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Twins Stories


The League of the Young and Supernatural (3)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 3 *Jinx* “Zeta, you can’t just waltz into someone’s house unannounced,” I argued, my eyebrows aching from furrowing over my eyelids for so long. “It’s not like they’ll know we’re there! We do this in public buildings! What makes this any different?” Z...


Light filtered through the musky window. Cobwebs crowded the corners and between objects against the wall. A smooth untouched layer of dust blanketed the whole space. Shattered and broken, the window would never close completely letting in creatures like...

Calving Time

Ed called, said we have probably twins coming!

The picture above is a few years old, but they are twins! We weren't supposed to start calving until January 8th, 2013, but as usual on the farm you never can tell; if there are twins involved then they are often early arrivals. It was around 1:00 pm when...

Since the dawn of timeBefore poets learned to rhymeThey have remained together yet apartFighting for supremacy in every being’s heart.One is dark like the night,Whose first instinct is to fightThe other is bright like the starsWhose light shines from afar...

All or nothing

As a true gemini I am always shifting between the opposite poles.

Gemini the two twins,one is good the other sins.Each one knowing the other's thoughts.Will all this effort be for nought ?Happy, sad, good or bad,it's probably me going mad.Up or down, black or white,another day into night.Getting the job or getting the s...

Hybrid Theory part 3

Out of the skillet and into the fire

Waking up I knew I was not ready to face the day ahead of me. Especially after that impromptu pack meeting last night. I got up and loped to the door, nudging it open with my nose. Taking a quick look around the hallway I tried to sneak to the kitchen, tr...

Hybrid Theory part 1

It takes one moment to change a life

Even as a kid I knew my sister and I were different.We could move faster than other kids, were stronger than most adults, our vision and hearing was sharper than a regular person's. Our parents even told us we were different, and that we must hide our dif...

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The horrors and rewards of child minding.

If I do fail my exams I could get a job in a nursery looking after little kids, I'd like that and it's one of the few things I'm good at. My neighborhood child minding services are in demand, and now I'm receiving requests from mothers I haven't even met....


Two brothers fall for the same girl and their tussle for her echoes down the centuries.

The brothers had walked many miles, most of them in silence. But for a circling cawing crow, the sky was clear, the air crisp and clean. Green, rolling hills latticed by dry-stonewalls had suddenly turned to a wilderness of golden bracken, bilberry and pu...