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Vampire Justice Part 24

"Gwen and Quinn get closer and Raven recruits Gwen's help."
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Published 4 years ago

After an easy ten-minute run, Quinn and Gwen broke out of the forest onto a large grassy plain. One edge had a small stream running through it with some large rock outcroppings, which Quinn climbed. Gwen followed and lay down in front of him. She switched back to her human form, while Quinn surveyed the area looking for predators and other animals. Seeing none, he switched back to human form and sat behind Gwen, drawing her close to him.

Gwen leaned her head against his shoulder and felt his strength. Having Quinn close made her relax and release all the tension in her body. Quinn felt the release and held her a bit tighter. "Now what do you feel is wrong with Connie's plan? It is a risk you have to take reporting it to Raven, but you will only be doing as asked by your pack leader. Raven would be taking the bigger risk reporting it to Molly."

"I know, but with Raven being my pack leader, I feel that she may become implicated. If she is, it could lead back to me and get me punished by the pack. Raven also could be taken into custody for warning Molly and Carlo of the ruse."

Quinn with a soothing voice, "Slade and Connie would not let anything happen to you. I will be there to protect you as well. If there is any trouble, would you mind coming back to the Ukraine with me to live?"

Gwen looked up at Quinn in surprise and smiled, "It is something to consider, but it may be a bit premature. Let's get through this crime investigation first. I like spending time with you, and there is nothing I would love better than to be with you."

Quinn looked around as thrashing sounds of branches breaking filled the air. He looked down at Gwen and motioned for her to sit up and listen. "We better go, I think. Something or someone is coming through the woods. Shift to our wolf form and wait until we see what is here. Then we can run away or stand and fight."

Gwen shifted and sat cautiously watching the woods. Quinn shifted and sat behind Gwen ready to strike. The crashing sounds grew louder as the thing approached. Soon on the edge of the forest where Gwen and Quinn had entered a group of unicorns appeared. Gwen recognized one of them and shifted back to human form. She did not want to frighten the unicorns. Quinn soon changed to human too. As the herd approached the water, Gwen went to greet them. The unicorn she met earlier came over to her and nuzzled her hand.

Gwen whispered softly to the unicorn, "I am glad to see you found your family. We are leaving now so do not panic when we shift to our wolf forms. I will tell Anna we saw you, Bye." The unicorn snorted in acknowledgment.

Gwen and Quinn shifted and ran away swiftly. They ran through the woods toward the area of the car. When they arrived at the car and shifted back, they changed hurriedly. As they drove, Gwen talked to Quinn about Raven and the pack. Quinn decided after hearing about the pack that Gwen needed to get away from the pack. It was in her best interest and mental well-being for her to get away. Quinn mentally vowed to take her away from her life in the pack and move her to his home in the Ukraine.

After Gwen and Quinn had stopped their verbal exchange, she picked up her phone and called Raven.

Raven answered on the second ring, "Raven here, how are you, Gwen? Do you have some news for me?"

"Raven, I have some news for you, but it is only an observation, not fact. There is activity at VJS concerning the investigation of Carlo and Molly. I am not sure what will happen. I just felt I should warn you of something coming."

Raven thanked her, "Keep up the good work. I will wait for your next call."

Gwen hung up, put her phone down and looked at Quinn. Quinn spoke, "That was perfect. You warned Raven. Now it's her call to warn Molly."

Quinn smiled at Gwen. The smile made her feel better, but she felt she had placed a burden on Raven. What Raven did next was out of Gwen's hands. The cloud of betrayal lifted from over Gwen's head, and she felt better.

"Well, love, I need to go assume my role in the deception of Molly and Carlo. We shall get together later at VJS to talk about the day's activity. Will you join us?"

"I guess I will join you at VJS. I need to tell Slade and Connie what I did. I hope they will not be angry with me."

Quinn parked Gwen's car at her apartment parking spot. The couple had kissed goodbye before Quinn rode away on his motorcycle. Gwen felt relieved after he left and went to her apartment to get some rest and prepare for later that night.

Quinn parked his motorcycle outside Molly's tavern. He joined a group of workers entering the place. Carlo waved everyone into the tavern without bothering to check IDs. Inside the tavern buzzed with Irish music, clinking glasses and boisterous, drunken banter. Anna spied Quinn and nodded to an area of the tavern where she served. Quinn wended his way through the tables and found an empty chair at a lusty loud table. The men who sat there welcomed him as a fellow construction worker and poured him a pint.

Anna knew that she could not make any overt contact with Quinn outside of doing her job. She delivered a pitcher to the table and with eye movement pointed out Molly in her VIP section and Diana, the ever aware bartender. Quinn knew Carlo was at the door. Everything seemed normal until a well-dressed businesswoman entered the tavern. Quinn assumed that the new person was Raven as he watched her directly approach Molly. Immediately, Diana joined the women at Molly's table delivering a pint of ale to Raven. A short conversation ensued with Raven taking the lead. In less than five minutes, the mood at the table changed. Diana went back to tending the bar. Molly and Raven continued their conversation.

As Diana slid the pint of ale to Raven, she sat at the table. "What brings you here tonight counselor?" Diana asked. Molly looked at Diana first, then Raven with a questioning smile.

"Well, remember I told you I had a person on the inside of the investigation of Carlo and his case? My informant called earlier and gave me a heads up about the investigation and its progress. It was nothing concrete, but the level of activity in the investigation has increased, and something has or will happen to bring the case to a conclusion."

Diana nodded and looked intently at Raven. "What did your informant say?"

Raven smiled, "My informant alluded that there was an increase in the activity level surrounding the case, but nothing has happened to bring it to an end. It might be nothing, or the VJS planned something to push it forward. I just have to wait and watch. I came here to warn you to be extra vigilant in your dealings and careful if there are things that might cause Carlo or Molly legal trouble."

Molly looked troubled but hid it from Raven. Diana knew of the two victims held on the premises. Her thoughts immediately went to solve getting the victims away from the tavern to the estate. The estate was the safest place to house the victims. When the tavern closed, Diana would warn Molly of the potential danger and the solution to removing it from the tavern.

Diana stood and returned to work at the bar. Raven sat back and sipped her pint. Molly surveyed the tavern looking for anything or anyone out of place. A feeling of pending disaster invaded Molly's mind. There was something not right in the tavern. Molly pushed the feeling out of her mind and made small talk with Raven about the case. Raven told her about the defense strategy in place. All that remained was to have the trial date set. Raven finished her pint and left the tavern.

Anna signaled Quinn that Raven left. Quinn watched Molly from his table and noticed that Molly appeared shaken by the delivered news. Quinn took his cell phone and called Slade at VJS.

Slade answered, "Captain Slade, how may I be of assistance?"

"This is Quinn. Raven delivered the news about a pending raid at the tavern tonight. Molly appears shaken by it. Not sure, what she will do, but I suspect that they will either move or release the captives soon. We better kept a watchful eye on the tavern."

"Gotcha, we will set up in the conference room with the TV monitors, but also post cars near the tavern to block any movement of transport. Meet us back at VJS after Anna gets off shift. Things will move quickly from here on."

"I've got it! I invited Gwen to join us later. She was worried about Raven's involvement and possibly included in the arrests. Maybe we can assure her that things may happen beyond our control. If Molly implicates Raven, then Raven will have to face the court. I was with her earlier, and she seemed to calm down, but I felt it was a cover. She hides her feelings well."

"That's true Quinn. We can only protect Gwen. Anyone else will be taken in as a co-conspirator. That is the best we can do right now. We will talk more about that later tonight. I hope things with Anna are going well."

"Anna fits right in with the place. She works hard, and the men enjoy watching her. We will get her information later. I am about done here. Molly sent a fey to get Carlo from the door. I think they will move tonight to clear the victims from the building."

"Quinn. That is a good observation. We are ready at the tavern and the estate. If they move the victims, we will capture them. Have a good evening, and we will talk later at VJS."

Molly summoned one of the fey working at the tavern. "Go to the door and take Carlo's place and have him join me here."

Almost immediately, Carlo joined Molly in her private booth. He looked a bit apprehensive as he sat down. Molly scowled angrily at him, and he shrunk down in the booth as if trying to hide.

Anna and Quinn watched Molly and Carlo. Molly bent down close to Carlo and started talking to him, "Do you have a man in the cell downstairs? I want to know. Raven was here and told me that the VJS is mounting a raid on this place soon. If you have a man there, you have two choices. One let him go, or two move him to the estate. Make your choice."

Carlo did not reply but looked sheepishly at Molly. She knew immediately that Carlo had a man hidden below. She had to make a choice with her man. She spoke to Carlo, "I have a man upstairs in my bed, and I want to keep him. Can you and a few of your fey move both men to the estate?"

Carlo perked up at the question and smiled. Looking around cautiously hey uttered, "Yes, we can do that. When do you want it done? I would like to spend another night here with my man. Can we plan to move them tomorrow afternoon just after the tavern finishes with the lunch crowd?"

Molly gazed out at the tavern watching the crowd. Quinn drank from his pint looking over the rim of his glass. Anna stood at the bar looking around the tavern as if checking her tables. Her wood nymph senses caught the tail end of Carlo's question. She signaled Quinn who waved at her to get another pitcher of ale for the table.

When Anna arrived, she whispered, "They will move two victims tomorrow afternoon. We had better report that tonight. It sounds as if Connie's plan is working. We will see a lot of action tomorrow."


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