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She is her only battle  Her mind is the field  Struggling for balance  In a world of up hills   Does she go out today  Or wait till tomorrow  Will she find endless laughter  Or find words to swallow    Will her husband find peace In a house of chaos  Will...

This is a true story. It has been told many times and always gets a laugh. I even told it at her funeral as she always said that she didn't want people sitting around crying. Now it was a typical Saturday morning at our house and It had to be sometime bef...

The Last Words of Bruno

Who knew Bruno had so much to say?

Bruno was on his deathbed. He’d lived a good long life, closing in on eighty-four years old. The Salerno family, from south Philly, gathered around: Mom, dad, son, and daughter. Mom could barely contain herself. She placed her hand on her loved ones’ brow...

For my mom

This is for my mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer

Mama I have lost my momAlthough she's still aliveThe strong woman she wasThat's all in the past Her eyes lost their shineHer face lost her smileAnger and grief took overAnd also a lot of tears Why is she suffering that much?She was beautiful, lovingShe wa...

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My Mom touches my life Each and every day The smiles and tears And gentle but firm words Her love shines through Her eyes her hands and heart so deep Her encouragement and appreciation is without fail The love reaches out No matter the miles No matter the...

Cookies And A Mothers Love

Good mom, good cookies equals a good memory

Cookies and a Mothers Love In the kitchen, mom is baking awayWhile I am outside, happy at play. “Come in”, says she, a smile on her face“ Go to the table and take your place.” Warm from the oven appears a grand treatI rush to the table, quickly taking my...

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At age five, I had already experienced the loss of a parent. My biological father died of lung cancer. At age six, I had already experienced alcoholism, though not personally. My mom was glued to her wine. That was how I found her one day, walking into th...

You ruined my life. You made me what I am today. You left a scared little girl. You molded me in to what I am today. You loved me with all your heart. You left me. You shattered my life. You created tears that never leave. You left a precious bundle. You...

First class ticket to Heaven

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

Mom got a First class ticket to Heaven, that's for sure.Everybody who knew my mom, absolutely adored her.She always helped others or she would bust her butt trying.It was so sad when her doctor said that she was dying.Now she's in Heaven and she has etern...

365 days of Hell

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson who died one year ago today at the age of sixty-four.

Things haven't been going well since Mom died one year ago today.A big part of me died with her when she passed away.For the last 365 days, I've been going through Hell.Everybody who knows me, knows that things aren't going well.One day before Mom's death...

How do you spell beautiful woman?

Dedicated to Agnes Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.

How do you spell beautiful woman, its spelled A-G-N-E-S.Everybody who was a part of Mom's life was truly blessed.Mom was blessed with both outer and inner beauty.She would've still been beautiful even if she had been ugly.She was the kindest woman that I'...