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Be joyful, for I am with you.

They must be singing, songs of glory their sister has come home, I am assured the angels welcomed you home Streets of gold, beneath your once weary feet voice raised in infinite songs of praise I have no doubt; you are dancing Your sweet smiling face,look...

I Believe In

I believe in

I believe in night I believe in day I believe that one day with Henry I will have my wicked way. I believe in sight I believe in sound I believe at the end of a rainbow A pot of gold can be found. I believe in light I believe in dark I believe if you swim...

It took Angry Horse almost two days and nights to recover from his ordeal, even with the concoction Red Owl had brewed to assist with his healing. On the Morning of the third day he felt strong enough to rise and walk and he immediately headed to Chief Pu...

Gold Rush Fever Conclusion

Glimpse of the Old West

They sat around the table pondering the the future. Marshal Hagen finished his food, quickly drained his glass and stood. “I'd like to say that this was great meeting you all, but under the circumstances I think I'll postpone that. I better get back to my...

Gold Rush Fever Chapter one

Glimpse of the Old West

Just after dawn the stranger trudged into Harper's Gully leading his horse. They stopped at the watering trough where the horse plunged his muzzle and the man filled his hat which he poured over his head. The water only removed some of the dust from him....

Fever or Curse

Bit of history for ya'll

1849, Gold Rush, Sutter's mill was the start of it all. From around the world, many Argonauts came to call. Heading away to discover the newest gold find.Their families, homes and businesses left behind. They scurried through the gorges and passes. Traili...

Gold Fever

Arriving at the bank with a poke overflowing

Gold fever is it a curse or an addiction One has to learn without any restriction To search and find this illusive bounty One must dig and search every county The trial sometimes leads to wealth But most times is hidden and stealth This fever is not for t...