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Wedding Stories


Plus One

A wedding reception turns into a day of revelations

I came out of my bedroom to find my housemate Charlotte gazing at herself in a full-length mirror. She looked quite pretty dressed up in a long blue dress for her sister Sara’s wedding. Her brown hair was trimmed and styled better than I had ever seen it...


Kiss the Bride

This was, after all, the night

Randall was propped against the Formica and vinyl-clad wet bar at the Alverton Volunteer Fire Department Social Hall. At the opposite side of the space, next to a long table of cookies, the polka band had launched into a zesty rendition of the Chicken Dan...


Picture Perfect

A picture tells a thousand words, but can hide the darkest truths.

A picture perfect moment and such a lovely gown of pure white, glamorously gliding over the floor as she spun around. Twirling into strong arms, surrounded by a sea of faces, all of which smiled. Genuine happy faces that looked on, joyful expressions that...


The sun was setting, with orange-gold hues reflecting off the bay, a romantic backdrop of scenery, clearly seen through the glass wall that spanned the back of the house. The glow illuminated the spacious room with a high-rise ceiling where light blue she...

The end of October was only a few days away and that meant so was the wedding of Carpenter and Holly. In Sinking Wells, the blacksmith known as Styles had just finished securing the packs on his mule."Kinda sorry to see ya go," the owner said."I have fami...

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With Holly back home Brother Sebastian returned with his trunks of research materials to the rail car as there was still the puzzle of the formula he had decipher. Carpenter returned to visiting him every night where his mind was sent racing backwards in...

Holly spent about a week in the territorial capital choosing a wedding gown. She would awaken shortly after sunset and make the short walk to Mrs. Parsons bridal shop to view her photographs and to see and feel the fabrics. Mrs.Parsons was always a little...

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 06

Alicia confronts her father and sets forth to make her own way in the world at Thakkor's side.

Reader discretion advised. The story you are about to read contains mature content that some may find offensive. By choosing to read this piece, you agree that you are 18 or older and do not object to content of a sexual nature.Alicia rode at Thakkor’s si...

Wedding DJ 2

More wedding DJ stories

Wedding DJ's get a lot of strange requests. At one reception I returned an hour after setting up to find a small TV set up behind my equipment. I cannot recall the year, but the Cleveland Indians were in the playoffs and the Bride and her Dad were BIG fan...

Wedding DJ

Memories of a wedding DJ

Yes, I was a wedding DJ. I started in biz when DJ's were still considered a novelty. Here are examples of what I experienced. Wedding receptions fall into four categories: Great, Good, Bad and The Worst. The GREAT ones are comprised of about 15% of the re...

Jennifer sat up in bed and greeted the morning with a smile. She glanced at the calendar, filled with pink X’s, on the wall next to the bed. She felt a special glow inside that made her tingle from head to toe, and today nothing would extinguish it. She t...