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The Strange White Man 55

As Carpenter sat in his trance revisiting his past, Brother Sebastian was still working on the strange formula that was among Dr. Vincent's notes. Being able to move around in the daylight aided him in his research. He went to the telegraph office and sent a message to the university for some additional reference books from their massive library.

The formula was written in Sanskrit as he suspected believed, but some of the words made no sense. He looked at the calendar hanging on the wall of the rail car and noticed that there were only a few weeks left before Carpenter and Holly's wedding.

Back in the year 1700 the lady Elise visited her King accompanied by her betrothed. In the custom of the day, he asked for her hand in marrage and was granted permission to marry her. The wedding would occure in a month's time and be held in the chapel.

The wedding feast woud be held in the great hall as they had been since the kingdom started. As she was of royal blood, the King would pay any and all expenses. The King ordered his chef to his side and gave the command to start planning the menu. The Queen summonded her ladies-in- waiting and ordered them to work with the staff for all the other.

"It has been too long since music and laughter filled this castle," he mused.

The couple returned to London and began to send out the wedding invitations. It was sure to be the social event of the season. The bride informed her husband to be that she woud depart a week earlier to ensure that all was in readiness. That was only the partial truth, she had to transport former Prince there under the cover of darkness.

During the day as she drove the carrage she would check the notes of caves and abandoned structures on a map that he had drawn during their first trip. She added anything new that might serve him as a hiding place. At nightfall she would show the enteries to the Prince before she went to sleep.

It was close to midnight when she reached the castle and was admitted in. Her passenger had slipped out unseen and headed to the entrance door to the hidden lair of the wizard. The interior was as he left it with the books and artifacts still secure in their wrappings.

He then visited the King and Queen and they were overjoyed to see him.

A week later the groom and his party arrived and a lavish wedding was held a few days later. Hidden in the shadows Carpenter watched the proceedings with mixed emotions. He was happy that she had found love and sad that he had lost a friend and confidant.

The newlyweds returned to London the following day. Carpenter chose to remain behind and spend some time studying from the massive library the old wizard had collected...

Meanwhile back in the present Brother Sebastian was visiting the shop of a noted chemist. He had moved West for health reasons and set up shop here. The old man was impressed with the Monk' knowledge of chemistry and allowed him to peruse the shelves containing the glass containers of chemicals.

"What are you looking for?" the old man asked.

The Monk saw no harm in showing him his translation of the word that was giving him. So much trouble though, he doubted that the chemist could be of any assistance to him. The old man donned his spectales and scanned the page. He then smiled at the Monk.

"There's your problem. Whoever wrote this out used a slang term for this," he responded and pulled a tall container off the shelf filled with a red powder.

"I have never heard of that term," the Monk responded.

"Unless you spent the last thirty years studying chemistry you wouldn't, its a term not used anymore.

The Monk paid him for a generous portion and something extra for his time and then headed back to the rail car.

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