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I'm just trying to improve my writing, so feel free to be honest with your comments if you choose to read my stories.

I love reading and writing, which is why I'm on here! I also am interested in pretty much anything artistic like painting, pottery, guitar, even opera. I absolutely love movies, music, and reading novels for fun when I have time. I plan to study science in college.

Favorite Books
Too many to name! I really enjoy reading all sorts of fiction (historical, realistic, sci-fi.) I like all sorts of books based on mythology or with supernatural themes. I definitely gravitate towards more psychological themes. I have recently been reading more non-fiction and auto-biographical pieces. One of my recent favorites is Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

Favorite Movies
Moonstruck, Sleeping With Other People, For a Good Time, Call..., Good Will Hunting, Mona Lisa Smile, Remembrance, and more.

Favorite TV Shows
The Tudors, Grace and Frankie, The Office, Jane the Virgin, Grey's Anatomy, Reign, Love, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Arrested Development (excluding season 4)

Favorite Music
I can like music from any genre, it just needs to be good. There is good and bad in everything, no?
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Dear G-d…… Dear G-d…… … Dear G-d… …This is how I addressThe King of the Universe.With hesitation,Trembling and Awe, andUncertainty that my KingEven has an open court. My King of the Universe.My King of My Universe.Where are you?I climb the mountains,Swim...

I sigh as I walk into the house and drop my backpack. All the cars are here, but I don't see anyone inside. The dogs are put away, the cats are nowhere to be seen, but I spy random lights turned on while most were left off. And of course, I see the full d...