervous officer, before nodding. The man relaxed visibly and headed towards an inactive consol, pressing several keys to activate it. With a brief white flicker it came to life, and an image of the planet appeared in a hologram above the consol-board. Minute columns of data streamed down beside the image.

“I’ve been researching the materials and elements of this planet for several years now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Earth’s resources, Nitrogen, Carbon and Oxygen to name a few, are a valuable commodity in this part of the universe. According to our database, the only other known source of such self-replenishing assets such as these was on Auron.”

“The Kekishna(homeland-in context homeworld)?” demanded Captain Gaol, while Elder Kael’s eyes gained a shadowed look. Andreat gave me a shocked look that mirrored my own perfectly.

“So, that’s why they’re here.” All of us turned in surprise to Elder Kael, who then surprised us even more by suddenly standing.

“Andreat, Anahkra.”

Ina?” we asked in unison.

“How do you feel about spending some time in the human world?”

Our mouth’s dropped simultaneously, while Captain Gaol and the technician made immediate objections, which Elder Kael silenced with a wave of his hand, his gaze on us, waiting for an answer.

“Are you kidding…?!” said Andreat, dumbfounded.

“…we would love it!” I finished, still staring at him with an open mouth. “But, what for? And why us?”

“I’ll let you know just as soon as I’ve assembled the rest of the team. And I choose you, because you have a set of one-of-a-kind abilities that set you apart from the rest of us; one, individually, you can sense when someone is lying, and together, you can read the thoughts of others, and know when those who would hurt you are near. You are ideally suited for this task.”

“What task, eru?”

Andreat and I, on the other hand, felt our thrill at being let outside of the city drain as we felt his thoughts pass through us, and we finally realised what he had in mind.

“You can’t be serious?!” We yelled out, to the utter confusion of Captain Gaol, and the officer.

And thus begins our story.

Hyash-Ran - High One –Elder
eru - sir
"Thramina.." - "Greetings.."
"Eck thramina nad ache yd.." - "And greetings to you too.."
"Ina, eru" - "Yes, sir.”
"..Kekishna." - "..Homeland?" (in context-homeworld)

Author's Note: Hi there! To all reading my stories, posting for me has become simply too hard right now, what with three assignments due within the next few days, as well as exams coming up. So until next month, posting will likely cease. However, I will try to squeeze a couple out.
And I'm sorry that this part is so short. I am enjoying writing about aliens :) so much fun. I promise that the next one will be longer.

Written by DarlingDevilGirl
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