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Teen Vampires Are The Truth

This is the true story of vampires in the world today. You probably have heard all the stories about the centuries old vampires, who live forever once they have been bitten by another vampire. And they cannot be killed, except by a stake through the heart, or maybe cutting their heads off and keeping them separate.

This story began many years ago when Vlad the Impaler was ruling over Hungary and fighting off the Turks. The stories all told of how he would impale his victims through the the front hole or the back hole up into their bodies on stakes. They would die, either immediately as was usual, or an agonizing death lasting for hours. Some said he would save and drink their blood. Some said it made him stronger and that he would live forever.

His descendants were all supposed to be vampires, living virtually forever, and drinking the blood of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths when they were hungering for the drink of life. These are all stories, believed by many, and emulated, in many cases, by wannabes. It was all fascinating, and all not true.

Oh, there have always been vampires. That much is true. And they are here today. They fill our high schools. They are, in fact, all the teenagers who have gone through puberty and have matured enough to have come into their own as true vampires. The truth is that every teenager becomes a vampire at some point and then loses the power and becomes one of the mundane, everyday folk when the vampirism passes away, as it always does.

What is so unfortunate is that none of these teen vamps ever remember, or at least, only a few. These are the ones who carry on the traditions. They try to pass down the vampire lore, such as it is, and keep alive the stories and legends that so many lose as they age out of the true calling.

This is the story of some teen vampires at a high school near you. We are concerned with four of them. Two girls and two boys. The girls were Priscilla and Deborah. The boys were Laurie and Franklin.

It would be an understatement to say that Priscilla was pretty. With her long, raven hair she was what one might typically assume a vampire to look like. And her body was beautiful, as one would expect of a vampire. Her skin was the color of cream. Her breasts were proud, standing high on her chest and pointing to the sky. Her hips were broad, womanly. Her legs were long and white, with the tone and musculature of a born dancer, a ballerina, and sported long, graceful feet.

Neither could you fault Deborah. She was the typical red head, also with skin of cream, but freckled and teasing in aspect. She had a short nose that often was in the air, and her hair was curled naturally all over her head, and cascading down her back. Her breasts were soft and rounded, like two peaches. She had the coveted hourglass figure that men adored. She too had broad hips. She, however was small like a pixie. Her legs were short, but they could still have danced as well as Priscilla. Her dance was the Irish step dance, and her feet were tiny.

Laurie was a typical teen. He was average in height, about 5 feet 10 inches. His hair was pale, almost white and he wore it long, so he could toss it back out of his eyes, an affectation of his. His body was pale but well muscled. He was not into sports. He preferred to keep himself fit by working out with weights and running every day. He was quite handsome.

It was Franklin's burden to be the shortest in his class. He was only about 5 feet 4 inches. As was typical, this made him feisty and little over-bearing. But he was a good friend to have. He sported short, brown hair. His body was small but it was wiry, as they say, and he could hold his own in the many battles he fought as he aged. There was not a speck of fat on his body.

These four would come together in their junior year of high school. They were all 17 years old, they had each passed through puberty, and were starting to display the common traits of the teen vampire. They began staying up late, meaning they were always tired in class the next day. But as was common for teen vampires, they seldom, if ever, remembered staying up. They all thought they were getting to bed at a normal time.

The vampire traits of their character were exerting control of their lives. They were unaware. But the typical aspect of vampirism was the blood lust. The urge, the need to consume blood. As you shall see, there are many and varied ways to get the blood needed to sate one's vampire urges.

When these four began their junior year something impelled them to each other. All four became best friends and spent all their spare time together. They spent time together they were not even aware of. When they were in the aspect of vampirism late at night they would share themselves and become vampire lovers. Much would be forgotten the next day. But their sense of being a group never died. They were meant to share their blood.

One Monday night in October, shortly before Halloween, the four friends gathered in Franklin's old Volvo and went out to eat. Vampires do eat. It would be awfully conspicuous if they didn't. Their parents and all their teachers would be unable not to notice. But they ate sparingly. Just a few fast food items to fill up before really filling up. Then they all four went back to Franklin's house. His parents were the type who always thought, out of sight, out of mind. They didn't want to know what was going on under their roof.

Franklin had a large room. His family had money. He had a large bed and two easy chairs. He plopped down in one chair and motioned Deborah over. She came willingly. She adored her little feisty man. As they began to make out Priscilla and Laurie laid themselves down on the bed and also began to make out. This was how the evening often started, before the vampire part of their characters started appearing.

It got later and later. Soon it was midnight, and the teens began to change.

Franklin became rougher and rougher with Deborah. He started to choke her and lick her throat. Tonight he was lucky. He leaned into her, bit her neck, and she moaned. He began sucking on the blood coming out of her. He drank as much as he needed and then began to make out with the red head again.

On the bed, as the hour changed, Priscilla had ripped Laurie's shirt open. Then she knelt above him and her canine teeth extended as she made two holes in his neck. She sucked his dripping blood, then began to rub his throat with her hand and licked all over his neck, making sure no blood was lost, and keeping him awake for the heavy sucking to come.

Laurie could not hold off any longer and it was now time for Priscilla to get her sucking of the night. She rolled over, off of Laurie, and he rolled over. Spreading her raven hair away from her white neck he made his two canine teeth holes and proceeded to drink his fill.

Meanwhile, Deborah, having been well sucked and licked clean, proceeded to make love to Franklin's strong throat. After draining a goodly supply of blood she began sucking with more gusto and freely. Now she was about to make him too tired to stay up much longer. And each was forgetting a lot of what they were before the change.

Franklin and Laurie, as is often the case, were weaker than the females. They both collapsed on the bed. But the two girls raised themselves up from the chairs, looked into each others dark, shining eyes, and began to nuzzle each other on the neck. Soon, each girl was extracting some blood from the other, a mutual sharing of vampire love and life spirit.

The evening was over. They all got dressed. Franklin drove everyone home, returned himself, and they all went to sleep. They awakened the next morning as usual, tired and wondering why. They had forgotten all the vampirism they had experienced during the night.

They went off to school. Of course, the sun did not burn them. That is an old wive's tale. But there are vampires. Too bad they virtually always forget when they leave high school and head off to college. If you don't believe it, just look at the teens around you. Do they look normal to you?
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