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Vampire Justice Part 32

"Carlo gets captured with Molly staying in the background."
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Published 3 years ago

Carlo drove around the city, thinking of where to go and what to do. He knew he was alone now and any fae who helped him would face the same punishment that he would get. He needed a place to hide and gather his thoughts for the future. Carlo thought, "All my things are in my special area at the tavern. If I can get there, I can plan my departure from this city. I can take a few faes with me to have support as we travel. Molly will have to do without her fae until she can find more or get Sebastian to help her."

As Carlo moved about the city, stealing cars and driving to the tavern, Slade and Leona dispatched a few VJS officers to the bar to watch for Carlo or any suspicious activity. The area was quiet, but an uneasy stillness hung over the surrounding construction sites. There was magic in the air.

Carlo crossed through the construction sites, quietly approaching the tavern. Around the bar, several VJS vehicles were taking the fae into custody and securing the building. Carlo stopped and watched the activity. He needed to enter the tavern, but there were too many VJS officers present.

As Carlo watched, Eran, the human preternatural detective, arrived with Anna, a Russian shifter training with VJS. The investigators sensed Carlo's presence, but could not see the fae at the construction site. Eran, who was human, felt Carlo's presence, but whenever that feeling struck, nothing happened. The sense of a preternatural in the area made her hyper-sensitive. Carlo felt Eran's temporal probe but ignored it.

Carlo felt Eran's probe but failed to sense the approach of another preternatural being. A wolf shifter prowled the construction site as a watchman. Quinn, a Russian shifter, also Anna's partner, prowled the area. As Quinn approached Carlo, the shift to human form occurred. Quinn seized Carlo subduing him and tied him up. "Walk to the tavern, Carlo, your night of freedom has ended," Quinn growled.

Carlo struggled, but the binding held fast and tightened with each twist and flex. Slowly, Quinn followed Carlo pushing him toward the tavern and captivity. Carlo's mind raced thinking of retaking his freedom. But the binding had supernatural charms and held fast. Several VJS officers saw the two approaching and went to take Carlo into custody. While the officers put Carlo into a van, Quinn joined Anna and Eran.

Quinn looked at Eran and Anna, "Gwen was here. Has another shifter prowled the area?"

"No, but with all the preternatural activity, Gwen could go unnoticed," Anna replied. "Eran, did you feel the presence of another shifter?"

"No, but that is not unusual for me. I have trouble at times using my powers of 'intuition' around a lot of preternatural beings." Eran replied as she watched Kevin approach.

Kevin hugged Eran and acknowledged Quinn and Anna. "Has anyone seen Gwen?" Kevin asked fearfully.

Eran answered, "No, but that is not unusual with all the activity here. Remember, Gwen is shy when shifting to human form because she is nude."

Two VJS officers approached the group with a silver infused leash on a wolf between them. "Does this wolf belong here tonight?" The lead officer inquired.

Quinn looked at the wolf and nodded, "Yes. The wolf is part of our capture team. Thank you for treating her gently."

Quinn took the leash from the officer and guided Gwen to a VJS van to allow the change in private. Gwen quickly shifted and dressed. When dressed, Quinn and Gwen joined the group to compare notes of the capture.

Before leaving the scene, Eran called Slade. After Slade answered, Eran reported, "Carlo is in custody and on the way back to VJS. Tell Leona there was no difficulty capturing Carlo and the trial can start immediately."

Slade informed Eran, "It is almost daylight and time for Leona to enter her sleep chamber. The trial will wait until Leona awakens later today. Come back to VJS, fill out the reports and get some rest."

The group rode in a VJS SUV driven by Kevin. The passengers remained quiet and watched the city fade as VJS came into view. Eran finished writing the incident report on her ever-present laptop. As the young detective closed the computer, thoughts flooded Eran's mind. On several occasions lately, the 'intuition' invaded Eran's mind at crime scenes and meetings of the investigators. These 'intuitions' increased the longer Eran worked at VJS. Kevin peeked at Eran while driving and saw the confusion and wonder on her face.

"What is on your mind, Eran?" Kevin asked.

"Uh, Nothing," Eran stammered avoiding the question.

Kevin left the question unanswered and decided to talk with Eran in private later. The drive continued in silence.

Quinn asked, "Eran, what has happened to you lately? I have noticed a look of confusion and wonderment on your face as things happened. Are you sensing something different?"

Eran turned to the detective and looked him in the eye. "Yes, I have sensed things that gave me insight into future events, but I could not control it. It was as if my cognitive powers were enhanced. It only happened when I was near other preternatural beings. Could I borrow some power from these other beings to enhance my own?"

Quinn replied, "It was possible that you had some latent powers that were stimulated by the presence of other preternatural beings. Had this happened before you started working with Slade?"

Eran thought for a bit, "Not that I remember. I had not been exposed to preternatural beings before I worked here. It was all new to me. Maybe I could get some help and information from Leona when we return."

Kevin gave Eran a questioning look. She shrugged her shoulders in reply and reached over and gave him a reassuring pat on his leg as he drove to VJS headquarters. Eran's mind drifted over the past month's events trying to remember any occasion where her life changed preternaturally. She had nothing that stuck out in her mind.

When the VJS officers arrived at headquarters, there was a traffic jam with all the vehicles which transported fae suspects and Carlo. Kevin drove around to a loading dock, where the detectives exited and went to the squad room. The processed fae was escorted quietly down a hallway past Eran and Kevin into a large holding cell. When Eran looked at the faces of the fae, she felt the premonition flare. A smile of precognition filled her face, which Kevin noticed immediately.

Kevin poked Eran, "What did you see?"

"There was nothing there, only the feeling of something pending," Eran replied.

Eran and Kevin continued into the squad room proper past a conference room, where Sebastian and his two young women waited. Again, the feeling washed over Eran. The feeling persisted and felt stronger. Eran shuddered and grabbed Kevin's arm firmly, squeezing him. "It is here again and is stronger," Eran almost yelled.

Kevin looked around for a preternatural being and saw Sebastian. Kevin seized Eran's arm and pointed into the conference room. Eran gasped at the sight of Sebastian. Shock registered as Eran remembered the incident when she encountered Sebastian at the estate. Sebastian spied on the stakeout while being invisible. Eran saw Sebastian as a ripple of the air that surrounded him. Now Eran had a clue about her newly acquired power. As Eran stood outside the conference room, her body shuddered, and the feeling that overwhelmed her at the estate returned.

As Eran stood near the conference room, her premonition started to grow in her mind. She saw the future for Carlo which was not very promising, but the fae and Molly would be excellent. Eran turned to Kevin and said, "Severe punishment awaits Carlo, but the other fae and Molly will be released. Now, I need to see what happens."

Kevin nodded, "That will have to wait until Leona awakens this evening and convenes the VJS court with Molly and Slade."

Eran nodded and walked into the squad room to her desk. As she sat at her desk, her mind cleared, and her emotions became clearer. She saw the arrest papers on her desk for Carlo which were incomplete. She took her pen and wrote the description of the night's events and presented a convincing argument for locking Carlo up for his crimes and added the destruction of a cell and escape. In her mind, Carlo would end up going away for a very long time.

Kevin sat opposite Eran looking at her. He saw her expression change back to the young detective he met earlier as a lovely young woman. His thoughts drifted to the past events leading up to the changes observed tonight. Eran was a dedicated detective, but he saw that she was also a 'sensitive,' a person who gathered powers from the para-normal beings around them. Sebastian, being a very strong succubus emitted an excessive amount of these powers. Eran drew that excessive power and became a para-normal until he moved away from her area. Kevin decided to bring up the topic after the current case with Carlo and Molly concluded.


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