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Vampire Murders Part 3

Vampire Murders Part 3

Slade dates Leona and Connie meets the vampires. Clues start to happen.

Slade caught up with Connie as she sauntered down the alley to the street. She was still euphoric from her first meeting with vampires. They controlled her easily and kept her out of the direct exchange between Slade and Gustaf. As far as she knew, the vampires were lovely people and could be trusted. When Slade got beside Connie, she wrapped her arm around Slade's arm and rested her head on his shoulder. Slade went along, but felt very uncomfortable with the closeness. Some serious ground rules needed setting, if this relationship were to continue. It was nice, but it might hamper further investigations.

Slade opened the car and deposited Connie in the passenger's seat. He went to the back of the car, opened the trunk and the lock box inside, put the DVD's inside and closed it all back up. He got in the driver's side and drove off, back to the squad room. Before he got there, he decided a side trip to DD's was best. Connie needed to come down from her vampire high before they entered the squad room. They parked in the rear and as Connie got out of the car, she held Slade a little too long and kissed him hard on the lips. They both went inside with Slade a bit red-faced from the kiss. Connie sat down, poured coffee for Slade and her and ordered her Bavarian crème donut. She took a big bite of donut followed by a swig of coffee. She shuddered as if a cold breeze ran through her bones.

"When did we get here? Did we get anywhere with those sweet vampires?" Connie asked innocently.

"Yes we did. They gave us two DVDs of footage from the club cameras. Leona is my official point of contact for all vampire activity. She has Gustaf's blessing and authority. I am afraid, you do not remember any of it, because they glamoured you." Slade said forlornly.

"What is glamouring?" Connie queried.

"It is the way vampires hypnotize a human into forgetting or doing their bidding. Gustaf glamoured you partially to protect you, but to keep you out of the discussions." Slade told her sheepishly.

"How can I prevent that from happening?" She demanded strongly.

"The only way I know, do not look into their eyes. Once you do they can control you completely." Slade told her. Slade wondered why he was immune to glamouring. He looked into Gustaf and Leona's eyes, but there was no effect.

Connie shook her head. She recovered completely now and did not remember kissing Slade or hanging all over him. Slade thought, maybe she forgot about her romantic behavior earlier. The discussions can wait for now. They finished up at DDs and got in the car for the drive to the squad room. Connie reached across the seat, trying to get to Slade's arm. She desperately wanted to touch him. She needed to touch him. Her social life fell apart last night and she needed to know Slade cared.

Slade carried the lock box to the conference room and opened it, removing its contents. Connie grabbed the DVDs, walked out to the tech support officer and handed them to him. "Can we get duplicates of these? Please put the originals in evidence bags when done."

"Sure, they will be ready in twenty minutes." He replied.

"We may need to bring Leona here to help identify the two vampires." Connie said as she returned to the conference room. Slade nodded his head in agreement.

There was a knock at the door and the tech support officer handed Connie the DVD copies and a plastic evidence bag containing the originals. She put the evidence bag into the evidence file and made an entry in the log for it. She handed the copies to Slade who put the first DVD in the computer projector. The screen came alive with the rotating screens of the cameras in the club. The VIP area was prominent in most of the scenes, as were the performers on stage. Slade fast-forwarded through the time sequence. Nothing jumped out at the two detectives. It was the usual people coming and going. Suddenly two leather clad young men appeared at the VIP platform entrance. They looked promising and faced the camera to get pictures taken. In the picture, their smiles prominently displayed their fangs. Connie noted the time stamp and Slade selected to have the particular frame printed three times. He continued scanning the DVD. When the printing finished, Connie grabbed the pictures, looked at them closely, logged one copy of the picture in as evidence, picked up the phone and called the detectives in charge of gang activities. In less than ten minutes, a member of the 'gang squad' appeared and looked at the pictures. He took a photo back to his squad for better identification. Slade and Connie felt elated. They finally got a solid clue. Slade noted where he stopped and removed the DVD and stored it in the lock box.

"Connie, I think we have done enough for the night. Let's call it a day and go home." Slade wearily said.

They cleaned up the conference room and took everything with them to their desks. In the squad room, detective partners sat facing each other. Slade and Connie sat at two desks up against a wall near the coffee station. It was a noisy area and they spent more time in the conference room to get some quiet. Slade put the lock box on his desk. Connie grabbed her coat and Slade's, handed it to him and waited until he was ready to leave. They left the squad room together going to their cars. In the elevator, Connie grabbed Slade and kissed him again hard on his lips. Slade stepped back, but Connie stayed with him. He knew now that all the kisses and hugs and cuddling were real and not caused by the vampires. Connie was in love with him. This made their work relationship a little tense, but they had to work it out. When the elevator opened, Connie walked out first and waited for Slade to follow. In the parking lot, she grabbed his arm, as he led her to her car. She kissed him again wordlessly before she got in her car and drove away. Slade stood there with a very puzzled look on his face.

Slade got in his car, sat there for a moment, picked up his phone and called Leona. "Are you available to go out right now? I will be by the alley in ten minutes, can you meet me? I have a picture for you to look at." He asked.

"Why detective Slade are we going out? I will gladly wait for you." Leona huskily replied.

Slade drove his personal car back to the alley where Leona waited for him. She appeared almost ghost like out of the mist as he drove up. He reached over and opened the door, so she could slide in next to him. She wore a semi-transparent dress, which showed off all her charms and Slade sat mesmerized by her before driving away. Slade stopped at a traffic light and looked at her again. He asked, "Where would you like to go, Leona."

"Just take me someplace, any place that is quiet, secluded, friendly and somewhat dark. How about taking me to your place?" Leona huskily told Slade.

"How about we just go back to the club and sit in your room or at a table?" Slade hastily asked.

Leona looked at Slade and shook her head, "There are people at the club who would not take kindly to having a cop in the place right now. We can go to a place not far from here. Gustaf has a small warehouse where he keeps cars and supplies for The Main Artery. There are a couple of rooms there for guests when they come to town. I have a key."

Slade was apprehensive, but reluctantly agreed to the place. Leona directed him where to drive and she slid closer to him in the car. Her hand rested on Slade's thigh as it did Gustaf in the club earlier. When Slade drove to the big iron roll-up door, Leona got out, went into the building and opened the door. Slade drove in and the door closed behind him. Soft sensual lighting bathed the warehouse, as Leona joined Slade outside his car. She took his hand and led him to a darkened room, which had a couch, a table and chair and a bed. The lighting was very soft and subdued. Blackened windows surrounded the room preventing any daylight entering. Leona went to the bed laid seductively down and patted the area beside her. Slade took off his coat, jacket and gun. He took the picture out of his pocket and brought it over for Leona to examine. She looked intently at the picture, looked up at Slade and nodded her head in affirmation that the two men were the young vampires.

Slade walked back to the table, put the picture down and joined Leona back on the bed. Slade lay down next to Leona who was up on one elbow. She hovered over Slade looking him in the eyes. She tried to glamour him into submission but it did not work. She wanted to have her way with Slade, but she had to do it the old-fashioned way. She bent down and kissed Slade on the lips. Her lips were soft, but cold. Her whole body was cold. The cold feeling of her skin took Slade aback. The coldness held him back and he failed to respond to her ministrations. The more she tried the less Slade responded. After twenty minutes, Leona stopped, got up from the bed and stormed out of the room. Slade fell asleep and curled up in a ball. Just before dawn, Leona woke up Slade, kissed him hard and smacked his butt. Slade got up fast and almost smacked Leona. They went to the car, opened the door, drove out and got Leona back to The Main Artery just before dawn. Slade drove home happy he got some sleep, but sad that Leona was angry about his lack of response.

Slade got home to his apartment, took off his coat and gun and went to check his voicemail. There was one message on his machine. It was from Connie.

"I kicked my boyfriend out two nights ago and I am lonely. Can you come over tonight?"

Her voice choked as if she cried while uttering the words. Slade sat and shook his head, as he listened to Connie several times. He thought what could I do about Connie. He liked her but this was so sudden and he was not ready to date his partner and a vampire. Slade erased the message and thought he would talk to Connie later.

Slade went in his room and curled up on his bed. He wanted some more sleep before he left for the squad room. He had the picture in which Leona pointed out the two new vampires. The gang task force had a copy of the picture and Connie and he waited for their identities. He hoped the information was there when he arrived for his shift.

Gustaf waited for Leona to return from her 'date' with Slade. When Leona walked in, he motioned her to join him in his office. In the office, she sat down on a couch and Gustaf behind his desk.

"How was detective Slade? Was he worth your efforts? He looked like a strong man very capable for you." Gustaf inquired.

Leona replied disgustedly, "He was a total bust. We ended up at the warehouse in one of the guest chambers. I did my best to seduce him by glamouring, but he resisted strongly. I tried the old-fashioned way and the more amorous I got the less he wanted me. The guy is a cold fish."

Gustaf laughed loudly at Leona's words. "I knew he would be a tough one to seduce. He seemed incorruptible. Maybe we need to corrupt Connie. She was easy to glamour. Maybe you can have a go at her soon."

Leona laughed, "You think she will go for another woman? If she does not succumb will you do it? How are our new gang members behaving? They are certainly making a mess of things."

"They are getting to be a problem. Their gang affiliations are nice but their behavior is testing my patience. We may have to deal with them harshly if they continue. I do like the connection to the human gang. I think our two bouncers need to pay a visit to the gang and our converts tonight." Gustaf said with great disgust.

"Let's turn in and get our daytime rest. Tonight will come soon enough." Leona pleaded. She got up and went to her room in the back while Gustaf opened the wall and climbed into his coffin.

Across town, two new vampires ran to their rooms with their girlfriends making sure they avoided the rising sun. Outside the sleep chambers was an empty cell, which usually held a captive meal for the vampires. Three days passed since they last fed, but there was plenty of food to choose from out on the streets.

During the day, the human gang members sought and enticed young women to come into the warehouse. Five young men prowled the streets looking for the homeless or prostitutes or runaway young women. No one missed these women, because to society they did not exist. They came to the vampire haven, where they ate, cleaned up and slept in a real bed.

After a couple of days, the ordeal started. The five humans took turns with them day and night. The ordeal lasted for two days after which the vampires took over. The women were so broken, they did not care what happened to them. The vampires stripped them, chased them through the warehouse, caught them and let them go. After a few hours of this torture, the vampires hungered and pounced on the young women. In a matter of minutes, the four vampires drained the women of blood and watched them die. When the women died, the human gang members hooted and hollered in a victory dance. The vampires left to go prowl the dark alleys. The infusion of fresh blood increased their strength and alertness. They felt revived and wanted to howl and celebrate their new powers.

Their maker failed in training them. She fled after creating the four new vampires, because the five humans threatened her with staking. The new vampires had no concept of hunting or discreetly feeding on willing victims. It took great care to hunt and feed. If done improperly, death and destruction happened. The result of such behavior brought the local authorities to the master vampire of the city. At that point, it was a black eye on the vampire community. The punishment for the offending vampire or vampires was swift and final. The offenders disappeared, as if they never existed, in a quick and immediate death, no trial and no appeal.

Gustaf, the current master vampire, hated the policy of destroying new rogue vampires. He believed that everyone needed a chance to learn and grow. After detective Slade's first visit, he sought out the new vampires. It took some time to discover whom they were and find their haven. Leona found their haven and brought the two male vampires to Gustaf. He sat with them and talked about rehabilitation. They listened but did not seem to care. Gustaf reasoned that part of the problem was the five human gang members, who did the hunt and capture. If they vanished, the training began again and they were up to standard, no one cared for retribution. So far, Gustaf's efforts eliminating the five human gang members proved impossible to carry out. Somehow, the humans escaped detection by the pursuing vampires. The hunters knew where the gang hid out, but they only came out during the day. At night, the gang stayed hidden inside the vampire haven. No one invited the hunters in to the haven, so they stayed outside every night waiting for one of the humans.

The morning after the last hunt by the new vampires dawned cloudy and dark. The hunters left the area and returned to their haven. The heavy steel overhead door rolled up and a red pick-up truck raced out into the street. In the back of the truck was the latest victim for disposal in a secluded area. Three gang members sat in the cab, listening to music, looking for a good spot to dump their latest victim. They drove out of town a little ways on what appeared to be an abandoned road. Large piles of leaves and foliage debris flooded the roadside, a perfect spot for a dump. The truck stopped, the two passengers got out, jumped in the truck bed and threw the body into a pile of leaves and branches. The two passengers climbed back into the cab and before the door closed, the truck sped away.

The three occupants failed to see the man out walking his dog, who wrote down the plate number of the truck. He took out his cell phone, called 911 to report the body and waited for the police. It was early morning and Slade and Connie were asleep from their night shift work. The phone next to Slade's bed rang loudly rousing him from his deep sleep. He took the message, sat on the edge of his bed and dialed Connie's number. Connie sleepily answered the phone, but perked up at the sound of Slade's voice, "We have another body but this time there was a witness to the persons leaving it. I will pick you up in twenty minutes. Be ready!"

Connie raced from her bed, took a quick shower, put on fresh clothes and put her best makeup on her face. She wanted to appear fresh and awake for Slade. She put her gun on her hip and her credentials in the pocket of her dress slacks. She was ready. Exactly twenty minutes later, Slade pulled up in front of her apartment. Connie went to the car and got in next to Slade. Her perfume spread lightly throughout the car, an odor favored by Slade. They sped off in the morning light, elated that they caught a break in the case.

The yellow tape spread across the road surrounding the area to keep the onlookers at bay. Slade drove up and a patrol officer lifted the tape allowing him to proceed. Slade waved and drove on. He stopped the car and got out. They approached the body and saw right away the vampire marks and the splattered blood. This was the same group as the earlier murders. The coroner report would confirm it later in the day. The young woman looked like garbage tossed to the roadside, what a tragic loss. The man with the dog sat in a patrol car up ahead. Slade and Connie walked to the car, introduced themselves and proceeded to question the man.

"What brought you out so early in the morning and why to this area?" Slade asked.

"Buster over there made such a ruckus about having to go out. I got up, dressed and walked this way because it is deserted and quiet. We just finished and turned to go home when the truck drove up. Two young men got out, jumped in the back and tossed the body to the roadside. They sped off quickly, but not before I wrote down the plate number. I called 911 immediately to report the incident. Now all I want to do is go home and go back to bed."

"You can go home. Give your information to the officer over there and he will make sure you get home safely. Thank you for being a good citizen." Slade praised the witness.

"We finally have some real solid leads. We need to get back to the squad room and run the plate. Once we have the information, we can get a warrant and bust in the place. There should be plenty of evidence there of the different women and the vampires." Connie happily told Slade.

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