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Wind Stories


Night of the Wind

A mysterious traveller heralds a strange evening in a small town

The rider came swiftly towards Avenigar. Keeping his horse at a fast trot, he reached the cluster of buildings that stood beyond the town’s West gate. Those buildings stood mostly empty and boarded up now that winter had arrived. During the summer, though...


To Own the Wind

They own you, the masters of whispers, always listening. How can you hide from the wind?

I watched my copper mailbox dangle from the door of my bar through the blurs of my windshield wipers. The rubber gripped the glass, not a forgotten drop or streak. They were new. The car was new. The mailbox was rusted and tarnished.      It was Sunday, I...

Blasted AUTEC Range! D.. submarines! They're right. All we are is pond scum targets. Oh well no St. Croix visit AGAIN. Wait, we're setting sea and anchor detail? Cool! Even if we are end of pier, I'll get to see that crescent shaped beach finally. Better...

Fire In The Rain

A Sonnet on the four elements. It was a requirement used in a poem contest.

Fire In The Rain Flickering torch upon windowsill In turbulent air whirls the windmill Red heats the beads of mornings kiss Electrified volt of Terra’s abyss Illuminating glass separates the elements Neither shall embrace in remembrance. Ticks of time res...

Wing's of the Wind

Enduring life without wings along with a dragon for a companion, the adventure takes flight!

Prologue - How We Met The story I am telling you is unique and rare, one someone is sure to remember and pass down for the future. It is a tale of two partners in flight. My name is Vix and I am a halfbreed of winged demons and humans. A very odd combinat...

Outside the wind howlsChurning the earth I feel like I'm twisting aroundCan't find a perchMy mind is confusedMy heart out of beatI can't find the groundThe wind under seatThe tress slam the houseLike the words slam on meDust swirls aroundLike your words s...

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Words on the Wind

On-line relationships

I do not know what I really ownSomething held by me all alone. Something I can show for all to seeAn object that belongs to only me. The most valued is not really a thingBut happiness and joy to me it brings. It is just words appearing on my screenThey sp...


Picture prompt 2

Stripped to nothing Everyone knows your secret You hear the whispers An out-of-body experience Occurs immediately It feels as though You’re in a forest, Walking amidst the Barren trees and Brambles of dead bushes In a perpetual Fog The cold wind Against y...

Answering the Breeze

The wind begs us to play

A warm breeze buffets my hair and face. It first invites, then challenges a response. The breeze calls to my horse. It tugs at his mane and plays with his tail. He tosses his head and beseeches me to reply. His hooves tap impatiently at the earth. I sit s...

As I stand in the unlit darkness Observing the clouds cover the sky which hides the stars and the moon furtively I argue in my mind Is it black or a much more subtle deep velvety purple that appears black? The smoke from my cigarette unfurls into its dept...