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Bathroom Stories


John Is That You?

I heard something ... new ... today!

The bathroom at my office is this narrow affair.  Along one wall are sinks, then four urinals, and then six toilet stalls.  The other wall was paper towels, trash containers, and dryers.  The arrangement matters for this story. One day I was in the second...


True story!!

The old man coughedAnd thus were tossed Launched, then aloftAmid drops of spittle In flight, then alightUpon black and white With a clack and a clatterSkittering, then not Then stoppedIn a bathroom stall At the feet of oneWho had just begun To do his piec...

A Chance Encounter

It could happen to anyone.

I had a meeting in ten minutes and I really had to pee. In my haste, I practically ran to the bathroom stall. Quickly shutting the door, I set down, sighing with relieve as I began to pee. Upon finishing, I walked to the sink. As I looked in the mirror I...

Like a Pit-Stop in Oz

a story about a woman having to go to the bathroom, with-out facilities, around a crowd of men.

A bracket that holds the steering wheel to the dash came loose. The convoy of military vehicles pulled over and waited for a mechanic to come and fix the problem. We were parked on the side of a freeway in Korea, just before twenty little tollbooths, alon...

Tilly the Bathroom Cat

Tilly loves to lay in the bathroom sink

"TILLY THE BATHROOM CAT" I have a cat and her name is Tilly Every day, she does something silly After enjoying a nice cool drink She takes a nap in the bathroom sinkShe loves to lay there all dayWhy she likes it so much, I can not say. I grab my toothbrus...