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The Galactic Federation

Being civilized isn’t all it seems to be.

Welcome, citizen of Earth. It is hoped that you enjoy your sojourn to the stars but there are several important points to Galactic Culture that you must learn before you leave Earth space for more exotic climes.  Now, as you know that for the Earth to joi...

January 16, 1989, Tomatlán, Mexico. I was sitting on the left side of a second-class bus two rows behind the driver. No one bothered to get off for the ten-minute stop in Tomatlán. The driver’s assistant stood at the front of the bus ready to collect tick...

The Wait

Rolex don't lie.

Birds singingsun up nice brightyou waitonce again as beforewill it be by trainonce you didor shall you flyallow your heartto speak for youyou must decideslow or faststeal a glanceRolex don't liedrink your coffeetoday go slow7:15 to the citybirds singingsu...

Vince left Florida on the first available flight for his home in Dallas, Texas. His first stop was his house to recover his pickup truck and then to the large storage facility where he stored all his equipment. He then began the arduous task of checking a...

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It moves North and South Smooth at times Rough at others Beautiful landscapes On each side Trees from time to time The river and roads Are similar you see Both take me places I want to be

Highway 10: The Girl on the Road

Monica is about to find out the terrifying reason why a little girl is all alone on the road.

It was about a year ago when I first met her. She was a strange girl wandering by herself on Highway 10 in Arizona. I was traveling back home to San Antonio from a trip I took to California. While I was cruising across the asphalt I could see the open des...

As Holly and Carpenter enjoyed their stay in the territorial capital unaware of the events happening in their hometown. A man named Stiles had ridden in a wagon pulled by a team. The amount of luggage and boxes he carried gave the impression that he was g...

A pound, and Paula found our boy,The one that barked so loud at us. We could not leave him there, so thus,He came to live with us, in joy. He was a terrier of sorts,A mixture of some varied breeds,And in our home we filled his needsWith kibble, toys, and...