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Vampire Justice Part 26

"Time to get Carlo and Molly trapped into an illegal position."
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Published 4 years ago

The two VJS cars formed a V shape across the entrance with the car's front ends pointed together facing the estate. Any attempt by a vehicle to leave the property would not happen. Eran and Kevin watched the grounds. The building lit up as the men moved into the upstairs area. Molly moved them to one of the spacious spare bedrooms.

As Molly walked through the estate, she sensed that she was not alone. She felt a presence there that was familiar to her. As she walked toward the spare bedroom at the back of the floor, the door opened. A very handsome man whom Molly immediately recognized exited. It was Sebastian, her incubus lover.

“Well, my love, it is very nice to see you here. Did you come to visit your old friend?” Sebastian boldly asked Molly.

Molly smirked, “Hello Sebastian. What are you doing here? How long have you been staying in MY estate? Do you have a woman in that room with you?”

Before Sebastian could answer, two chestnut haired, buxom women entered the hallway from behind him and stopped. They were scantily clad and looked to be twins. Sebastian quickly turned, saw the women and stuttered, “M...Molly, I would like you to meet the twins from Estonia who are traveling with me.”

Molly disapprovingly scanned the ladies and felt, this is typical Sebastian. He found two women and played with them for a while then discarded them with the trash. The girls fawned over Sebastian and cautiously watched Molly. They acted as if Sebastian was theirs and Molly would never get Sebastian away from them. They clung closely to him, but he pushed them away and went to Molly. The girls glared but went back into the room holding hands.

Sebastian smiled as he approached Molly, but she turned and walked back down to the main hall of the estate with Sebastian following closely on her heels. Molly turned and faced him looking scornfully at him. She spoke brusquely, "How long have you been here? This is my estate, and you are violating my property and my life now." She jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck as her lips found him and they held a kiss that lingered for several seconds. Sebastian held her up in his arms and kissed her back with a ferocity that resembled too lost lovers.

"How long will you be here, Sebastian? I resent your moving in without telling me. But now that you are here, I have something I need you to do for me."

"Your wish is my task, lover," Sebastian replied bowing slightly from his waist.

"I was followed by two cars when I left the city. Can you go outside and check if they are here outside the walls?"

"Yes, my love, that is an easy task. I will just walk out there and talk to the officers."

"No, I don't want them to know you are here. I may need you to distract them if things become too disturbing later. Turn invisible and go out there from the back entrance. I want to know who is there and how many of them there are."

Molly followed Sebastian into the kitchen and watched him leave through the back door. Once outside Sebastian became invisible and proceeded to the front gates. He moved quietly and approached the cars. The officers in the cruiser sat watching the house silently. Sebastian observed Eran and Kevin. Eran had opened her laptop and connected to VJS headquarters and entered her report of the surveillance to keep things complete and up to date. Kevin casually relaxed as he watched her.

Kevin asked, "How did the other pursuit cars fare with Carlo?"

"He stopped just inside the city to prevent being arrested for leaving the city limits. They detained him for a few minutes but turned him around to go back to Molly's tavern. He was alone in the car."

Eran glanced at Kevin smiling. Suddenly, Eran saw a shimmering in the twilight between the two VJS cars. Her eyes remained riveted to the shimmering spectre as it moved to the front of the car. Softly at almost a whisper, "Can I have your gun, Kevin?"

Kevin looked puzzled but slowly handed her his gun. Eran rolled down the window and waited for the spectre to move to the side of the car. When Sebastian moved away from the car and walked beside it, Eran raised the gun and fired two shots. The bullets found their mark and entered Sebastian's body. The sudden shock of the bullets caused Sebastian to turn visible. Kevin watched as Eran opened the door and stood outside the car.

Sebastian lay on the driveway naked and wounded in his left leg and torso. Kevin quickly joined Eran and took his gun from her. "What just happened," Kevin asked.

Eran shakily replied, "I saw a shimmering spectre in the twilight sun. I suspected it was something spying on us. When it moved to a safe area to shoot, I took aim and wounded him."

Sebastian lay on the ground moaning but not moving. His eyes looked at Kevin and Eran. "What happened and how did you know I was here?"

Eran moved closer but stayed away from his grasp. "I saw a shimmering spectre in the twilight. From past experience, I knew that something or someone was nearby. Who are you?"

"I am a friend of Molly's. She sent me out here to check on you. What is going on with her? I know that she is not always on the right side of the law, but she has never been in trouble or convicted of a crime."

Eran looked at Sebastian noticing that his wounds healed and the two bullets lay on the ground where the wounds expelled them.

She asked, "What are you? We know that Molly is a succubus and has some interesting friends and followers."

"My name is Sebastian, a close friend of Molly's. I stay here in her estate sometimes. We have been friends and sometime lovers for many years. I was staying here with two friends when Molly arrived with two men. She asked me to come outside and check on your cars and what you were doing at her estate." Sebastian paused looking at the cars.

Eran turned to face Kevin, "What should we do with him? If we hold him and he does not return to Molly, then she will know we are here and will arrest her on sight. If we let him go, he will tell Molly we are here. She has no escape route that is passable by car."

Kevin shrugged, then spoke, "We can call Slade and tell him who we have here, and he can advise us, but that will show we are not so good at our jobs and thinking on our feet. We should let him go, but caution him that we know he is there and can be arrested with Molly. That will buy us some time to talk to Slade and report what we have seen and heard."

"That is a good idea; we can relay to Slade that we have the two kidnapped men, Molly, and some friends. Slade can rally the forces and bring them here to arrest Molly. But what of Carlo, where is he?"

Sebastian whined, "What about me, where do I go?"

"You will go back to Molly and tell her what you saw here. You have the option of telling her that you were discovered and shot. My advice is to keep that part quiet because you are her man and getting caught is a show of weakness on your part."

Kevin chided, "Get up and go back the way you came and don't try to run away. We caught you once we can do it again. Plus you have the women to think about taking with you."

Sebastian slowly stood and tried to hide his nudity. Eran looked away, but Kevin pushed Sebastian toward the estate. Sebastian turned and walked swiftly through the open gates entering the house through the back door to the kitchen.

Kevin looked at Eran and asked, "What do we do now? Molly will know we are here and she can't leave the estate."

Eran frowned but looked at the cars and the estate. She knew the kidnapped men were inside, but without Carlo there, he was not implicated in the crime. Capturing Molly and anyone else in the estate tied them to the crime. The VJS had to get Carlo at the estate to arrest him with the men and revoke his freedom.

"I think we better call Slade and Leona and inform them of the additional players in this. They may have some ideas to bring this to a very peaceful and pleasing conclusion," Eran smirked at Kevin who smiled.

They entered the car, and Eran opened her laptop and made a specific entry in the watch log of Sebastian's capture and release. When she finished, she closed her laptop and picked up her cell phone. She put the phone on speaker and dialed Slade.

The chirping sound of the phone ended replaced by Slade's voice. “Hello, Eran, what is going on?”

“Slade, we have a situation here at the estate with some added participants who may not be as innocent as it may look. Molly is here with the two kidnapped men, but there are another man and twin sisters who are with him. His name is Sebastian and a very close intimate friend of Molly's. We are not sure if he will stand with Molly or try to get away from all this.”

“Hmm, that does sound like a future problem, but let's concentrate on keeping Molly in the estate. It appears that Carlo may drive to the estate next. You should move away from the front of the estate and try to hide, so Carlo will not see you when he arrives,” Slade told Eran.

“That sounds perfect. We will pull down the road from the estate and walk back to sit in the foliage watching the house. I will keep my laptop with me so I can send reports and capture video of Carlo arriving. Are you planning to send more police forces here?”

Slade smiled and spoke, “Yes, there are two vehicles on the way. I will tell them to pull down the road and wait near your cars. Leona and I will be joining you after nightfall when she awakens.”

“That is good. I want to try and get this affair resolved as soon as possible before Gustaf returns from Russia.” Eran beamed at the phone.

Eran told the other officers of the plan, and they moved down the road followed by Kevin and Eran. With the cars off the road on a rutted dirt road, the officers walked back to the shrubbery opposite the estate entrance. They brought portable stools to use rather than sit on the ground.

Within fifteen minutes after they took up positions, Carlo arrived in his limousine and entered the estate driving up to the front door. Carlo jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs to the main door. Before he could knock or ring the door flew open, and Molly yanked Carlo inside. The door made a loud crashing noise as it closed quickly behind him.

Nothing else occurred at the estate as sunset came to the area. Shortly after dark, Slade and Leona drove by the estate and stopped. Eran emerged from the shrubbery and greeted Slade and Leona.

“Let's get off the road and plan our next steps to end this,” Slade told Eran who nodded in agreement.

“Yes, this is the time when we need to be ready to capture Molly, Carlo and the two kidnapped men. Sebastian and his twin sister friends are 'innocent' pawns in all this,” Eran said.

Leona, who had been quiet through all this, spoke, “Sebastian is not as innocent as you may think. He has been Molly's lover for decades. If given a choice he will stand with Molly and her decisions. We need to be careful, but aware of his presence.”

“Let's get this thing moving and close this case soon!”



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