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This is the true story of vampires in the world today. You probably have heard all the stories about the centuries old vampires, who live forever once they have been bitten by another vampire. And they cannot be killed, except by a stake through the heart...

8 years ago

A Helping Hand

A favorite of mine.

A troubled teen walks the street in fearPainstaking screamsthat only she can hear. Strung out on drugsfearing death no moreWishing to rememberthe life she had before. A big, strong handreaches down from aboveEmbracing her tortured souloffering, his never-...

Today's news ...... Hands in pockets Head down Moves through crowded halls  Hey did you hear what happened His dress of like those around him Blends in but is ignored  Yeah wonder why he did that  Side glances of nose up Turn their back Crude smart cracks...

9 years ago

The Drive-In

What we did as kids!

The Drive In By Tony Radford Some friends and I were driving by when we passed the old marquee and it spelled outright that the show that night was a flick we’d planned to see. It was ’69 and the storyline – starring Fonda, Jack and Hopper, was a tale of...

10 years ago


14-year-old Alexandra Earhart wakes to find a ninja assassin in her bedroom.

Chapter One: Ninjas and Knives Most teenage girls would scream if they woke up to find a ninja assassin in their bedroom. Alexandra just grinned. Finally, someone thought she was important enough to kill. Judging by the ninja’s heavy tread, he had more mu...