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1 month ago


OK, let's see. I am from the East Coast, a little tiny town you might have heard of . . . Brooklyn NY. Don't throw things, I live quite a bit North of the City now!

I love to read and I am into physical fitness as well. The main reason for that, aside from running in college, is I like to cook . . . and eat . . . and I don't want to have anything starting to orbit my butt!

Favorite Books
JD Robb, Lord of the Rings, and lots of mysteries. I also love science fiction!

Favorite Authors
Too damn many to name!

Favorite Movies
Okay, this might give me away, but if it has Julia Roberts in it, I'm watching! Her smile just gets to me!

Favorite TV Shows
I'm not huge into TV. I enjoy many British shows like Dr. Who and Broadchurch.

Favorite Music
I love almost everything, but I have not been able to enjoy Rap. Hip Hop is wonderful, but Rap and I don't mix. I love powerful female voices most of all. Ever heard of Linda Eder? WOW!
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What a Day

It was a rough day and you were all she was looking forward to.

It was a long day and you were the only thing I was looking forward to. There was an empty place where you were sitting so recently. My disappointment crushed down on me as I couldn't believe you were gone. I stood there my arms at my side, my fists clenc...

John Is That You?

I heard something ... new ... today!

The bathroom at my office is this narrow affair.  Along one wall are sinks, then four urinals, and then six toilet stalls.  The other wall was paper towels, trash containers, and dryers.  The arrangement matters for this story. One day I was in the second...