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Molly 1 year ago

Dolls In The Dark

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought.

‘The dolls!’ was Emma’s first conscious thought. She was sure she heard the delicate sounds of pitter-patter across her hardwood floors.  With a shaking hand, she grabbed her phone and prayed to God that nothing had touched her. Emma’s fingers slid...

Sherzahd 2 years ago

Harmless Fun

A micro-challenge given to me by a friend...

It was the morning after and fear clung to her like sweat on skin. ‘Let’s spend the night in a haunted hotel...’ seemed a good idea. Fun. Harmless. Wine. Invoking silly chants over an Ouija board. Laughing at jump-scares. More w...

Do ghosts feel lonely? Everybody knows by now that all of the Toys R Us outlets have been closed. The Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, CA was and still is haunted. The occurrences in this outlet have been well documented and even had a live TV ghost hunt for...

There's a house at the top of the hill. Haunted, of course.It doesn't want to kill, or even chill. Benevolent, of course. It used to be a mill. Abandoned, of course. They made twill. Aeons ago, of course. 

All the heartaches, the loneliness and disappointments, undeserving of love, unworthy of familyAs if my own little demon, it followed and watched, as it played havoc on those I loved, cackling in gleeThose I let see...

Haunted by the demons in my headAt night lying alone in my bed I hear the wind in my earsI feel his fear, it brings me to tears Haunted by the demons over hereNo one I trust, no one I want to hear Haunted by a gi...

The_Count 8 years ago

Haunted House Part 2

More stories about the Haunted House project.

I loved that old house. When I became the project co-chairman I was given a set of keys and placed to the alarm call list because I live closer than anyone else. I would open it during the Summer to air it out, and I learned to navigate the interior in ne...

The_Count 8 years ago

The Haunted House.

My Haunted House experiences

Halloween. Is there a better holiday? I don't think so. I have loved Halloween since I was a kid, along with the old Universal and Hammer horror movies that only seemed to be shown during that time of year.In 1972 the Cleveland Jaycees leased a...

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eglouis 8 years ago

Five Minute Adventures Presents: The Flying Ballerina

A short story from Five Minute Adventures

The plane had only been off the ground for about fifteen minutes when it hit turbulence. He was shaking; his white knuckled-hands gripped the arm rest, and his stomach tightened as he resisted the urge to vomit. It was only his second time flying. The fi...

Anorakian 8 years ago

The Door

A flash fiction tale about a derelict house

The heavy oak paneled door was firmly closed, its shiny brass latch securely locked — until she had taken her eyes off it for a moment. She had turned away from the door to return the broom to its cupboard when a gust of wind blew a shower of rustling var...

Celeste 9 years ago

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Jessie thought she had escaped her family and that damn house...

The fog was rolling in like a throng of ghosts across the field. Its eerie fingers caressed the windows of the old house as the fog rose. In no time at all, it was as thick as the clichéd pea soup. Jessie Fontaine had to walk with her head down to make c...