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Vampire Murders Part 4

Vampire Murders Part 4

The vampires learn a lesson and Leona takes over. A whistleblower emerges.

Slade and Connie headed back to the squad room. Instead of going home back to bed, they had to report on what they saw and file the appropriate paperwork. For every incident a detective covered, there was a corresponding paper trail in quadruple copies. One copy went into central files, one copy to the evidence locker by case number, one copy to squad files and one copy to the officer. It seemed like a lot of work, but it saved many a cop's butt when appearing in court.

"This seems like a waste of time again. We got a clue, but it might be a stolen truck or stolen plates as usual. Too bad, the witness could not describe the two men for a sketch artist." Connie lamented.

"We just have to gather what we can and put it all together. If we are good, we get a break and the case explodes in our favor. We get the bad guys and put them behind bars." Slade posited.

Connie filed her report and set to work tracing the plate number of the truck seen driven by the men dumping the body. This was a slow process, because the request went to a central data bank, where a file clerk took the request, logged it, performed the search and returned the information back to the requestor. Depending on the volume of searches, this took from thirty minutes to several hours. To Connie it looked like it would be hours for a response. She and Slade sat in the conference room adding data from the last victim to the accumulated data sheet. To most, everyone the victims became just dead women, but Slade and Connie knew better. Somewhere, out there was a family, husband or boyfriend mourning the missing young women.

While the vampires slept, the human gang members celebrated another successful party. They disposed of six women and felt invincible now. The vampire maker of their friends was gone. She ran away when threatened with staking by the gang of humans. The new vampires lacked discipline but they would be getting help from Gustaf soon. The gang set about cleaning up the mess from vampire playtime the night before. They swept up the torn clothes and debris strewn about. They washed the blood off the floor down a big drain in the middle of the floor. Vampires were messy when they fed on their victims.

Music played through the warehouse. The gang members liked the place. It was set up like a small motel with rooms for each of the gang and the four vampires.

"Maybe we can hire someone to clean the place after our parties. I hate having to clean up after the vamps get through." One of the gang said.

"Yeah, but we can't complain. Look at what we have going on here. We have a place to live for free, plenty of food and money, a fleet of vehicles to use and no one hassles us if we have fun." Another replied.

"We have to be careful about who we tell about what goes on here. We don't want to lose such a good deal." The first gang member said.

The place they cleaned was down the road from the warehouse where Slade and Leona spent the night. Each of the warehouses in this area made up a small complex owned by TMA Ltd. The buildings comprised a small community of vampire dwellings completely outfitted to house several visiting vampires. The newly renovated warehouse the gang inhabited contained sleeping quarters for the four new vampires and the remainder of the human gang with space for visitors. From the outside, it appeared as a storage warehouse, but inside it split into several small apartment sized areas. Each area was independent and blocked off from the rest. They were like houses on a small street. The visitor's quarters stayed isolated from the rest because that was where the mayhem happened. The whole building contained video cameras and sound recording equipment connected to the main control room several miles away. Everything that happened in the building ended up on video DVD's for later playback by the owner of the complex. The owner liked watching the occupants live and play with unwitting visitors. The human gang added to the mystery of day-to-day life.

In one corner of the warehouse was a fleet of vehicles the vampires and human gang used. TMA Ltd. owned all the vehicles and let the occupants use them. Everything the gang needed arrived as needed, supplied by the warehouse owner. In return, the owner got the human gang to do business during daylight hours that was impossible at night. This arrangement worked for both groups well. Over time however, the owner realized that the gang performed other services for themselves, which attracted the attention of the local police and rival gangs. The rival gangs were easy to control and eliminated, but the police suspected that vampires took over these services and came looking for help. The kidnapping, rape and murder of the six young women attracted too much attention. Fortunately, the young women were relatively unknown and not missed yet. The police suspected that a gang kidnapped the women during the day and handed them over to vampires at night.

After cleaning the warehouse, four of the gang members took two cars and prowled the streets for new victims. Because the press and police kept the deaths of the women on a very low profile, the city did not care if they went missing. The alarms that normally sounded were quiet. No one cared. It was still easy to find willing young women to entice with promises of money and a good life style. The dress of the gang members and their cars showed off their success even though false. They had an air of bravado, which became infectious to the young women enticing them further to join these young men for adventure.

"Bring back a cute petite blonde for me please?" The remaining member said as the others left.

One of the cars prowled the area of the city known for its prostitution and drugs. The gang hated drugs, but prostitutes made perfect victims. These women got in stranger's cars all the time and nobody noticed whether they left or came back. They were invisible.

Maria was a petite, buxom blonde woman who looked seventeen, but was twenty-nine. She worked the streets since she became eighteen and left the oppressive domineering father and brothers who abused her physically and mentally. Now she sold her body to keep alive and continued her education. She registered for college when she was twenty-four. She desperately wanted to escape her current and past lives. She knew the only way to get out was to get an education and a skill that paid well. She studied hard and made the dean's list the first semester she attended college. Her course of study was computer engineering and she was an excellent student helping her classmates and the professors when needed.

The red pickup truck pulled to the curb where Maria plied her trade. She walked up to the passenger window. "Are you boys looking for a good time?" she asked. "I have a place that is not far from here where we can go, if you want."

"Nah, we have a better place that is like a second home. It has everything we need to party. Want to come with us today?" The gang member said.

Maria was not sure she wanted to go, but she liked the truck and the two men dressed well. What could be the harm in going with them? She got in the truck between the gang members, who smiled broadly. No one saw them come or go. She felt a little unsure but threw caution to the wind and went along.

The other car prowled the club area of the city. There were always stragglers crawling out of a club after a long night of partying and playing. As the car pulled to the curb, two young women stumbled out of a popular club. They looked up and down the street, as if they missed or waited for a cab. The gang member in the passenger side of the car yelled, "You girls need a ride? You look like your friends left you behind."

The bolder of the two sauntered up to the car, leaned into the window and checked out the two men. She liked what she saw and called over to her girlfriend. "Our friends left us last night. We spent the night here drinking and partying. We do not have anywhere to go and do not want to stop partying. You young men got something in mind?"

"We got a place where you can clean up and continue partying until you drop. There are spare rooms to crash, if you want. Just jump in the car and come along with us."

The girls jumped in the back seat, showed a little too much flesh, but the gang members did not mind at all. The girls were new to town and partied with some girls they met at another club. Now they wanted to have the party continue until they dropped. They did not care where or when the party ended.

The car and pickup truck arrived at the warehouse at the same time. The girls got out, excused themselves and went to the nearest bathroom to freshen up. The gang members stood around slapping each other on the back congratulating them for being successful. It would be a great time to party tonight.

A well stocked bar was in one corner of the common room with a gang member serving as bartender. The removal of a few tables created a small dance floor with music coming from a jukebox next to the bar. Several lounge chairs covered another area of the floor. The place looked like a small intimate nightclub. There were three bedrooms off the common room as well, if the girls needed to use them.

The girls came out of the bathroom looking like they were ready to party. Maria was a little apprehensive about her surroundings, so she went and hung out at the bar. The bartender was the member who requested a petite blonde woman and he was happy to have her there with him. They chatted for a long while and Maria felt a little more at ease.

"Have you been here long? From the outside this place looks like a real dumpy warehouse, but inside it is fabulous. What goes on here?" Maria asked.

"We have been here a few months. The company TMA Ltd. owns it, but we get everything we need and want with nobody hassling us. We have no needs except female company. Will you stay with me tonight?" The bartender Steve replied.

Maria shook her head in assent. As time went on, Maria realized that the gang held more than parties. The smell of bleach drifted through the warehouse giving Maria an uneasy feeling. She asked the bartender what happened last night. He evaded her as deftly as he could but did not allay her fears. She asked the bartender when his next break happened and could they go somewhere special. She wanted to leave now and the bartender sensed that feeling in her voice. He left the bar, grabbed the keys to the pickup truck and took Maria away from the warehouse. They went to her place and partied for a while.

Maria turned toward Steve and asked, "Now what really went on back there? I know there were bad things done there. I know you really do not want to be part of it anymore. So come clean, mister."

"You can't tell anyone, please. You are right. Terrible things did happen there six women died over the last few weeks. I took part but did not like the deaths. I want to get out of it now." Steve confessed.

"Why have we not read about the dead women? What happened to them?" Maria questioned strongly.

"All I know is the bodies were dumped in rural areas around the city. Why there were no reports is a mystery to me. They chose carefully from prostitutes or stragglers from nightclubs who drank too much." Steve spoke softly with regret.

Maria was shocked, but grateful to be away from that hell. "You can go to the police and turn yourself in." She chided.

"I can but the vampires would know. They can sense emotions in humans and can almost tell what they think. I am scared to leave. They will search and find me." Steve fearfully replied.

"I can anonymously report the place to the police. You can give me your phone number and I will call you when done. You can surrender to the police and ask for protection from the gang and vampires." Maria told Steve as he nodded his OK. Maria stayed there and the bartender went back to the warehouse.

The shadows of the buildings stretched eastward with the descent of the sun, as the red pickup truck pulled slowly into the warehouse, trying not to distract the other gang members from their party. The vampires would rise soon from their daytime sleep. The driver got out of the truck, walked deeper into the warehouse and assumed his position at the bar. Each of the girls danced with two gang members trying to seduce them. As the sun set, the automatic lighting inside and outside turned on bathing the area in soft lighting. The music played loudly with a throbbing beat, as the dancers gyrated and groped each other. At the end of the current song, the dancers left the floor dragging the girls to the side bedrooms. The gang members would take advantage of the women and abuse them physically and mentally all night. The vampires, when they woke up, would glamour the young women to force them to forget what happened and make them become wanton sluts.

The vampires adopted the appearances of characters that had major roles in Grease. The leader tried to look like Danny, the other male looked like Kenickie, the girlfriend of Danny looked like Sandy and the last girlfriend looked like Rizzo. They drove a car that looked like it was part of the movie too. The ability of vampires to change and assume the appearance of anyone made all this possible. It took a lot of practice and energy to assume these appearances. That was why the vampires fed almost daily to help with the process. So far, it worked flawlessly.

The doors to the vampire quarters opened at the same time and the four new vampires seemed to float out into the warehouse. They approached the bartender, who warmed up some special blood cocktails to start the evening festivities. He gave the drinks to the four vampires and handed the leader a note from Gustaf, demanding they appear at The Main Artery tonight. The note demanded that the four new vampires appear there, as soon as they woke from their day's repose. Although the note did not state it, the four vampires felt they were in trouble. If they were to forgo the appearance, the punishment would be most severe.

"Well kids, it looks like we are in for an interesting night. Let's go help our friends out before we appear in front of Gustaf." The senior vampire said.

He led the group of vampires to the two occupied bedrooms. The doors opened if by magic as they approached. A male and female vampire entered each room with the door closing behind them untouched. No sound came from either room as the glamouring began. In less than ten minutes, the two young women were willing submissives to any desires wanted of them. This state would last until the vampires released them. For the night and the next day at least, the young women were the sex slaves of the gang members. They submitted to any carnal desire asked of them. In most civilized circles of society, this would be rape, but here with vampires it was standard operating procedure. The vampires left the rooms, said goodbye to the bartender and went out in one of the fleet cars to The Main Artery.

Once inside The Main Artery, the bouncer led the new vampires to Gustaf's office, where Gustaf and Leona waited impatiently. Leona and Gustaf watched the replay of the prior night's play and found it terribly disgusting. The vampires played with their victim after removing the glamour. They chased the victim about the warehouse trapping her once, but allowed her to escape. They kept up the pursuit for three hours until the victim collapsed from exhaustion. The reason for the playtime was to elevate the levels of adrenaline in the victim's system. Adrenaline was like giving crack to an addict. It gave the vampires a boost in feelings with the feeding and increased their energy necessitating the prowling after feeding. Gustaf wanted to stop this feeding technique. If it did not cease, Gustaf punished the offenders as needed.

"Sit down." Gustaf commanded. "It has come to my attention that you have killed six young women since becoming vampires. This is very unacceptable. You will cease this behavior immediately! This is not a request. It is a command from your Master Vampire of the City."

The new vampires sat in front of Gustaf totally ignoring Leona. They did not know that Leona was Gustaf's enforcer and took great pleasure inflicting pain to any errant vampire. Depriving the vampires of any of the warehouse amenities was never severe enough for her.

To re-enforce Gustaf's words Leona took one of the female vampires aside. She ripped the girl's blouse and bra off her body. Leona bent the girl over the desk in front of Gustaf and her three friends. Leona reached into her valise on the floor took out a strange looking tool. A flame erupted from it with a loud whooshing sound and heated up the tip shaped like a cross. When it glowed a bright orange, Leona branded the girl with the cross symbol on her left shoulder blade with it facing her friends. Vampires healed quickly, but if the wound was the result of heat or fire, it left a scar and took a long time to heal. The girl screamed and her friends tried to jump to her defense. Gustaf yelled for them to sit. They reluctantly sat and waited for their friend. The girl sat back down, but cried in pain from the punishment. The other vampires looked at their companion and gave her sympathy and comfort. There was a reflection of fear in their eyes as Leona approached the desk to stand beside Gustaf.

Gustaf spoke again, "You will let the two young women you have right now go and give them transport to wherever they want to go unharmed. I do not want to hear of any more dumped bodies with fang marks ever again. You will start learning what the rules and penalties are for vampires who live under my rule. I am not a cruel man, but if you get in trouble or increase trouble in the human community, you will all pay, including your human friends. Am I clear? The punishment of your friend here is just a minor punishment from my enforcer. Disobey my rules, you will see and receive a lot worse."

The vampires shook their heads in assent. "Now get out of here and do as I commanded." Gustaf chided. "Leona will accompany you to make sure the young women get treated correctly and released. She will report back to me what she saw."

Leona walked the vampires out of the office. The bouncer met them outside, escorted them to the door and held them there until Leona came. Leona carried her small valise with her that for a human would be very heavy. In it were the tools of her trade being an enforcer. She put her tools in the trunk and got in the driver's seat of the car. The injured vampire sat up front, wearing a jacket given by her friends and the others crowded in the back. It was a short drive back to the warehouse, but to the punished vampires it seemed like an eternity.

Upon arrival in the warehouse, Leona took over, went to the two bedrooms and dragged the gang members out to the common room. The human gang members saw the injured vampire and saw the permanent scar on her shoulder blade. They cowered as Leona walked up to them. They certainly acted different from the night they threatened her with staking. She was in charge now and they looked up to her from the lounge chairs. "The Master vampire decreed that you will no longer engage in the activities that resulted in the deaths of six young women. If you do, the evidence of your involvement along with the vampires will go to the local police. I personally know the detective in charge of the investigation. So be warned. The two young women, you are entertaining tonight, go free and taken back wherever they want to go. I will watch as the glamour ends for them and a car for transport becomes available. One of you, the bartender will drive them away. When he returns, I will dictate what is to be done from now on." Leona spoke softly but harshly.

The bartender got the naked young women, brought them to Leona and retrieved their clothes. Leona made the vampires command them to get dressed. Once dressed, they received some money and the glamour removed. The party ended, the bartender loaded them into a car and left. The human gang cleaned up the warehouse again for the second time. They worked quietly, watching Leona carefully not knowing what to expect. They set the common room back up, closed and locked the bedrooms. The bar disappeared, replaced with a big screen TV. When done the gang sat in the lounge chairs watching a football game. Leona relaxed her guard, but watched them carefully. In thirty minutes the car returned, the bartender reported to Leona and joined his friends. Leona called Gustaf, reported that the girls left and the gang including vampires sat watching TV.

"Good night folks. Remember what Gustaf said and keep things neat and tidy. We do not want to discipline you again." Leona sternly spoke as she picked up her valise and left.

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