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There are the Rare Kind, and then there are the Hunters, and they both live among humans...

Hunters: By Nathan Mullins

There was something coming. The girl could not describe what it was, for there was nothing to see, nothing solid painting a single picture able to convey just what was being spoken of by the boy, of whom was now screaming, screeching.

His mum was standing beside him now, her hands on his shoulders, in an attempt to comfort him. This neither worked, nor had any effect on either him or her.

"What is it!" she yelled, ever so loudly, almost matching the screams from her child before her. Then, somehow, and without much intervention from her son, who had claimed his sight was far superior to that of anyone else, turned and watched his mother choke to death. He saw the pain wrestle with her mentally, let alone physically.

The Girl, Whisper, tugged at the boy's sleeve, but he was rigid to the spot, saddened by the death of a loved one. The girl either had no clue, or chose to hide her emotions, but despite her actions, she remained true to her beliefs, her 'way about the city', and the choices she made and stood by, always.

The Boy, Shimmer, knew if he had of said something, he may well have prevented his mother's death, but what was done could not be reversed. He turned to Whisper, but said nothing. A smile appeared on his face, and his eyes shone brightly in the dark. Whisper held her hand out for him to take, and he did. She led him back into the block of flats across the playground from where his mother lie.

It was dark, and 'that something' had fled, but as Whisper read time, she knew well what the future held in store for her, no fear of a future she had no clue of knowing.

Shimmer was 16, from a world he had no understanding of, in a future that gave him powers unspoken of on Earth. He had grown up in a tower block, and his mother, now deceased, was his adoptive mother, who had been drawn to him via some telepathic link, courtesy of Whisper, who was just 19, on the swings in the playground, at the time of Shimmer's arrival. Yes, she was older than Shimmer, but sometimes, she often felt like he was more a father to her than she gave him credit.

Together, they made up an odd pair, who very often hid in fear of those very keen on getting their hands on them, or sometimes, on occasion, it would result in the other way around. Yes, there were possibilities, that since their being on planet Earth, they had been noticed, and of course, the humans, or the rare kind, who were nick named the Hunters, for their inhuman instincts, and animal ways, always came in search for them from afar.

So the flats in which they returned to, never mind just who came looking, was where they hung out, and if anyone did turn up, out of the blue, they'd be eaten alive, or worse.

The Year: 2010
The Month: August

But what was different in terms of those everyday months, men, women, and children survived, in and among were those of the human race who didn't belong in any one time zone, which was why many of them knew little of how to survive. It was the reason for hundreds of them living out on the streets, through day and night, with little hope of returning to space time.

Space time was a dimension anew to that of real time which was the 'so called' reality that gave humans the right to walk, and talk, and breath and swim, and dance, and make love, and do all the things they ever wanted. Space time was only for the Rare Kind, and there were few coping.

It was only a matter of time when it came for Shimmer and Whisper to have to say goodbye, and not by any preferred choice.

To be continued...

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