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Vampire Justice Part 31

"Carlo runs away. Molly watches him."
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Published 3 years ago

Carlo went silent after bragging about his exploits. Sebastian sat quietly as he surveyed the fae carefully. In Sebastian's mind, he saw Carlo as someone not to be taken lightly. He was as deadly, as he was meek.

It was a good thing Carlo did not recognize Sebastian.

The men sat quietly looking at each other waiting for each to speak. Neither one did.

Sebastian stood signaling the guard to take him to talk to Slade. He also wanted to get away from Carlo and his explosive nature. Even though Sebastian was an incubus, Carlo made him fear for his safety.

The only person who controlled Carlo was Molly and Sebastian was not sure that even she knew the brutality of her fae. She needed to know about Carlo and keep him under control during the upcoming trials.

Sebastian took off the recording device, as he entered the area where Slade and Leona sat. He handed the device to Eran and sat quickly. Sweat covered his brow, and he appeared openly nervous and in fear.

Leona noticed and asked, “What is wrong Sebastian? You look as if your life was threatened. Didn't you like our cells?”

“The cells were fine. You have a real serious problem with Carlo, however. He is dangerous, very dangerous. I don't think Molly knows how dangerous he can be. He needs to be stopped and removed from existence and the sooner, the better for everyone,” blurted Sebastian.

“What do you mean dangerous?” Leona continued.

“He has some powers that he uses which confuses his targets and renders them incapable of resisting his advances. These powers work on humans as well preternatural beings. I do not trust him to remain in jail very long. He seemed very calm for a person threatened with the death penalty for his crimes.”

Leona shrugged and looked at Sebastian in disbelief. She turned to Slade, “What do you think of Carlo?”

Slade answered, but watched Sebastian and Eran for any reaction. “I have no idea what to think. I have seen Carlo and watched him, but everything he does is so smooth and calculated. He has not shown any abilities which Sebastian claims exist.”

Carlo sat calmly relaxing in his cell. Outwardly, he appeared calm and relaxed, but inside his mind calculated what it would take to get free. As he sat, he thought of Josef, his closest fae friend. He hoped to see him soon. The sound of keys turning in the smooth locks distracted Carlo. We're they coming for him? Was the end near?

The burly guard approached the cell, extending the key into the lock.

Carlo stepped back deeper in the confinement of his cell. Obscured behind the guard waited Josef, a smile glowed on his face.

Carlo's dream came true. His dear friend was here bringing hope and calmness. After the guard closed the cell on the two friends, he left the area providing quiet privacy.

The fae embraced silently exchanging encouraging words and glances.

Carlo felt strange underpinnings in Jose's clothes. His face became a look of curiosity, questioning his friend. Elation and hope filled Carlo.

His friend came to rescue Carlo. Everything around him brightened with the thoughts of freedom and escape.

The fae sat on the bunk furthest from the bars and against stone walls. Carlo put his forehead against his friend's and as if in a mental transfer, whispered in the fae language. “Have you come to free me from this wretched place? I need to feel the freedom of the air and world.”

Josef nodded and opened his vest and shirt. Strung around Josef was primer cord and a flexible strand of plastique explosive. Josef unwound the material from his body and replaced his clothing quickly.

Carlo took the material and stood up to look out the cell window. There was nothing but an empty lot outside the cell but a drop of three stories to a cement slab of a cistern cover.

Josef gathered the blankets and sheets in the cell tying them together creating a makeshift escape rope to slide down.

Carlo formed the explosive to punch a hole in the wall below the cell window. The explosive would create an exit, and with the bedding tied together, the prisoner and friend could get out of the cell.

Josef took a bed and put it against the wall with the makeshift rope attached to the frame. When the explosion rocked the cell wall and cleared a hole big enough, the fae exited quickly. When the guards opened the barred area to get to the cell, the fae were gone.

Just as Raven drove up to the VJS headquarters building, the wall blew out of the cell, and they witnessed the descent of Carlo and Josef. Molly, who sat beside Raven, watched and wondered if she should help them or continue to Slade's office. Raven made the decision for Molly. She drove into the VJS locked parking area and shut off her car.

Raven sat with Molly and watched the pursuit unfold with VJS officers pouring out of the building focusing on the area where the escapees went.

The VJS headquarters was in an area that was away from any transportation and desolate. The escapees had nowhere to go and should be easy to capture.

As the women watched, Molly asked Raven, “Should we help Carlo and Josef escape? They have not got a chance, and I will lose two fae of my staff.”

“No, we cannot interfere with the VJS officers. If we do, then we will be implicated in their escape and face prosecution for that too. I don't think you want to spend time in jail away from your business and your estate. I know that I cannot take being in jail, especially as a lawyer for preternatural beings.” Raven strongly protested to Molly.

Molly nodded, “Let's get inside, so they will not suspect that we had anything to do with the escape. I will cooperate fully with them about Carlo and Josef's capture.”

“That is a good idea. The more we cooperate with the VJS, the better it will be for your future here. They will leave you alone and feel that you are an ally rather than a criminal.” Raven carefully opened the car door and watched Molly do the same.

The women looked in the direction of the pursuit but walked to the main entrance to VJS. As they entered, Slade approached them and hustled them into a nearby conference room. Leona followed them into the room carrying a wireless phone talking to the search team leader.

Molly looked scared, but turned to Leona and asked, "What will happen to Carlo and Josef?"

Leona waved her hand to quiet Molly. Several voices filled the room as the pursuit continued. Several shots followed by shouts came over the radio. Leona quickly turned the volume down. Molly and Raven did not need to hear the pursuit. Leona went to Slade and whispered in his ear, and she left the room quickly. Slade watched Raven and Molly's attention shift to him as the door closed.

"What will happen to Carlo and Josef?" Molly asked. "They are two of my most senior fae, and their deaths will be a great loss."

Slade looked at Molly and slowly considered his answer, "We will try to capture them and return them here, but if that fails, the orders are 'Shoot to kill' rather than incapacitate and capture."

Molly looked from Slade to Raven, then hung her head, looking down at the floor. She shook her head and shoulders hoping Carlo would surrender rather than use magic to escape. She needed him in her life and business. She prayed he was no fool and gave up to stay alive.

Molly and Raven chatted casually occasionally asking Slade questions about the future. Slade could not tell them much because things still unfolded with Carlo and his case. As they talked, it became clear, that Molly was not wanted as a criminal, but more as a witness to the events surrounding Carlo. Raven sensed it first and tried to stop Molly from talking to explain what was going on.

Slade excused himself from the room and went in search of Leona. He found Leona talking to Eran and the search team leader. Leona turned and spoke to Slade, "Josef was captured, but Carlo managed to hijack an SUV to get away. The vehicle was found six blocks away abandoned and no sign of Carlo. Now we need the help of Molly and Raven to capture Carlo again."

"Let's see if Molly or Raven will help us with ideas of where Carlo would go to hide out," Slade injected. Everyone went to meet with the two women.

When Molly saw the crowd of people, she asked, "What has happened? Is Carlo still free?"

“Yes, Carlo is free. We captured Josef easily, and he is in custody in our dungeon cell. I hope that you have not aided Carlo in any way. It would be bad for you if you did.” Replied an angry Leona.

“When we drove up, we witnessed the escape, when the wall blew out, and Carlo and Josef escaped. Until then we assumed Carlo was in custody and we were here to talk to Slade and Leona.” Raven spoke quickly to stop Molly. “When do you think you will have Carlo back in custody?”

“He is on the run, and any help you can give us in the form of ideas where he will run would go a  long way in your favor. We know you did not have anything to do with his escape. It appears that Josef had it planned and Carlo took advantage of the situation.” Slade spoke openly.

“Here are some places Carlo may go to hide out from VJS. He has an apartment in the basement of the tavern where he usually entertained men he kidnapped. All his belongings are there. The apartment above the tavern is mine, and he knows that I will not tolerate his presence there. However, above the apartment are rooms where the fae live when they are not working or out tricking humans. I think he may go there to enlist their aid, as he is their acknowledged leader. The only other place I know is my estate. But if he has no transport that is too far away to be considered.” Molly volunteered.

Eran took notes and quickly created a list for Slade to distribute to the VJS officers. When she finished, she handed Slade the list and waited.

Slade read the list and shook his head. “This is a wide area to cover tonight. We will have to start in the city because he is on foot again. Or at least he is until he steals another vehicle or gets help from the fae at the tavern.”

“Can we get your help to convince the fae not to help Carlo?” Leona asked in a threatening manner.

Molly looked at the table before answering, “I will try to get them to turn against Carlo, but it will not be easy.”

Carlo ran down a dark street and found a parking lot almost full of cars. He quickly selected an old sedan and drove it off the lot. He was free again, but his thoughts jumbled his mind. “Where should he go, who will help him, where is Molly?” These thoughts ran through his head. He must find Molly; she will help him.



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