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Clouds Stories


Memories in a cloud

what do you see in clouds

Richard lay down on the grass in the garden holding a chewed ball, looking up at the clouds.  Seeing the familiar shapes floating past.He watched a Rocketship float passed, a shark swimming quickly, and then an image of his old dog.Just for a moment, she...

In the sky with the clouds so bright You may even see them at night When the sun comes up so bright and true Out comes the clouds fluffy and new They play tag and chase as they cross through the sky Like old friends tried and true People come and go into...

The clouds are hanging, Closing in I can feel them waiting,Over meThey can sense my weakness,Calling to meThey taint the sunlight,Shades appearI try to fight them,Mocking meI cannot win,SmilingBut neither can they,Stalemate

waves crash, I trembleThe world around me begins to crumblea volcano erupts, hot lava everywhereThe veil between reality and dream meltsa gust of wind blows the cloudsno more sun, I'm in the darksomeone find me, someone come,I cannot find my way out.

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Festival of Colors Hodi

Based off the first prompt picture

Such an array of colors fills the air, making everything beautiful. Vibrant colors fill the air like small puffs of clouds. Everything is in disarray and chaos, and yet somehow harmonic and orderly. I merely stand in awe at the spectacle, the festival of...


gentle butterflies

Ripples as the sun dances on the water gentle butterflies float on summer breeze water so cool and inviting time to dangle a toe and watch ripples coast out to the deep blue stay awhile relax thoughts drift with pillow clouds close your eyes and open your...

Day Break

Mind becomes distracted.

Puffy pink clouds dance across the dawning sky, billowing pillows, fluffy, soft, so inviting, sigh.Angels maybe resting their heads, dreaming, as I greet this new day, colors beaming. Picture perfect shades of dark and light,softening, turning daylight fr...

Black and White

Without darkness we would never see a star.

Black takes over sightEyes wander searchingFrom behind the cloudsAppears a shimmering moonThen quickly vanishesHidden from viewEyes roaming seekingClouds open once moreRevealing a pin point of silverShining bright a lonely starThen another and anotherJoin...

On a cloudy day like today, I think of loss Friendships Lovers Family members Opportunities Not what I wanted To happen In my life. Cloudy days Allow me to Reflect on my Life, and what Exciting new adventures Life has in store For me Down the road. I look...