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Hybrid Theory part 5-1

"There is always two parts to every story"
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Fade's P.O.V.

As the my brother and Alexis stood there I could not help but miss William. I knew that I was not supposed to be thinking about him, but he was to me as Alexis was to Jaden. Seeing as she was forbidden to think about him, it's a good thing that being mostly an elemental gave her the ability to hide her thoughts from the pack.

As if hearing my thoughts, my brother looked up from where he and Alexis sat. He had a way of knowing when I was feeling distressed or in danger, maybe it was one of those twin moments. But he got up and walked to me, whimpering as bent down and hugged him.

"Don't worry Bro, I'm okay," I said as I got up and picked up his book bag. Looking at the rest of our pack I realized he had to get home, or our parents would start worrying. With a smile I took off in the direction of home, knowing that everyone would follow.

Hoping Mom heard us coming, I cleared the forest and faced for the back door. I flew through the door just as it opened and continued running until I was upstairs in my room. Seconds after I fell onto my bed Amber came flying into my room followed by Jade then Erica, Alexis last. When Alexis finally sat down with the rest of us, I couldn't help but think about how she was still with us/

"Alex, I don't want to sound mean, but why are you still with us? I mean, even though you know that were werewolves, you still hang out with us." Everyone sat up at that moment, holding their breathe as they waited for her response.

"Well seeing as I know that you're my friends, I don't care that you're considered paranormal. All I see are my friends who have abilities and that make them who they are," she replied after a second, looking us each in the eye as she spoke.

I couldn't help but smile as I heard my best friend's response. I knew I could trust her since the day I first met her when I was four, but that's a different story for another time. I gave her quick hug and started pulling the little homework I had to do out of my bag.

"I know homework is important but I didn't think it was more important than family," someone said. Looking up I saw my cousin and gym teacher Micah. All I could do was smile as she came into the room, and got hugs from everyone else. Seeing as I couldn't get within two feet of my cousin without both of us being in pain, all I could do was smile. We don't know why, maybe a clash of power, but every time we got within two feet we would be in pain.

A few hours later we were all still talking and having fun when Jaden knocked on my door. 

"Sis, can I see you for a second?"  You have a guest.

Knowing it could only be one person I quickly excused myself and ran out the door. Running past my brother, who waited in the hallway, I heard him say the hidden clearing before I flew down the steps and out the front door. Running at full speed I quickly entered the trees across the street and cleared the distance to meet my guest. The one person I was forbidden to see, the only person besides my brother to know my pain, the keeper of my heart: William.

I spotted him seconds before I entered the clearing noticing his curly blonde hair has gotten longer, how he seemed leaner. I rushed into his arms, pushing the vampire human hybrid back a few steps before he caught his balance. I looked up into his eyes realizing how much I have missed him these last few months. As the relief of seeing him again set in I could not help but cry at the joy of having him back, even if it was only temporary. 

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