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The Strange White man Part 5

"Angry Horses tale."

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It took Angry Horse almost two days and nights to recover from his ordeal, even with the concoction Red Owl had brewed to assist with his healing. On the Morning of the third day he felt strong enough to rise and walk and he immediately headed to Chief Puma's tent.

"It is good to see you up," the Chief intoned as he motioned for his brave to sit.

"It is good to be up."

Angry Horse then told his Chief his tale of how the two arrows he let fly found their mark, but failed to kill the white man. He admitted his shock when the man stood up with the arrows still in him and pulled them out.

He told about thrusting his knife into the white man several times and how it had no effect. He continued his tale of attempting to overcome this enemy with his fists and how he failed. How all attempts failed.

He remembered feeling the sharp pain in his neck and then he felt nothing. When he awoke a few hours later he was in a strange place. There was an opening that allowed the Sun in but no sounds or wind.

He then discovered that he was bound hand and foot with ample food and water in easy reach.

It was only after the Sun had disappeared from the sky that that the white man appeared before him again. He picked up and thrown over his shoulder as though he weighed nothing. With mystery in his voice he said that the man ran with the speed of a deer and his footfalls made no sound.

"Why did you disobey my order to leave the white man alone?" the Chief asked.

"Because I believed that he was violating our burial grounds."

"You saw him coming out of the cave?"

"As I had said."

"But he did not bother the bones?"


"And the spirits did nothing to warn him away?"


"There is a mystery here that even I do not understand, tell no one else this tale."

Chief Puma then sought out Red Owl and found him in the great lodge where the medicine man was chanting and calling on the great spirit for advice. Chief Puma took a seat and waited for him to finish before he spoke to him.

"My friend, I believe you did not reveal all that the bones told you," the Chief stated.

"The bones warned me not to bother this white man."

"What did they say?"

"Dead man."

The Chief and his Medicine Man sat and pondered this.

Night had fallen and Mr Elwood, the assayer was leaving his office for the night when the man appeared out of nowhere.

"Tarnation man, you tryin' to give me heart failure?"

"I have some gold I need to cash in."

"I'm closed for the night, come back tomorrow Morning."

"I will make it well worth your time if you do this now."

He then placed two twenty dollars gold pieces in the man's hands.

Mr Elwood re-opened the shop and went to testing a small piece that he broke off a large nugget.

"This is some high grade ore, the best I have seen in a long time."

He weighed all the nuggets and and converted it into folding money and paid the man with a large stack of bills..

"That about wipes out my folding money, gonna have to go to the territory bank and get some more."

"The territory bank has more money?"

"A lot more."

"How far is it?"

"Bout a two day's ride, you expect to bring in more gold?


"May I ask where you got this?"

"No, you may not."

The man thanked him and left his business and Mr Elwood closed up again for the second time before he headed to the Silver Fox for his dinner. He told the Sheriff about what had just happened and the Sheriff advised him to ignore it.

At the end of the bar the Carlson brothers overheard Elwood's story and it peaked their interest.

"Ya know, Slim, I think we are gonna have to pay this man a neighborly visit."

"Kyle my brother, you took the words right outta my mouth."

Written by The_Count
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