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Vampire Justice Part 30

"Raven works to save Molly, while Carlo is free."
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Published 4 years ago

Raven looked up at Slade, "Can I help you with some information that may seal the case for you?" Molly looked at Raven wondering what her lawyer meant.

"That would work for us, but what do you want in return? Molly will have to plead guilty to some crimes. I will not have her walk." Slade weakened but held back his thought.

"Give me some time with my client, please?"

"Okay, but be quick about it. We only have until sundown, remember." Slade left the room but locked the door behind him. A guard stood outside, in case Raven needed anything or tried to leave.

Raven watched Slade leave and waited a few minutes. Molly impatiently sat expecting Raven to tell Molly to give up everything and ask for mercy. Molly suspected that Raven wanted to have her plead guilty and take the sentences handed down for the crimes. Molly sighed heavily, "What now counselor?"

Raven had a crooked sinister smile, "I think we have an easy task ahead. I need to know how to get Carlo to confess to the kidnapping, rape, and murders of all the missing men. Do you think that is possible? If so, what will scare Carlo so badly that he will confess?"

"That is easy. Sebastian scares Carlo. Sebastian can be just about any type of character, a woman, a child, a tiny man, a well-built man; you name it. One time Sebastian helped me scare Carlo into confessing that he had used one of the kidnapped victims behind my back before I could sample him. Sebastian scared Carlo so badly that he never wanted to see Sebastian again, ever."

A contemplative look appeared on Raven's face. "Hmm, I think we can use that fear to our advantage. Would you mind scaring Carlo into confessing to all the kidnapping, rape and murders?"

Molly thought for a few minutes. She loved Carlo, and he was an excellent worker when not distracted. A fey as loyal as Carlo would be difficult to find, but Molly felt no loyalty to him as much as she did to Sebastian. "If scaring Carlo will help my case, then let's do it. I want to get the major charges shifted off me."

Raven stood up and knocked on the door to get the guard's attention. When he opened the door, Raven said, "Can you get Slade back here? We have a deal for him." The guard shook his head and clicked his radio to call Slade.

Within a few minutes, Slade entered the room. "You wanted to talk to me?"

Raven spoke, "Yes, we have a proposition for you that will get the real person to confess and incriminate himself. Molly will plead to lesser charges for a minimum sentence and fine. Will that work for you today?"

Slade paced the room, as he thought. "Let me get a few of my people in here to listen to your proposition and let us go away to talk it out."

"Take all the time you like. We are not going anywhere," Raven replied. Molly nodded her head in agreement.

Slade called Eran and asked that Quinn, Anna, Kevin and she join him with Raven and Molly. In less than five minutes, the room filled with seven people. Eran sat at the table typing on her laptop taking notes. As Eran typed, the laptop recorded the verbal exchange.

Everyone agreed that the plan would work and give the VJS the guilty party. Molly would get the lesser charges and serve a minimum time in jail or under house arrest at the tavern or the estate and pay a large fine. Carlo would pay the price for all the deaths and kidnappings.

"Eran will put this agreement in writing and return it to Raven for approval and have Molly sign it. After that happens, Carlo will have Sebastian added to the cell to assist in provoking a confession. When Leona awakens, we will get everything in order so you can leave here and get back to your life and we can solve these strange kidnappings and murders.”

Within fifteen minutes Eran returned with three copies of the agreement. Raven signed them and kept two copies for her record and Molly. Eran put her copy in the current case file and left the room. Slade returned with Sebastian and sat with Molly, Raven, and Sebastian in the conference room.

Slade spoke, “We are here to get an understanding between VJS and Molly to get Carlo convicted of kidnapping, rape, and murder of several young men. The method we want to use is to have Sebastian put in the cell with Carlo and have him confess the crimes and get it recorded on tape. Then VJS can proceed with his trial and sentence. Molly will plead to lesser charges and serve whatever the court decrees and pay what fines the court required. Once these are done, everyone can go home and continue their lives.”

Sebastian asked, “What will happen to me? You have held me for having the twins here on the estate. I want to be freed from being charged and held.”

“You will get out of custody, but the twins will return to their home, and you will never see them again. You will go to the estate and stay there under “house arrest” for a period of one year. Occasionally a VJS officer will appear at the estate to check that you are there and obeying the sentence. Does that meet your understanding?” Slade offered.

Raven spoke, “Uh, Slade, how can you offer the estate to Sebastian? It belongs to Molly. She needs to have a say in this matter and agree to it as well.”

“If she disagrees, she has her chance to object right now. Ask her,” Slade injected.

Molly looked to Raven but spoke for herself. “Sure, he can stay there. I do not go to the estate every day. When I am there, he will not be underfoot. In fact, I may want to put him in one of the cells you saw in the basement. I think that is what he deserves.”

Slade smiled and shook his head. “If that is what you desire then you, Raven and Sebastian can work that out. If we are all in agreement, then let's get this moving so that when Leona awakes at sunset, the trials can start and be completed quickly.”

Sebastian looked first at Slade, then Raven and finally Molly. A small sneaky smile left his face as he spoke, “What else do I get out of this deal?”

Slade replied quickly, “You don't go to jail for the kidnap and rape of the twins. Their parents want them back and to be rid of ever seeing you again in their city. Otherwise, we are going to charge you with kidnapping and rape of the twins. Which would you rather face right now, Sebastian?”

“Let's get this started,” Sebastian spoke rapidly.

Slade stood up preparing to leave the room. Sebastian stood as an officer entered to take him to Carlo's cell. Before he left the room, he changed his appearance to that of a meek mild-mannered man. His demeanor would get Carlo to talk and incriminate himself. Raven looked surprised as Molly smiled at Sebastian's new appearance. The ruse had started, and it looked good to Molly. An officer remained outside the room watching Raven and Molly. Now the waiting for the confession began and the sun to set, enabling the trials to start.

An officer handcuffed Sebastian and hustled him quickly to the cell where Carlo waited for his trial. The officer opened the cell door and pushed Sebastian forcefully into the cell with Carlo. Sebastian stumbled into Carlo who held him from falling to the floor.

“Thanks!” Sebastian spoke humbly to Carlo. “What are you here for? They seem to like tossing people around.”

“Yeah, they chased me around the city for miles. I was caught because I went to my girlfriend's house and stayed a bit too long.” Carlo replied.

“That seems to be a lame charge to have you in here.”

“Oh, I 'm not here for that charge. They have me on what they think are good charges to hold me, but my lawyer will get me off,” Carlo told him.

“I see. You have a good lawyer then?”

“Yeah, my girlfriend's lawyer is pretty sharp. She gets me free quickly.” Carlo bragged.

Sebastian looked at Carlo in disbelief but continued with the ruse. “What did you really do that they don't know about? Sounds like you are going to get off free from all of that.”

“They don't know that I have done a lot more things that would make me a killer and rapist of men. I will not tell them anything.” Carlo spoke candidly, influenced by Sebastian's ability to make fey feel comfortable and trusting.

“Really, that sounds incredible. How many men have you killed?” Sebastian sat on the edge of the lower bunk in the cell. He moved closer to Carlo to make him feel more comfortable, secure and help open him up.

Carlo felt he should brag about his exploits. He wanted this small man to know of his exploits and put some fear out there. In a soft voice that only Sebastian could hear, Carlo started an incredible story of life in the city since he arrived with Molly. “I came to the city a year ago with my girlfriend Molly and my follower fey friends. We bought an estate outside the city where we entertained men for our pleasure. Molly is a succubus who needs men to survive and stay beautiful. I would find men for her that I liked and would use after she had enough of them. The result of our combined use of these men was that the men were so weakened that they would not survive for long. I would take the men out of the estate and deposit them in public places where they died, or I killed them.”

“Wow, that is amazing. How did you get so many men that easily?”

“Molly owns a tavern near the downtown area of the city which is under construction with urban renewal. With all the construction in the city, there are many transient construction workers in the city. These men have a lot of money from working and spend it heavily drinking beer and chasing women. Molly's tavern attracts these men, and I entertained them with drugs and women. I would take them below the tavern to a cell where I would drug them and wait to take them to the estate for Molly's pleasure. While in the cell I would use them and have fun with each man.”

“Didn't Molly object to you using the men before she did or having so many men around? You look like the one who did all the work. Did you have all the pleasure too?” Sebastian asked trying to get Carlo to brag more and expose the whole scene. Sebastian had a wireless microphone which transmitted every word to Eran's laptop computer where it recorded and translated the words into documents used for evidence against Carlo.

“I took a lot more pleasure from the men than Molly ever knew. I used the men before she saw them and in some cases, she never saw the men I used. I had used men and killed them before she saw them, or they never went to the estate. Each of the men was loners who drank alone at the tavern. I enticed the men to join me in the back of the tavern with one of the barmaids. Then I drugged their beer and took their money and had my fun after which I killed them and dumped them near the university grounds in the wooded areas.”



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