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A New Years Do-Over

Happy New Year! The last few years have been filled with plenty of ups and downs. This time of year is typically one for reflection. Reflection of what went wrong or what went right. Things we wish we could have accomplished or said. Perhaps even things we wish we wouldn’t have done or said. Our whole life is riddled with those moments and that leads me to our new competition theme…
A New Years Do-Over Here is your prompt: You are alone at a New Year’s Eve party trying to decide if anyone would notice you leave early when you are approached by a mysterious stranger. They offer you a chance to change one regret; just one wish at a do-over. What would they have to say to convince you to accept it? What would happen to your life if you did? Would it end up another regret or would it be a wish come true? To add a bit of fun, your story must contain the following words: Reboot, Fireworks, Midnight, Awakening, and Green. All categories are open except for Flash Fiction, Micro Fiction, Plays, Poetry, and Songs. That means the word count minimum is 1001 and the max is 5000.
Start Date
1st Jan 2022
End Date
4th Feb 2022
Announcement Date
15th Feb 2022