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Hunters: Chapter Five

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'It is the end, but the moment has been prepared for...'


Chapter Five: The Hunt is over

By Nathan Mullins

"Why did they not eat us, or at any rate, prevent us from escaping?" Whisper asked, wanting a proper explanation.

"Because I'm the only key to them ever finding the will to cooperate with me in thinking I'd give them access to Space Time," Shimmer told her, sounding most pleased with the outcome of them being spared.

"So you lied then?" Whisper whispered, not as loudly as the Hunters weren't far behind. 

"I don't know what you mean?"

Shimmer grinned, unable to contain his excitement.

"You do, and I know it. You forget Shimmer, I can read your mind, tell what you're thinking."

Shimmer led her to a patch of grass somewhere safe and sound.

"We can escape here, and we can return to our own time and place, only I haven't the power to reboot our dimension. When I saved us the first time, I used up all the available power I had, and what with my adoptive mother having fallen victim to the Hunters, my emotions took all the power I had from me."

"I think I might know just how to achieve our return," and Whisper loomed in on Shimmer, kissing his puckered lips. He hadn't expected this, and he embraced it.

They kissed for a while, and as Whisper pulled away from her boyfriend, she saw him literally light up. He shone so brightly, rays of light coming free from his body, and suddenly, Shimmer picked himself up, dragging Whisper up with him, and together, they held hands. All about them, lights and ripples were stabbing Real Time, desperately making contact with both Space Time and the real world.

"I've done it!" cheered Whisper.

"You have," Shimmer agreed.

They were laughing, both smiling, both so very happy.

Far back, the Hunters knew something wasn't right. If it wasn't the sudden change in the weather, as before the arrival of Space Time, it had been sunny and bright, and now it looked dark and moody, it was the chill on the wind.

"The Key... has been activated, and we... have been lied to!" Hunger raged, as he and his brother's turned and ran to where they felt the sudden shudder of the ground and the unearthly feel of reality changing shape near to where Whisper and Shimmer were leaving.

When they arrived, they looked upon Shimmer and scowled. Hunger stepped forward, unable to prevent them from leaving now. Their enemies were in the centre of a time vortex, twisting and swirling.

"You will pay," Hunger yelled, at the very top of his voice, as the chaos surrounding him was all too frantic for him to latch on to any individual pitch that was his usual tone of voice.

Shimmer and Whisper were now unable to shout back as they were now at the centre of Space Time and Real Time. Anything outside both realms would shatter the two entirely.

"We cannot touch them now they are free, but they have trapped us here forever more!"

Hunger looked upon his brother, who now frowned upon him. How had Hunger been so easily beaten into retreat, how had he set their enemies free, only to wish they had not when all but a simple lie had threatened their present space altogether.

Then, the vortex closed, and Shimmer and Whisper vanished into a blue and purple haze that was a galaxy that resembled the Space Time both Shimmer and Whisper liked and wished never to run away from, ever again.

That was the reason for their arrival on Earth in the first place. They had fled their home world in an attempt to escape the evil that had invaded there. But then they had not expected to find evil on Earth and their contact with the Hunters was something that threatened their very existence.

So now they were home, but the Hunters had threatened to one day get even with them, and Shimmer and Whisper didn’t imagine they wouldn’t. But they were safe for the time being, and that was all that mattered.

Besides, Shimmer had always maintained it was his duty to protect Whisper, especially as he had now asked her to marry him.

“Yes, I accept,” was her answer. “But promise me this Shimmer; we steer clear of inviting the Hunters to the party afterwards.”

Shimmer smirked, and then smiled, and then locked lips with his wife to be.

To be continued in… 'The Key to a Successful Wedding'

Coming Soon: Rejection

Rejection tells the story of a guy who falls in love with a girl, who only sees him as a friend, but regrets to tell him she has a boyfriend, who she still very much loves despite him being the hurtful person he is. The ‘guy’ – Adam, expresses all the emotions he has for her, but still the girl – Emily, turns him down, and Adam later decides she isn’t worth it, but still he has affection for her.

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