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The clouds are hanging, Closing in I can feel them waiting,Over meThey can sense my weakness,Calling to meThey taint the sunlight,Shades appearI try to fight them,Mocking meI cannot win,SmilingBut neither can they,Stalemate

Outside the wind howlsChurning the earth I feel like I'm twisting aroundCan't find a perchMy mind is confusedMy heart out of beatI can't find the groundThe wind under seatThe tress slam the houseLike the words slam on meDust swirls aroundLike your words s...

Up and Down Up and DownThe highs seems higher after being down so farBut then the lows feel worse.I want to stay on the flat railsBut even that has sharp turns and no matter what i'm flung aroundtrying to hold on.Is there something wrong that i'm the only...