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Vampire Murders Part 13

Vampire Murders Part 13

Eran gets in trouble. Leona meets Eran.

Eran awoke sandwiched between two male vampires in the front seat of the red pickup truck. They left the club parking lot in a slow deliberate manner, so as not to attract undue attention. The mist, which blanketed the city, turned to a soft gentle rain coating everything it touched and soaking into everything. She sat up straight, looked at her captors and watched the surroundings as they passed through the city. They left the area of the club, cruised through downtown and entered another warehouse area of light industrial buildings. Most of the buildings had bright lights and bustled with activity. A few fringe buildings remained dark and foreboding. The red pickup approached one of the darkened buildings and drove through the large overhead door, which opened and closed noiselessly.

The building from the outside appeared to be an old abandoned warehouse, but inside was a functioning area for living and sleeping. Bright lights illuminated the whole area. There were six rooms on one side, where the vampires, gang members and guests slept. Next to the rooms was a community bathroom with showers and toilets. There was also a very large hot tub for relaxing and just having fun. On the back wall was a fully functioning kitchen with a well-stocked refrigerator and freezer. In front of the kitchen area was a long table used to serve meals and hold meetings. Opposite the rooms was an entertainment area housing video games, large screen TVs, DVD players, computers, a jukebox and various pieces of gym equipment. In a netted area was a small basketball court.

Eran looked at the area and whistled under her breath, thinking these kidnappers lived very well, right under the eyes of the police. Her phone buzzed in her pocket, she reached for it and canceled the call. Had she looked at it, she would have seen it was from detective Slade. She knew, she was in trouble, but if she stayed alert and vigilant, she would survive. Once she entered the warehouse, she knew that her captivity began and she needed to remain alert. The first thing she did was to scope out the area looking for possible escape routes. There weren't any readily observable. She knew there had to be at least one other way out, through which the kidnappers would escape if surrounded. She watched the vampires move around the area and saw that they were uncomfortable. Something was wrong and she sensed it immediately.

The vampires grabbed Eran's arms and roughly took her to the table and made her sit in a stiff backed wooden chair. They tied her legs to the front legs of the chair and her arms behind her. They never searched her and she felt good about that. If Slade were intelligent, he would be searching for her now using the find capability of every cell phone. Her location was broadcast using the GPS broadcast from her phone. She played along with her captors not struggling, screaming or resisting in any manner. By being passive, Eran hoped to force her captors to make mistakes and so far, it worked. She trained in school on how to handle captivity or trapped in a bad situation. The vampires felt very comfortable with her now and moved freely about, disregarding her presence.

No one noticed, as Andrei emerged from one of the rooms and approached the table. He signaled Eran to remain quiet, walked behind her chair and released her hands. He moved away from her, floated over the area and subdued the vampires. He easily got them incapacitated and moved them to the room he exited earlier. Eran reached in her pocket, recalled her last call number and dialed it.

Slade answered on the first ring, "Where are you? Are you all right? What happened?"

Eran gasped and giggled, "Slow down detective. I am fine. Two vampires grabbed me in the parking lot and drove me to a warehouse. A mysterious man who floats around, who also released me, captured them. If you follow my phone signal, you can find me very easily. Please hurry. I want to get out of here."

Andrei came back from putting the vampires away, checked on Eran and opened the warehouse door. A large black Step Van backed into the warehouse. Four burly men got out, opened the back and went to the room where the vampires were imprisoned. They carried out four coffins, slid them into the truck and drove out of the building. Andrei left with the truck and left Eran to answer any questions that arose from Slade and Leona.

Forty-five minutes after the truck left, Slade and Leona drove into the warehouse. Eran waited in the chair with her legs still tied with knots that needed very strong fingers to undo. Leona freed her as Slade looked around the warehouse for the vampires or any other signs of life. There was nothing found. The red pickup sat where the kidnappers parked it. Slade called CSU to come and gather any evidence left by the vampire captors. The case against the vampires grew each day, as they still evaded capture. Now with the kidnapping of a law enforcement person, the charges got more serious.

Eran made her preliminary statement to the CSU team. Slade and Leona helped her out to his car and they left to go to Cafe Rendezvous for some warm drinks and cookies. They gave her back her car keys and purse. Spending time in a social situation with Slade pleased Eran. She had trouble understanding why Slade and Leona were a couple, but decided it was a matter of choice. She got to know Leona in a different light and found her to be a kind loving woman who was a vampire. For Eran, it was a good end to a very exciting day. She did not realize how tired she was until she got back to her car to drive home. Slade dropped her off, made sure she got into her car and followed her home. He watched her walk up to her door and go inside. Only then did he feel that she was safe and could take Leona back to her sleep chamber for the day.

"Do you know where Andrei would take the captive vampires?" Slade asked of Leona.

"There is a vampire jail facility, but it closed a long time ago. Gustaf must know where they are. He is in charge of the vampire justice system in this area." Leona offered.

Slade drove on deep in thought. His mind analyzed what happened tonight and over the past few days with these new vampires. Through all this was a common thread and person, Gustaf. He wondered if Leona was also involved in all this deception and manipulation. More questions swirled in his mind. This case got stranger as time moved slowly onward. He decided he had to know what Leona knew and if she participated in any or all of it.

He felt what he planned to ask would jeopardize his relationship, but he had to know as he turned to Leona, "Are you involved with this vampire shell game?"

Leona looked at him shocked with a pained expression, "No, at first Gustaf asked me to get close to you but I soon felt you were a good man and I wanted you as a friend and ally. I told him to get another spy. He decided after he met Connie, that she would do."

"Do you think Gustaf helped them evade capture and is still helping them?" Slade continued.

"I don't really know but it is possible. An edict went out to all master vampires, telling them to integrate into their local communities and live peacefully with their human counterparts. Gustaf went along at first, but felt peaceful co-existence was not a good thing. He wants to rule mankind and control the vampires and humans here." Leona volunteered.

Slade said, "That explains a lot. Why are you still with me if you refused to spy?"

"As I spent time with you I realized that I had strong feelings for you and wanted to be with you every day. Vampires are supposed to be hard creatures both physically and emotionally. When I was alive, I never had a boyfriend or lover. The only man in my life was Gustaf my brother. Now that I am a vampire, I found the man I want to spend eternity with, but he grows older and may die some day. You are that man." Leona confessed. "To make you live forever, I need to make you a vampire, but I cannot bring myself to do that to you."

"Will you help me with Gustaf to get him on our side and give me the vampires and their human gang members? I want to solve the murders, the bombing and Eran's kidnapping." He pleaded. "This case is growing and we are getting enough to charge them all and put them away, but they keep eluding us."

Leona smiled weakly at him and spoke softly, "I will try my hardest to help you. Gustaf is my brother, so I have to respect that, but I will talk to Andrei and ask him to intercede for us. Maybe that will help turn Gustaf back to the man I grew up with so long ago."

Slade had more questions, but decided it was not the right time to ask most of them. Leona was an ally with sympathies to the 'enemy' but she might be of great help in the future. There was a growing vampire community here and the assimilation of them into the general population happened without any trouble so far. If Gustaf succeeded in derailing the process, it could take years for it to happen or even never at all. Showing these vampire murderers were part of a larger conspiracy could dethrone Gustaf as the master vampire of the city. Leona made a perfect replacement for him.

Sunrise was four hours away and Slade decided he wanted to learn more about Leona, how she slept and survived. Slade drove to the warehouse and inside to the parking spot for his car. As they got out, Slade observed they were alone because there were no other cars around. It became a good opportunity to know Leona better and more intimately. They walked arm in arm to her sleep chamber. The warehouse, outside the sleep chambers was very austere, no living quarters for cooking and eating, no entertainment area and no relaxation places. Everything that happened there was behind the sleep chamber doors. Leona opened her door and allowed Slade to enter first. He entered the room, stopped and looked around. The last time he was here, he was so tired he slept in the bed and paid no attention to the room. Now the room and its opulence overwhelmed his senses.

Alizarin crimson was the major color that decorated Leona's chamber. The carpet, the bed, the walls were all the same color. The furniture was all natural wood finished in what appeared as a natural Walnut color. The bed was the most prominent piece of furniture in the room. It was a pedestal bed built up so it needed a step up to get onto it. The walnut wood headboard contained vertical and horizontal metal bars placed as decoration but performed other functions. In the ceiling, recessed spot lighting on dimmers bathed the bed in light. There was a large dark brown leather couch, a leather recliner and a stool in front of Leona's dressing table. Soft lighting emanated from hidden lights around the perimeter of the room. For decoration and function, electric candelabra lights illuminated the room with simulated candlelight.

There was a walk-in closet next to the bathroom, which contained a rich full wardrobe of expensive gowns, dresses, shoes and coats. The back of the triple door entrance contained racks of shoes to match all the dresses and gowns. A large mirror reflected from inside the closet making it seem longer than it was.

Built into part of the wall was a finely polished cabinet with a heavy lock, securing it. Inside this cabinet was a collection of instruments of pleasure, punishment and torture. Leona used them to carry out her position of 'enforcer' for the vampire justice system. She used a couple of things from this cabinet one night when Slade stayed with her. She not only used them on others, but liked having them used on her too.

White and aquamarine tile covered the bathroom from floor to ceiling. On one side of the room was a large dual sink and white toilet. The other side held a large glass walled shower with bench seating and four showerheads. Outside and next to the shower was a huge sunken aquamarine tub with hydro jets. The shower and tub were big enough to accommodate several people at once. Everything in the room gleamed from the lighting in the ceiling and over the dual sinks. There was a big open rack containing several towels and other bathroom essentials. Small throw rugs were on the floor to allow easy walking if the tile got wet.

The most interesting part of the room was in a rather obscure corner. Built on a black wrought iron pedestal was Leona's sleep chamber. It was a large walnut coffin with gold handles and a red satin lining. Slade walked over to it and looked inside. Leona walked up to him and took his hand.

"Do you like my sleep chamber?" She asked.

Slade not knowing what to say, sheepishly replied, "It looks beautiful and very comfortable."

Leona smiled, pulled him away, walked to the couch and sat down. Slade sat close to her, put his arm behind her head and she rested her head on his chest. Slade put his hand on her head and held her tightly to him. His thoughts drifted over the events of the day. Over all it was a good day. Eran gave him a lot of good usable information and Andrei captured and imprisoned the vampires. Eran's kidnapping was bad, but she was free now. He started to fall asleep on the couch because he was so relaxed.

Suddenly, Leona tensed which caused Slade to wake up with a start. The overhead door rolled up and a large vehicle drove into the warehouse. Leona heard it and cautioned Slade to be quiet and stay on the couch. The door rolled down and the occupants of the truck got out. They opened the back of the truck, removed four caskets and rolled them to the last sleep chamber reserved for guests. The occupants returned to the truck and left quickly. Andrei stayed behind to guard the prisoners.

Leona moved out from under Slade and went to talk to Andrei. She quietly closed the door to her chamber and sat with Andrei across the warehouse.

"Did you bring the vampire prisoners here to stay for the day?" She asked.

Andrei hesitated but replied, "No, those were empty caskets which we used to transport the subdued prisoners."

"Where are they now?" Leona asked getting a little angry.

"Gustaf took them and drove them to an undisclosed place of imprisonment." He replied.

"Are you sure they are still under imprisonment? Gustaf has a different plan for things in this city. I think they are under his control to carry out his plans." Leona admitted to Andrei.

"What do you mean Leona? I don't understand what is going on." Andrei admitted.

Leona started to tell Andrei the story of Gustaf and her arrival in the United States. She explained that they came upon this city with a growing vampire population and a very weak leader. Gustaf easily wrested the city from the old leader and established himself as the new master. With Leona by his side, they created a vampire system of justice to enforce laws to live by and co-exist with the humans. As time went on, the vampires assimilated into the human world and took part in all aspects of society. When first started the vampires lived apart from the humans and ran their own businesses as well as lived in special parts of the city. The human population accepted them and welcomed their presence among them. This went on for a few generations of humans and the mixing of the two, made life easier, but the enforcement of justice more difficult.

About a year ago, an edict came from the Vampire Council that all vampire masters must assimilate their vampires into their respective human communities. At first, Gustaf complied, but soon he felt it was a useless endeavor. The police investigated the six murders, but failed to link them with a revolt against the Vampire Council's edict. Every time the capture of the vampires was imminent, they escaped. The police suspected that they got word of the potential capture and took off.

With the capture of the four vampires, after they kidnapped detective Slade's new assistant, many people saw how they escaped easily. Turning them over to the vampire justice system might just have opened the door to finding the leak.

"If Gustaf is the person helping these vampire rogues, there could be a big uprising in the city. Being his sister puts me in the line of fire as well. I want the old Gustaf back and the city to grow to tolerate the vampire population." Leona confessed. "I have grown to love detective Slade and do not want to lose him because of Gustaf."

Andrei looked at Leona with the love of her maker and told her, "I was sent here by the Vampire Council to investigate the rumors of Gustaf's rebellion. They are concerned that his actions could undermine the progress made over the years. They authorized me to do what is necessary to stabilize the situation and bring the vampire murderers to vampire justice."

"Does that mean you can remove Gustaf from power?" Leona asked with fear in her voice.

"Sorry to say it, Leona, but yes." Andrei replied. "Now I understand the situation and I as his maker have control over Gustaf. He must follow my commands or face the wrath of the Vampire Council and me."

This saddened Leona and she hung her head in shame. Sunrise was less than an hour away and she needed to get Slade going home. She got up and told Andrei he could use one of the other rooms. She walked into her room, woke up Slade and made sure he left after kissing him goodbye. She slowly walked back to her room, took off her clothes and sadly climbed into her sleep chamber to spend the day in safety.

About two hours after sunrise, a black Step Van entered the warehouse. Four burly men exited the truck, entered the occupied sleep chambers and took the coffins containing the sleeping vampires.

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