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Polish the armour and sharpen the blades Paint the skies with red shades Beat, bash, and break their puny barricades Bask in heroic accolades Shields raised, swords drawn Powerful cries bring a new dawn Ambition thrums in our hearts, fears withdrawn No se...

The mirror called civilization, reflecting just shattered shadows, silhouettes condemned to dance against some semi-bright surface, feelings augmented and belittled, pain ignored and slowly festering, all hitting the sensibly cracked mirror, all claiming...

Bound to schedules and shifting hours, in an ever-changing background, grinding minutes for all they are worth In a shaking world of multiple duties, struggling to reach now-not-so-clear goals falling into some devouring marshes we had always managed to o...


Perpetual Beauty

In those desperate moments, it takes another to see the beauty in ourselves

Gentle gazeAmazed -I seek your wisdom Your ways of thinkingI am drinking up your wondrous lightYet you sit silently bleedingIntent on believing -Your light has fadedLeft you jadedBut all I seeLooking at meIs a radiant ray of perpetual beauty  

For Mom

A loss that will heal in time.

A phone call  It changed our world  You were gone  How do we carry on  Without you   You were our rock  An anchor when  Life was a raging storm  You calmed our fears  Held us when our hearts were broken Now we will anchor and hold each other  We will grie...


Together we may do it

An abandoned quarry. High-walled stone pit. At the bottom strolling through newfound friendship. Looking up, a bold climber's dream. "Let's do it! We can climb it." Overreachingly confident--young. One led the way. Not too difficult really. Foolish? The n...

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Back to School Challenge: Don't Do Nothing

Sometimes, the world’s troubles can be solved with a quote by Albert Einstein.

Thurman appeared to me on a Tuesday, in a wall tile of my newly renovated bathroom. It was a little after six P.M. and I was drawing a hot bath. I perched on the edge of the tub and waited for the water to reach that perfect temperature. I was tired. Worn...

Something of Value

Young man has first encounter with human loss

It was a slow melancholy song in Harry Turner’s head. Uncle Joe was dying. A sad refrain that reminded Harry of the man he knew. He was a man full of good humour, activity, kindness and love for his family. Now he was dying. The dirge plagued Harry’s mind...

Strength like the mighty oak tree There he stands For all to see Standing tall and strong Firm hands to hold Love in his laughter Compassion in his eye From dawn to dusk And back again Nerver changing  He never fails Standing firm for all to see He bends...

 Strong like the mighty oak treeThere he standsStanding straight and tallFirm hands to holdLove in his laughterCompassion in his eyesFrom dawn to duskAnd back againNever he changesNever he fallsStanding firm  for all to seeHe stands and watchesStrength fo...

Do You See Me?

Do you see who I really am?

What do you see When you glance my way Do you see the woman I was? Or the one who stands before you today? The frightened one Who was always so unsureIf what she was doing Would work out in the future Or maybe the strong one Who has survived everything Th...