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Vampire Justice Part 29

"Molly's estate searched. Carlo captured."
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Published 4 years ago

Raven followed Molly into her office and quickly closed the door firmly. Curiosity appeared on Raven's face as she looked at Molly. Before Molly could speak, Raven asked, "What will they find in the rest of the estate, Molly?"

Molly turned and stared at Raven. “You will just have to see for yourself. I did not build what is there. It came that way with the estate when I purchased it. And, yes I use it. I enjoy using it and have not had any complaints about it yet.”

Raven shook her head and looked at the floor for a minute before speaking. “Do you have a dungeon down there? Are there any prisoners locked up there? The dungeons could be a lot of trouble for you.”

Molly innocently replied, “Yes, there is a dungeon, but it is not what you think. There are some different machines of torture there. I use them with my friends like Sebastian and others, but have not had any humans there for quite a while.”

Raven stared at Molly. “Well, should we join Slade and Leona and tour your basement?” Raven proceeded to the door and sullenly opened it, marching toward Slade. Molly meekly followed.

Slade spoke to Molly, “Where is the entrance to the basement?”

“Follow me,” Molly replied, as she went to the kitchen and unlocked a solid oak door. She turned on the lights and led the group down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, she turned the rest of the lights on flooding the basement in a bright blaze of light.

A long hallway was on the right, which led to the interior of the cellar. On the left side of the hall were a series of cells, some with just bars and others completely enclosed with only a small opening in the thick wooden door. All of the doors were open to the empty cells.

As the group walked down the row of cells, Slade and Eran took note of them. Kevin took pictures of the area and kept snapping as they proceeded to the open area after the cells. Kevin had never seen an estate that had dungeons and an area set up for torturing people. Eran stayed by his side watching him as they entered the open room at the end of the hall.

Along the walls were instruments of torture. All types of chains and whips as well as apparatus to bind prisoners to the wall. In the room proper was the equipment used to torture people but not kill or maim them. Slade and Leona stopped and looked around the chamber.

Raven took Molly aside and with a stern look registered her disapproval. Molly appeared innocent with a demeanor of pride in her toys. This area was her playroom for use with her “guests” who she kidnapped occasionally. Fortunately for her, there were no current occupants.

Slade looked around, and as his eyes took in the area, his thoughts drifted to Gustaf and Andrei. The two men would love to have this room at VJS. Slade thought, if Molly was to sell the place, Gustaf or maybe Leona should buy it just for a nice place to have away from the city. "It might make a real prison or interrogation center," Slade thought. "Connie should see this place."

Leona took Slade's hand and stared wonder-eyed at the big room. She had heard of places like this but never saw one. It truly fascinated her with all the equipment. She was curious why a woman like Molly had all this equipment in her estate. But then Leona was young and naive about the lives of people outside her family and friends. She was old in years, but very young in the experience of being a human before she was turned to be a vampire. "Some of the equipment would make a good place to punish prisoners," Leona thought. Months had passed since Leona entertained prisoners. A craving for torturing someone entered her mind. Leona must tell Gustaf about this estate and the facilities available here.

Slade indicated to Molly and Raven that there was nothing more to see and proceeded back to the main floor of the estate. Once there he turned to Molly and said, “Molly, you are under arrest for harboring a fugitive (Carlo), and you will have to come with us back to VJS for arraignment and booking. Raven can drive you there and make arrangements for your bail and release. Carlo, however, will remain with us until his trial. His bail is forfeit.”

Molly reluctantly stood in front of Slade as he handcuffed her. Raven watched this but wanted to object. She kept quiet taking the silence to plan for Molly's defense and release. Raven knew Molly was guilty, but Carlo would take the fall for all the murders, kidnapping and other crimes surrounding the tavern and estate. As Slade led Molly to a waiting van, Raven followed beside Molly assuring that nothing bad happened to her client.

Kevin went to the door and left to get the car and drive Eran back to VJS headquarters. Leona and Slade got into their vehicle and followed Kevin. Molly and Carlo rode together to VJS with the remaining officers. Raven followed behind the parade of VJS vehicles. As Raven drove, her legal mind worked on how to get Molly free and away from VJS forever. Carlo was guilty, and Raven wanted to use him as the fall guy for all charges.

While all the work went on at the estate, Anna, Gwen, and Quinn sat in the large conference room. The large screens on the wall played all the activity from the estate. Their eyes watched the screens, but Gwen and Quinn sat together holding hands. Strange feelings passed between them because at the end of the case Quinn and Anna would leave back to their homes in Russia. Gwen felt things in her heart for Quinn that had never happened before. There were too many things going on between them. Quinn's leaving would create a void in Gwen's life. Before Gwen could say anything, the VJS team entered headquarters.

Slade entered the conference room and announced, "We have the kidnapped men, Carlo and Molly in custody. There are some other people we took in with us, and I need to interrogate them. We have almost closed the case. It feels good tonight." Leona entered the room and kissed Slade. The sun would rise in less than an hour, and she needed to return to her sleep chamber. Leona left the room, and Slade continued, "I will need your help in booking the prisoners. The witnesses and victims need interviews done. Can Gwen and Quinn help? Anna, I need you to work with Eran cataloging evidence and information. Let's get busy; it has been a long night."

Anna replied, “It may be better if I can talk to the twins. They are speaking in a Russian dialect that I remember from my childhood. It sounds as if they are scared and want to go back home. They keep saying Sebastian kidnapped them.”

“Anna go to work with the twins and take Eran with you. I want her to take notes and get the information to contact the family of the girls,” Slade told Anna. “The kidnapped men are at the hospital getting checked out. The drugs used on them will pass in about 24 hours. Meanwhile, the hospital will observe them, and we can try and get information from them.”

Gwen spoke up, “Quinn and I will talk to the limousine drivers. They seem to be unwitting partners only chosen to drive Molly and Carlo around. That should not take much time to get their statements.” She turned to Quinn and smiled softly.

“Carlo is in a cell. He seemed to fear the presence of Sebastian. I am tempted to put them in a cell together. That will loosen Carlo up to talk to us and maybe implicate Molly in all the kidnappings and deaths.” Slade paced the room. The case turned quickly that night, and Slade felt excited and determined to have everything completed before Leona and Connie awoke.

Quinn and Gwen went to the room where the limousine drivers waited. The interrogation proceeded more as if it were a casual conversation. Nothing came out that VJS did not know from prior monitoring. The drivers walked out of headquarters fifteen minutes later, happy to be free.

Slade entered the room where Molly sat talking to Raven. Before Slade sat, Raven spoke, “My client feels she is being treated unjustly and demands to know what she has done wrong.”

Slade smiled as he thought, “That is so typical of a criminal or someone who feels guilty about something.”

“Molly has done several things wrong. She harbored a known criminal in her home and assisted in his getting away from custody and gave him a place to hide. She brought two kidnapped men to her estate and allowed Carlo to drug them before using them for his pleasure. Should I go on?” Slade calmly spoke.

Raven looked sternly at Molly, who shrugged. “Detective Slade, what do you want from us? Molly would like the charges to disappear and would help in the investigation and trial in any way she can.”

Slade chuckled looking at Raven and Molly. “What are you thinking, Raven?”

A prolonged silence filled the room as Slade watched Molly. He knew what Molly wanted, but wanted to hear Raven propose it.

Molly spoke up before Raven stopped her, “I will give you enough information to put Carlo away for life (or death) in return for a fine and no jail time.” Raven looked aghast at Molly. None of her clients ever openly gave up their partners. She reached over and touched Molly's arm to quiet her.

“My client does not know what she says, Slade,” Raven injected. Molly looked at Raven in a manner that told Raven to back off and let things fall where they may.

Slade looked at Raven, “Let her speak. I want to hear her offer and terms.”

Molly started, “Carlo has been with me for many years as an employee. What he did with the men was something I knew nothing about. The fact he had them in my estate was new to me. Yes, I drove two men to my property tonight, but Carlo assured me that they were his friends. I was an unwitting pawn in Carlo's plan to use these people and enjoy things at my estate. I am glad you had caught him before anything terrible happened. What else can I tell you?”

Raven sat quietly, listening to Molly tell her side of the night's events. As much as she wanted to intervene, she found Molly's confession interesting and entirely plausible. Raven hoped Slade believed Molly's story.

Slade put a hand up and stopped Molly. “Can we get all this either dictated and written down or at least written down tonight? I want to have as much information available when the trial starts in the evening after sundown.”

Molly looked to Raven who spoke, “That is a good idea, Slade. Do you have someone who can take all this down? I can provide my assistant who takes dictation from me all the time if you need.”

Slade replied, “No, we can record this story and get it transcribed efficiently today. I hope that is fine with your client?”

Molly nodded, and Raven assured Slade it was okay. “I will get the equipment set up and have an officer sit with you while you tell your story.”

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