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Vampire Justice Part 27

"The criminals are gathering. The VJS closes in."
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Published 4 years ago

Carlo sat smiling in the back of the limousine driving back to the city after the VJS stopped him. The knowledge that Molly spirited away the kidnapped men safely to the estate made his heart flutter and relax. Molly called Carlo earlier and told him the property was safe. Carlo's limousine drove through the city toward the estate and Molly. Carlo anticipated that his victim was ready to submit to Carlo's desires and will.

Eran's phone buzzed with a text message from Connie, "Carlo on the way to the estate. Watch for his car soon." Eran leaned to Slade and showed him the text message. Slade read it and nodded an acknowledgment. Leona read the message too.

Ten minutes later, a pair of headlights moved slowly down the road as if searching for the correct turnoff. As it approached the estate, the car slowed almost to a stop before turning into the driveway. The limousine drove up the driveway and stopped at the front entrance. Carlo opened the limousine door as the front door of the estate opened wide, flooding the area with light. Molly stood in the doorway waiting for Carlo. The fey exited the limousine and bounded up the stairs into the estate after greeting Molly.

Slade joined Eran and Kevin outside the estate. He spoke to Eran in a hushed voice, "There are two VJS squads of special police coming soon. We are going to raid the estate and arrest everyone inside. Leona is drafting an apprehend and search warrant for the estate now. When she has it done, and the troops arrive, we will enter the estate. Do you know how many individuals are inside the estate?"

Eran thought for a moment and replied, "As far as I know there are eight people inside. If there were any staff, they are unaccounted for right now. We will have to search the whole estate."

Leona cautiously approached the small group. In her hand was a folded document which she gave to Slade. "Is this the apprehend and search order for the estate?" Slade asked.

"Yes, it is overly broad, but it covers the estate buildings and grounds as the search area. If there are people here, we will find them and arrest them. These crimes end here tonight!" Leona firmly answered.

Two large black Step Vans drove up to the estate gates. Large gold letters 'VJS' emblazoned the sides of the trucks. Team leaders exited the trucks and approached Slade and Leona. The two black-clad men approached and saluted. Slade nodded, "Welcome, are your troops ready to take the estate under control and hold it?"

"Yes sir," the team leaders replied.

"Good, let's get this mission underway. We do not have much time before daylight and Leona has to leave," Slade intoned.

The team leaders moved to their trucks. One drove onto the estate, while the second blocked the entrance driveway. Troops poured out of the trucks following Slade and circling the building. Lights suddenly blazed inside the estate from every window.

The game was on.

Slade walked to the door and knocked. Molly opened the door and stood blocking the entrance. She stood her ground until Slade handed her the warrant, after which she stepped aside. Slade entered, followed quickly by the troops. The search started quickly and quietly.

Kevin and Eran walked to the estate and entered. They stayed in the entrance hallway observing the activity. Leona went to Slade's side and held his arm.

As the searchers moved about the ground floor, nothing came into view as irregular or of interest. As the troops climbed the stairs, a shouting voice echoed through the hall. The sound of running feet and screams of young women echoed loudly.

One of the team leaders came to the top of the stairs and called to Slade and Leona. "You need to see this. Come on up. We are ready for you."

Four doors stood open with guards monitoring the rooms. The rest of the rooms remained closed with green tape sealing them shut. Slade and Leona entered the first room and found Carlo in bed with one of the kidnapped men who seemed in a drugged state. Both men were nude and exposed to everyone around.

Slade ordered, "Get these men dressed and subdue each in one of the VJS vans outside."

Leona tugged on Slade to move to the next room. This room was small and held the limousine drivers who watched television and drank a few beers. Slade ignored them, but Leona wanted them held as witnesses of the escape from the city.

The third room held the other kidnapped man nude in bed also in a drugged state. Women's clothes scattered the floor as if Molly shed them on the way to bed. Slade had the nude man dressed and taken to the van with Carlo's victim.

When the occupants of the building came to the entrance of the estate, Eran took their information and logged them into the activity report for the future trial. She took as much information as she could before releasing the men to the guards. Kevin assisted her by making the kidnapped men comfortable and giving them water to drink. A medical technician checked each person before releasing them. Nothing seemed left to chance in this operation.

Molly quietly retreated into her office. She picked up the phone and dialed Raven's private line. A voice on the phone spoke, "Raven's office, may I help you?"

"May I speak with Raven? This is Molly, and I need her to come to the phone." Silence followed from the other end of the phone.

Suddenly, a strange voice which sounded more like a growl came on the line, "Raven here, may I help you?"

"This is Molly. I need you to come to my estate immediately. The VJS is here searching the estate and taking everyone into custody. I want you to stop them and help me out."

"Do they have a warrant? Where are they now?"

"They are searching all through the estate and the grounds. There are many searchers. What can I do?"

"Put Slade on your phone right now. I can at least stop them until I arrive."

Molly put the phone on hold and left it on her desk. The door to the office opened before Molly could exit. Slade entered followed by Leona.

"Ah, just the man I was looking for. Raven, my lawyer, wants to speak with you." Molly picked up the phone taking it off hold and passed it to Slade.

"Slade here, is that you, Raven?"

"Yes, this is Raven. I must demand that you cease your search until I arrive there to follow you. I will arrive in one hour. Cease all searching now."

"OK, but my men stay in place and cease searching. When you arrive and read the warrant, you will see it is in order, and the search will resume."

"Yes, that is the right attitude, Slade. See you in an hour. Now let me talk to Molly."

Slade handed the phone to Molly who listened to Raven's instructions. When she hung up, Molly sat at her desk quietly waiting for Raven.

All the activity ceased at that point. Every officer stayed where they were, blocking anyone from leaving. The wait for Raven started.

The room at the end of the hall's door opened, and the twin sisters came out carrying suitcases trying to walk down the hall and leave the estate. Suddenly the twins squealed as an invisible Sebastian passed them slapping them on their butts. Two VJS officers appeared from a room down the hall and hastily walked toward the twins.

One of the VJS officers stopped them and asked where they were going. The twins answered in their native tongue which the officer did not understand. A call was made for Leona and Slade to meet these women and explain what they must do. While they waited for Slade and Leona, Sebastian slipped past the group and shuffled down the stairs.

Eran noticed the shimmer in the light flooding the estate as Sebastian passed the bottom of the stairs. “Uh, Sebastian, where are you going?” She stopped him.

“I was just going out for a walk. Is there something wrong with doing that? Are my guests and I part of this search? We have done nothing wrong.”

Eran snorted, “Go back upstairs and put on some clothes and wait for Molly's lawyer, Raven, to arrive. The search warrant does include you and your, um 'playthings' in the hallway. Now be a good incubus and go back to your room.”

Sebastian slumped and returned upstairs, defeated again by Eran.

Slade and Leona stood in the hallway as Sebastian returned. The twins smiled and called to him. He ignored them and walked to his room. Leona told the twins to return to the room and wait until released by the police. Sadly and reluctantly they returned to be with Sebastian and wait.

Everything ceased until Raven arrived. Leona and Slade went back to talk to Eran and Kevin about what to do with the innocent people they found in the estate. They could not hold them, but they were potential witnesses against Molly and Carlo.

“The best we can hope for is that Raven does not take them on as clients to testify for Molly against Carlo. That would allow Molly to go free and continue her evil ways in the city,” said Eran.

“That is true. We need to isolate them now and keep them away from Raven. How can we do that?” Leona asked.

“We can hold them as material witnesses for a few days, but they will not need lawyers either. That makes them our best weapon against Carlo and Molly.” Slade volunteered.

“Let's go back to Molly's office and make sure she stays put waiting for Raven,” Leona suggested. Slade nodded and walked with Leona down to the main floor.


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