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The Strange White Man 56

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Brother Sebastian headed to the rail car as fast as he dared to without giving the impression that he was running. Once inside he dug out all the chemicals that were mentioned in the ancient text along with a mortar and pestle.

He set out glass containers, copper pans and alcohol lamps. He then began to blend the chemicals according to the measures provided — that was the easiest part to decipher. This formula was among the notes and papers Carpenter had given to him. It was a formula for some concoction whose purpose was unknown.

The use of a slang term for the missing ingredient told him that it was not a very old formula, less that eighty years. He had his suspicions of its purpose as the words for blood, sated, distance were clear. While he was not a chemist, the Monk had amassed a fair about of knowledge on the subject in all the time we walked the Earth.

Finally about a day layer when he awoke and discovered that the concoction was ready. It had a pleasant smell and color to it. He would wait until sunset before he tried it.

Carpenter saw that he had remained in the castle for quite some time before he returned to London and reacquainted himself at the numerous gentlemen's clubs. As he was alone he spent a great deal of time at these establishments listening to the stories of those that had recently returned from trips .He soon got the itch to travel and made the preparations necessary for such an undertaking.

He located an attorney and paid him an exorbitant amount of money to ensure that his house, stables and staff would be well taken care of no matter how long he was away. He had some small iron boxed made and filled them with gold, silver and precious gems.

They were then deposited in long forgotten and neglected mausoleums in some of the old graveyards he passed. There they would stay remain there undetected.

He kept notes on where these caches were. He resided in Germany, France and Italy. It would be thirty years before he returned to his family castle. The King and Queen had long since passed away and their Son had assumed the throne.

The new King who was now a young man remembered meeting Carpenter when he was a child, he couldn't believe how well the years had treated him.

"You look almost the same," the young King stated.

"Your majesty is too kind. I have aged quite a bit since last you saw me," Carpenter responded.

The new King informed Carpenter that he had been sworn to honor the document that was presented to him by his father as were his heirs. Carpenter placed a bag of gems in the Kings hand and thanked him for keeping to his vow.

Carpenter was asked what he could do for him.He requested that a new document be penned bearing his name on it as he was now the ruler. The King clapped his hands and ordered the royal scribe to perform this task at once.

"Now you can do me a service," the King stated.

"Simply name it," Carpenter responded.

"There are rumors that deep in the ground under this castle lay a hidden chamber that was once occupied by a wizard. It is filled with wonders and riches from the time of our Grandfathers."

"I too have heard this, but it was before my time," Carpenter responded.

Carpenter declined the invite to dinner as he had urgent business to attend to in London.The new King handed him the fresh document he had requested and wished him God speed as Carpenter rode away.

After hiding his mount her returned on foot and made a quick visit was made to the secret lair. He restocked his supply of gold and gems and then resumed his travel.

He returned to London and his residence. Many of the original staff were gone and new people had been hired. The oldest retainers that still remained informed him that the lady Elise and her husband had retired to the country and their children had just graduated from the university.

Carpenter woke himself from his memories. He decided that he had seen enough, these events were in his past and he now had a new future ahead with Holly. He filled his bags with gold nuggets and then exited the cave.

Meanwhile back in the rail car Brother Sebastian felt the need for blood. Instead of dipping into the stash of cows blood that Carpenter provided he decided to experiment. He grabbed the vial of the newly made concoction and drank the entire contents in one deep pull.

The was a slight tingling sensation as he swallowed the contents and it made him dizzy for moment so he took seat. The minutes ticked by and shortly he felt like his old self again with one major difference.

His need for blood had vanished.

Written by The_Count
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