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I am not a writter but a reader

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For my mom

This is for my mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer

Mama I have lost my momAlthough she's still aliveThe strong woman she wasThat's all in the past Her eyes lost their shineHer face lost her smileAnger and grief took overAnd also a lot of tears Why is she suffering that much?She was beautiful, lovingShe wa...

Haunted by the demons in my headAt night lying alone in my bed I hear the wind in my earsI feel his fear, it brings me to tears Haunted by the demons over hereNo one I trust, no one I want to hear Haunted by a girl I have to takeTake her away from daddy's...

Sweet little girl

This is on my mind for a while

Sweet little girlLying there face downYour pretty face in the water I am so touched little oneI am a mother tooPeople are shouting on internetIt's better that you and your family are deadThat you deserve to die.... Why??? I only see a sweet little girlPro...