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Dear G-d…… Dear G-d…… … Dear G-d… …This is how I addressThe King of the Universe.With hesitation,Trembling and Awe, andUncertainty that my KingEven has an open court. My King of the...

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ravenpearl 7 years ago

Open heart

the beauty of life and love will leave its scars.

Between one broken beat and the thunder of the next Her heart swings wide like a old door on rusted hinges A peek inside reveals a crisscross network of scars half healed wounds and the faint trace of tomorrow's tears

Daisy 8 years ago

V-Sign to the Sunshine, Stripy Socks and Gingas

How does a gloomy grump see joy where there is no joy?

This musing only available on Stories Space. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.Sometimes I feel that the world is a graceless place. Well, alright, I always feel that. For me, every day is a task that I cannot look forward...