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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


How do I describe myself ?

I am a lover of words

I am a lover of the feminine form 

I am a scribbler of poems and prose.  

I am a lover of the great outdoors 

I hope to post more here, but in truth I am more regularly with the sister site.  

Favorite Books
Writing that touches my heart and inspires me to action  

Favorite Music
Music that lifts my soul and leads me to dance 

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In a place where quiet is found, And nature reigns supreme, Serenity finds me. By the warming glow of a campfire, The flapping of a bird's wing, Hum of happy alpaca, And rustle of a gentle breeze in the trees, Restore my soul. I am at peace, Lost within m...

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I had a new hope, my dark fate was to be terminated. The rise of the machines was to lead to a new dawn. I had suffered in the jaws of a phantom menace, it wasn’t that I was psycho, more I was a victim of an attack of the clones . Judgement day was coming...

It was a warm Greek evening, he found his love in the cypress labyrinth. There she was, as still as the statue of Aphrodite just a little way off. Her alabaster skin, soft and creamy in the moon's beams. He was strolling in the labyrinth, before his night...